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    President Trump - The 'Vaccines' Almost Killed My Son, They Are Not Safe or Effective

    December 25, 2021

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    President Trump, you said recently the Covid 'vaccines' were safe and effective. You said there are no serious adverse side effects. You said our problems are due to 'people not getting the vaccines'. You said you are proud of your administration's efforts to develop the 'vaccines'.

    The 'vaccines' almost killed my son.

    Last summer, home from college where he made the decision to take the 'vaccines', my son started screaming for help in the middle of the night. I ran to his room where I found him on the floor, unable to breath properly, unable to walk, with a heartbeat approaching 200.

    After a night in the Emergency Room, I was told he had 'anxiety', which I have since found out is a common explanation for the vaccine-injuries from the corrupt medical community.

    He still has side effects - tingling, sore skin, fatigue, brain fog.

    Mr. President - the 'vaccines' are not safe and effective.

    I think you know this but are unable to admit this 'accomplishment' of your administration was actually a coup by Big Pharma to make hundreds of billions of dollars with a deadly product.

    It is common knowledge the 'vaccines' do not stop transmission of the CCP virus.

    We can no longer ignore the tens of thousands of deaths and the millions of horrible life-altering reactions to the 'vaccines', which are in reality experimental gene serums and not a vaccine, no matter how much the CDC alters its definition of a vaccine on its website.

    There are two explanations for your comments Mr. President, you were duped by Big Pharma, or you are complicit.

    I believe the former.

    Your comments are hurting your position with the MAGA base. The best thing you could do is admit the problem and let's move on to save the republic.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    jan hendrik

    Why blame someone else for your own decision? You can think for yourself and should have trusted your own common sense!


    Jan: Of course we did not blame anyone but pointed out the truth of Trump's statements so other people might not be seriously harmed. Thank you for the comment however.


    I'm sorry for your son's problems, but he is right. You trusted the TV, politicians and medical liars. I went down the vaxx rabbit hole over 20 years ago, none of them have ever cured or stopped any disease. It's all paperwork tricks, lies and the power of government/pharma collusion for profit and mass culling. All these diseases were 90-99% wiped out prior to the shots. It was improved sanitation, proper nutrition for children and adding nascent iodine to salt. Dr. Maurice Hilleman (who has invented more vaxx than anyone else) said in a documentary back in 99 that "the intended desired outcome of the shots is cancer"
    Even Eustace Mullins wrote his book 'Murder by Injection' back in the 1960's. The inventor of the first polio vaxx, Dr. Jonas Saulk testified before congress in the 70's admitting that around 80% of the polio cases are from the shot. The famous picture of the room filled with like 50 iron lungs the pro vaxxers always post to "put me in my place" all got it from the shots.
    Again I feel sorry for you, but when you trust people who want to cull the herd and make tons of money doing it, you will always have a bad time.


    Jas: Now one said anything about a decision to take the shot, the article was about Trump's continued support of a deadly vaccine, and was meant to raise questions as to why. We appreciate your sympathy but you are arguing against something that was not said.


    Trump is either willfully lying about the safety and effectiveness of the injections, or he is so blinded by wishful thinking that he is unwittingly speaking falsehoods. This may have consequences if people trust him and his judgement. DJT carries some real responsibility for a mistake no public leader should make, which shows negligence in informing himself before speaking publicly, and failing to speak truth through carelessness.. the very responsibility of his position...or else culpability, as the case may be. In other words, he deserves some blame for encouraging people to make a decision to be jabbed, based on their confidence in him. He asks for that confidence, and betrays it either willfully or through his own delusion.

    Yes, those who take the jabs due to misplaced trust are responsible as well for their mistake, EXCEPT for children or the mentally diminished. But that does not excuse someone who led others with false information. Let "blame" be shared as due, if it seems necessary to lay blame. When you lie to people or otherwise misinform them, that has consequences. You are responsible for your misinformation and, to an extent, for harm that results. However, the article did not take up that issue or line.

