OBiden Admin Are Agents For China, Destroying The United States, Have To Face Military Justice

By L Todd Wood
August 14, 2021

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Joe Biden is controlled by China - the Hunter Biden laptop told us that - 10% for 'the big guy'.

Joe Biden is not running The White House. The Obama cabal is running The White House.

They are not governing for 'We the People', they are governing for China and their globalist puppet masters.

These traitors must face military justice and consequential punishment.

We cannot allow them to continue destroying our nation and our children's future.

They don't care about the rule of law. They don't care about the Constitution. They don't care about you and me.

They only care about power, and money.

They are evil.

As Professor Clements said at the Cyber Symposium -- "We are doing this for our children -- they deserve better. They may kill some of us, but they can't kill all of us, though they may try. Stand up! Fight! We have God on our side!"


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