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    Around the Units..Seen And Heard…A Call To Service Members To Stand Up

    July 23, 2021
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    Around the Units..Seen And Heard…A Call To Service Members To Stand Up

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    A widely televised “Security Brief” complete with stage lights and dramatic music was blaring on the TV screen that my very liberal colleague likes to have on while working. During this televised “security brief” for Joe Biden, (Apparently briefings about US national security are public knowledge now? ) I looked around my unit…I though everyone was on lunch break…then 1300 rolled around...then 13:30... then 15:30…. Nobody. I Couldn’t help but notice the military members didn’t come back. They also did this during the “Inauguration Speech” of Joe Biden when it was on TV. The military service members got up and left the office.

    Later that day…..I heard...“ I aint changing it- you change it."

    “Uh-uh- YOU do it. “

    I walked into the foyer and two service members are arguing in hushed voices, on whom should change the chain of command picture board that adorns the wall of our military unit. Why the reluctance to change it from President Trump to Joe Biden? This was standard procedure when I was in the military. It is scary to hear and see these events...but dare I say also refreshing?

    I think these situations indicate that I am not alone. It appears that anyone that doesn’t get on board with CRT “training” in the military seems to be thrown in a category of either racist or extremist. I would expect this in college but never would I have dreamed this would hit the military. I realize the majority of our service members are young adults just starting out in life. But, there are also many immigrants from third world countries. They come to America to avoid the actual oppression they experienced. They know the shortcomings taking place in the US pale in comparison to their home country and are not concerned. To them I say, "Yes I agree this corruption is small compared to the environment of your home country. But free-thinkers panic when we are told that race matters more than the individual. This is how oppression starts. Our founding fathers had the blessed foresight of this and propped up the America in defense of this with documents such as the Constitution. You have the right to be free of oppression."

    Since our current administration seems to love dividing Americans into racial categories, I say this to young American service members who happen to be black -- Your Commander in Chief’s administration is pandering to you in the most awful way. Case en pointe -- Joe Biden’s people had him teleconference with Cardi B during election season. She’s allegedly a rapper who has no problem simulating sex acts on stage and laughingly disclosing she used to drug and rob men when she was stripping in her past. Not only did she speak with the dialect of a person whose never been educated past 8th grade, but her list wants included “lowah taxes and we shud of been havin’ Mediceah fo a lwong time“ showed that she has no concept of how basic economics work.  Do you know why they chose her to speak to a presidential candidate? Is Joe Biden a secret Cardi B fan? No. It is because in the minds of this current administration, they believe Cardi B is representative of the black community. It’s because they believe black Americans are gullible, uneducated and foolish. This is horrifying to anyone with a brain. God knows what they have planned for Latin communities. This wicked administration helps drop these racial indoctrination sessions down the throats of your generals and admirals. Like the Yes-Men they are, they swallow it whole and vomit it back to unit commanders until it trickles on down to ranks of your service.

    This is what the Commander in Chief's decision makers think of you and me and it needs to stop.

    I’m sick and tired of conservative journalists breaking headlines of “Can you believe this?” news. Yes, I can believe this because our inaction has emboldened them. This is a call to all enlisted members to truly think about what is being said by your rear admirals and 4 star generals. Who are their puppeteers? How can you tell that E-1 he’s screwing up if you are considering his skin color? A military cannot function if people are hesitant to be honest and transparent with each other because we are too concerned about their skin color and background.  Take your oath to support the Constitution seriously because it is clearly under attack.  

    Recently, Dr. Carole Swain interviewed Hannah Smith. Hannah is a school board member that garnered support with other parents to stop CRT from being taught to their children in a Texas school district. When parents of the community realized what the core teachings their children were being fed, they were horrified and banded together. They rallied and showed up in huge numbers at school board meetings. People began to run for seats on the board and take the power back. Because of this, CRT was voted out of the curriculum.

    It is said the armed services are powered on the backs of junior Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Soldiers. NCO’s do not have to allow their departments to absorb this race-hustle training. Do not let your junior service members partake in this.


    It is scary to take a stand but that is the very essence of having courage. You are expected to lead into battle and this is indeed a battle. Service members know better than anyone the power of numbers and what can be accomplished. Be bold and brave in the face of tyranny-you may be surprised by the amount of people around you who have your back, regardless of skin color.

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    Marie Martinez

    Marie is a 15 year combat veteran. She spent her 20’s branch hopping within the DoD. She has a background in Anthropology and a minor in Sociology. She has experience in local politics and veterans advocacy groups in her home state of Colorado. In her free time she likes to travel, run and spend time with her growing family.
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