    That said, I believe you have twisted what was given. I read a clean narrative, specific straight-up statements about what happened in one case, and implications as to what that not singular event indicates. Reference was made to known deaths and injuries in the thousands following the jabs. This was to underscore the dangers of the injections, not to lay blame. You have missed the point entirely through a fixation on blame, unlike the straightforward article.

    There is no attempt in this article to blame Trump, nor to avoid personal responsibility. The charitable assumption is made that Trump is unwitting about the damages and deaths due to the jabs, and there is an attempt to inform him. And to ask that he inform himself, as responsible leadership requires.

    Why ever would you take issue with that?


    Well said, Ivonne.


    In the current volatile climate, we've all got to use our God-given common sense and good judgment to make decisions while those on the front lines do what needs to be done. Prepare ahead of time what your stance is, and stick to it - regardless of what ANYBODY tells you. Taking an injection of unknown drugs because a leader told you to, is not far different than a Jim Jones follower drinking cyanide laced kool aid. If you take it and have problems later, blame no one but yourself.

    Sharon sivori

    Since this ?pandemic erupted, I have been reading and investigating, not listening to MSM at all. I have learned to trust my instincts and being a nurse, I have a science backround. When I heard Fauci flip flop on masks and the CDC start to recommend masks, I knew we had a problem. Masks do not and have not ever protected against a virus. NO WAY AT ALL!!!!
    Since then I read and so many people are corrupt with this thing it is unbelievable. CDC, PFIZER, MODERNA, AMA,FDA, they are all in it ! The hospitals are literally killing people because they will not allow the Doctors to use the right medication. The Doctors are being threatened with loss of their medical license if they order the wrong meds. The shots are not a vaccine, there is no immunity, people are still getting and carrying the virus. Why bother taking any shot, you have a 99% change of cure all by yourself if your in good shape? Why would any CHILD need this shot??? They are the ones with 99.9998% cure rate if they even catch it??? Sorry for the problems that your son and family have to suffer, but please get educated the next life you can save might be a friend, or another loved one.


    Karen....slap yourself for me please.

    monty batton

    I agree with most of what you say. In fact, all of it. As a Trump supporter, I cannot fathom why he keeps going on and on about the vaccines. Each time he says it, I lose more respect for a man who I admire enormously. I do not know who has told him that this will give him " two bob each way " but I do know that trying to straddle the fence and appeal to the pro vaccine group will not win him vores. It will only cause him to lose them.

    Liberty Jones

    Probably because the left and Biden hold the vaxxx as the be all, end all of the ChXina Commphluey. He likes to rub it in their faces. It has always been an emergency vaxxx for the more vulnerable among us, never a cure all for every single human.

    DJT is now destroying himself for all to see. He is officially now an idiot 1


    I understand, but most people, including my family listened to everyone around them. There is a worldwide fear campaign and an onslaught of propaganda. My 'friend' called me selfish, did not want to be around me and assumed I must think the jabs contain alien microchips - all for a personal medical decision I never spoke about. People are hearing lies in the media about "anti-vaxxers" who are demonized endlessly. The public trusts medical professionals, so any doctor who even slightly steps out of line is severely punished. They often recommend the shots due to fear or ignorance. Doctors can't even write a 'booster' exemption for someone almost killed by the jab without their career and license threatened. It's important to have compassion for the jabbed that have since woken up. We especially need to be allies of the injured because the drug companies are doing everything they can to make them go away. This family is brave for telling their story and I wish them all the best. Most victims are keeping quiet because people around them may shun and ridicule them, and social media will ban them.




    The authorship attribution at the top of the article is L Todd Wood, the founder & editor of this site. I read this article to be that of his own experience with his own son's adverse reaction. Mr. Wood, if you've been reading his work for awhile, is nothing but straight-up honest & courageously fearless in tackling current topics of great import. For this he's been attacked, ridiculed, & censored by the enemies of truth & transparency.

