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    The Real Truth About Covid

    February 3, 2022

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    Okay, so the title of this article is a bit misleading, because no one knows the real truth about Covid – YET!  But little by little, it’s all coming out, and much of what we thought we knew is actually being proven wrong each day – everything from the robust power of natural immunity over mRNA immunity, the ineffectiveness of cloth masks or masking outdoors, the length of quarantine time which continues to be disputed, the efficacy of boosters whose lifespan has dwindled down significantly, to much more.

    A great deal of what was labeled “misinformation” has now been debunked, to the point that famed podcaster, Joe Rogan has been demonized and excoriated by the very same people who, rather than admit their error, are gearing up to take him down, because he has dared to bring these very controversial issues to the forefront as he engages those with differing opinions on emerging facts and data of the virus.

    So probably the most compelling question to ask is how are we ever to extricate ourselves from this two-year long pandemic if we are left in the dark about the real truth as it pertains to Covid? How are we supposed to effectively combat a plague without attaining every last bit of relevant information concerning its origins, its strength, its possible treatments or its spread?  Somehow, it almost feels as if “leaving us in the dark” is a particular strategy specifically employed to facilitate a calculated goal.  It might be worth examining why would that be.

    For one thing, if we were allowed to access all pertinent information, including positive treatment as well as adverse outcomes, we might have a real advantage in knowing what is worthwhile and, conversely, what should be avoided.  Loosely translated, that would mean that we get to be the masters of our own fate, medically speaking.  However, given all that we’ve seen, it seems that that’s not necessarily a desired end result of those pushing just one solution – theirs.

    And hasn’t that been what this is all about?  Certain players, whether pharmaceutical manufacturers, governmental leaders or others with a special interest in this game, have sought to advance only one path – a one size fits all solution to a virus which, ironically, works differently among various segments of the population.  The message has been overwhelmingly towards vaccination followed by boosters.  Anything else has been dubbed “dangerous,” “fringe” or whatever label is most effective in characterizing quackery and unorthodox measures.

    Possibly the most absurd endorsement of this one-dimensional cure-all recently came from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who, upon discovering that he had tested positive for Covid, encouraged others to go get vaccinated and boostered, despite it having done nothing to prevent him from infection.

    No suggestion of building up one’s immune system or utilizing early treatment remedies which have succeeded in reducing spread or, if infected, reducing symptoms and discomfort brought on by the virus. Apparently, those are too common sense for someone to consider. 

    At this point, it would be laughable for anyone to try to make a convincing argument as to why it’s not desirable or reasonable to put out all available information, especially when backed by proven data and irrefutable evidence.  After all, it is already known that certain treatments having worked well, showing themselves to be trusted alternatives to the one path that has been hammered into everyone, even after it has failed to be fully effective.

    Let’s face it.  Force, coercion, bullying or threatening someone I to subscribe to one course of treatment, with no questions asked, is quite unconscionable. Expecting people to timidly acquiesce to the directives of politicians/bureaucrats and those with a vested interest in what’s being pushed, as the only route to freedom, is to reduce humanity to robots who obediently adapt to their programmer.

    It is the ultimate cancelation of personal intellect, freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and a caste system to end all caste systems.  Relinquishing one’s ability to control their physical body reduces them to subservience to those who supposedly know far better than anyone else.  It is full-throttle totalitarianism where a centralized government dictates its will to the underlings who have no say in their destiny.

    Given that this is where we’ve been headed, as a species, no one can sincerely believe that “less is more” when it comes to the free flow of information that needs to make its way to free and responsible individuals who have, up until the year 2020, been able to make their own independent choices concerning their lives.

    Blocking the spread of relevant information smacks of censorship which is designed to put forth only one perspective, one narrative and one agenda.  For those who believe it is a subtle way of avoiding transparency, they are sadly wrong.  Too many of us have noticed that the more they double down on one specific path, the more we suspect that something nefarious is behind their intransigence. 

    We are now at a crossroads.  On the one hand, we are being told that the end to this pandemic is nearing, that the present weakened Omicron variant is about to subside and that restrictions will be loosened.  On the other hand, others are already talking about the possibility of a new and more lethal variant which could, once again, greatly disrupt our ability to move forward as we try to put this nightmare behind us.

    After more than two years of seeing, for ourselves, what works and what doesn’t, wouldn’t it be refreshing to finally get a glimpse at a comprehensive and complete picture, backed by reliable data which will serve us all on the best way to go forward, based on individual choices and conclusions. 

    Only then will we be able to properly evaluate the real truth about Covid and return to life as we knew it – based on our terms and not the terms of those who clearly do not have our best interests at heart.  It is time to take back our G-d given authority accompanied by personal accountability.  After all, in matters of life and death, we are only answerable to the Almighty and, despite what they think, not the government!

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    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

    A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the U.S. before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives near Tel Aviv with her husband.
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    Common sense has been replaced by horriblizing, fear-porn, and mandates.
    The only way this is going to stop is for people to stand up for themselves, like the truckers have.

    Ralph J Argen MD

    I have been trying to tell the truth about this and my stupid little Twitter account. Everything has been wrong from day one and all the politicians have been using it to their advantage. People have lost everything income treasures and freedom. Nothing gained.
    Fear overrides everything. It’s the American way the Russians in every corner of the bomb children hiding over under desks. And what they’ve attempted on the children is Criminal and malpractice.
    There’s no accountability on our stupid government which started with FDR. If we don’t have term limits and a constitutional convention this country is numbered and limited and will not or exist

    John Day

    How are we ever to extricate ourselves from this two-year long pandemic if we are left in the dark about the real truth as it pertains to Covid? Does any sane people trust fauci, fda, cdc, who?

    How are we ever supposed to trust our Gov’t after Nov 3-4, 2020?

    How are we supposed to trust ANY 3 letter agency in our country after Las Vegas, Nov 2020, spy gate or 45 witch hunts?

    How can we trust our Military after the purges happening right now.

    IMO, America needs an “American Gov’t Reset”. Top to bottom, Elected, Appointed & the Bureaucracy needs to be replaced. We need to replace all these people and get back to the Constitution. ONLY what is in the Constitution. That includes ALL city, county, state and federal gov’t.

    ONLY the C O N S T I T U T I O N
    The way our forefathers meant it to be.
    IMO the only way to do that is with the “Convention of States”.
    It shouldn’t be that hard.



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