    May God protect you & your family, sir, & provide healing grace for your son's medical issues.

    J. Michael

    God bless you Mr. Wood, and your son. I know God can heal anything because He once healed me of terminal cancer, so may he hear our prayers and restore your son to good health.

    I hope Trump sees this article. He was just under two years ago talking about HCQ and natural remedies that do in fact work, nub how his statements of late have been very worrisome.. especially the one about liking Obama.

    Duke Nukem

    You should have known long ago Donald Drumpf is a liar! Most of what comes out of that dough hole are lies. It's easy to tell because his big fat orange lips are flapping up and down. He consistently runs his yap about the MAGA kill shots because he is invested in them. Drumpf is nothing more than a common thief, and a coward!


    Duke ; You liberal much ?.


    If, he doesn't admit to his major role in this vax that has caused major deaths and serious health conditions each of us
    need to send him a message - no next time. Go back to running your businesses and let us vote for someone else.


    The deep state has got to Trump. I heard they are threatening his family so he is forced to back the poison. Things that he has been saying lately have not been in his character. He’s different. I believe the story that his family is being threatened but I don’t have any proof of that.


    He seems different to me too, and I've speculated on possibilities like those you mention. I do not believe that he was a "swamp creature" from day one, but now...we cannot trust anything he says. Perhaps under duress, but however or why ever, he is lying about the injections. I believe he is knowingly lying. Else, he is so deluded that he is worthless as a leader anyway.

    The Central Scrutinizer

    " I do not believe that he was a “swamp creature” from day one,..."

    There's the problem right there. And it appears to have remained uncorrected.

    What is it they say you just can't fix?

    John Day

    Thank you, for that very interesting info. So, it begs the question, why does he not make a distinction between his chosen injection and those that are harming so many (and more to come, as long term effects emerge)? When people hear him push jabs, they believe that he means those commonly given, the death shots.

    It calls to mind "shifty Schiff" saying he had proof of Russian collusion, leaving out that the proof showed Clinton collusion with a Russian, and so encouraging people to assume he meant DJT was involved. That omission made it a lie. Context is part of a narrative.

    John Kelly

    Trump wanted to use HCQ & Ivermectin; took them when he got the virus and now refers to them as "vaccines". He banned travel from China in early January 2020 and was blasted by Left as xenophobe. The Dems led by Biden, Pelosi & Di Blasio encouraged everyone to come out and party to help the spread or else would have wanted lockdown for years to kill us all. Where would we be if still locked down? If you have watched closely you realize the Left actively worked with CCP. Murphy (NJ), Cuomo (NY), & Whitmer (MI) all filled nursing homes to run up the death count. Then they pivoted to blaming DJT for all of it while demanding vote from home rules. PA, WI, & MI violated their own laws to do it. The CCP has repealed their one child limit and told citizens they now can have 3 kids. They are increasing the toxicity of the Nipah virus to achieve 90% death rate. Trump & his team (Flynn & Durham plus others) are bringing out all the dirt they can as they are opposed by Left, CIA, DOJ (including FBI) & Globalists who want to subjugate us to the New World Order. This has to work; don't expect fair 2022 Elections. If you don't own a gun, get one now. Trump is letting us know we have a choice on the jabs because MSM would crucify the guy who got vaccines made at least a year sooner than thought possible can't oppose them. 90% of Media are Marxist tools. I had the virus & tested positive for antibodies, no shots. International Court has lawsuit against Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Fauci et al for "crimes against humanity". Trump is on our side, so focus on the no mandate part of what he said.


    I voted for DJT. I can hope you are right. But I hesitate. Isn't deception the source of all evil? Deceiving oneself, justifying wrongs, deceiving others.

    He was perhaps misled into bringing out the injections. Or he considered it necessary. Now he finds himself painted into a corner, as indeed, the MSM would have a field day if he admitted the DS brought out dangerous, deadly concoctions? But it needs to be said, as it is true.

    The MSM opposed him from the start, whenever he said anything true. So, that isn't compelling. He is now lying to his own base and to those in a state of confusion who seek someone in leadership to tell the truth.

    The theory that the DS would have locked down the world, including the US, for years or decades if there had been no "vaccine" to counter that control, is intriguing.
    I am not convinced that people would have allowed it. But as I've watched very many people take so many falsehoods and control measures at face value, willingly trashing individual liberty, I begin to think that "years of lockdown" might have been the course planned by the DS to weaken the people (much like placing debilitating sanctions on nations for years to weaken the people, before attacking militarily). And people would have said, "Ah, it's all for our own good. Health. The people who demand freedom are irresponsible, selfish, criminal."

    If so... immediate rollout of "vaccines", rather than after years of lockdown and O2-deprivation devices over our noses and mouths, damaging brains and immune systems, changed the time frame. That is all. But it may be crucial. (This is the idea framed by Dave at x22report dot com.

    The deadly injections were planned, inevitable. Now (rather than later) gives us a chance to see it clearly for what it is. It may have given us a chance to reverse and end the plan of the 'elite' to cull and enslave, to destroy humanity and freedom for all time in a neo-feudal surveillance system of total control, no individual freedom.

    And yet, something is very wrong with DJT NOW pushing the proven-to-be dangerous, deadly shots so enthusiastically. I surmise that he is under duress, and no longer to be trusted. It's very sad.


    Thanks to all who had a hand in getting this post up. This is a strong story.

    I've become increasingly concerned by President Trump's promotion of the useless and even dangerous "vaccines" in the face of all the evidence of the harm they do. Despite his reputation as a clean freak, this is so uncharacteristic of him that it reeks of capitulation.

    I think the only chance Trump has of winning in 2022 is to stand in front of the American people and acknowledge the CCP virus for what it was and admit his own gullibility. He doesn't seem inclined to do that. His stubbornness will be the end of him.

    Billy Back

    It seems that there are so many conservatives are trying to protect DJT because either they love him or they believe he's all we've got. But the problem with the way they are doing it is that they are doing the same thing the main stream media is doing by censoring comments by people that disagree with them or make Donald Trump look bad. I've had several comments either not posted at all or just pulled down just because I said something similar to what I'm saying now. You seem to be keeping them up for the time being. I'll check back and see how it comes out. DJT is telling people to get vaccines that are known to kill or maim and if he doesn't know it, he should. If he's dong it because he is worried about his death, then he's a coward.


    My father in law, who was the picture of health and vitality even at age 85, got his booster 3 weeks ago. He was in the hospital with kidney failure a week later. He was found riddled with blood clots. He died on Christmas Eve. Don't give he any SHiT about it not being vaccine-related. Do NOT take these falsely-called 'vaccine' shots. They are both ineffective AND dangerous.

    Jones, Robert R MD

    If President Trump is honest, he will look at the data proving that the "vaccines" are not only not safe or effective, but designed to kill. He must apologize and admit his error in order to maintain his base of followers who call for individual liberty and rule of law; those who have instigated this "plandemic" must be held accountable for all of the millions of deaths and injuries, and need to face a Nuremberg II tribunal with the attendant sentences. We must not allow this travesty to continue.

    Johanna P

    Indeed, well said Yvonne, and level headed you are. However, there is one dimension we cannot overlook: OPTICS! IN WAR!
    We are engaged in a war over our culture and wealth. The other side sees nothing but TOO many people and elimination/oppression.
    Somehow I think he is pushed into this mode, as I know he believes in therapeutics. Going against the stream may do much more damage to his own base, as he will be attacked relentlessly for changing his mind on the very accomplishment he pushed for to save the country's population over much worse scenarios.


    When you have people like fauci guiding you, expect the worst. I believe Trump was lied to by people he thought he could trust. Fool me once....next time you hang.


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