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    American Sabotage, Soros Style

    April 14, 2022

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    The lifelong passions, promises and policies of a self-avowed, America-hating, multi-billionaire who describes himself a god, are unfolding before the eyes of America and the world.

    George Soros, is a Hungarian born political activist & investor who has long proclaimed the very existence of America (as it exists today), and more specifically, our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, are the greatest obstacles to achieving his preferred one world system of global governance. And George Soros is a megalomaniacal radical who puts his money where his mouth is. According to Wikipedia, his personal net worth ismore than nine billion dollars and he’s “donated” more than $32 billion dollars to a vast global network of known and elaborately disguised advocacy groups via his Open Society Foundations. 

    As owner of a global hedge fund company and a convicted felon with 50+ years of deep ties to virtually every far left, progressive, Marxist and corrupt government, NGO and shadowy “non-profit” group on earth, Soros’ strategic investments in US politicians, including Presidents, Senators, Governors, Attorneys Generals, Secretary’s of State, Mayors, local governing bodies, “foundations”, trade unions, activists and dark money front groups is unlike anything ever known in history. Did I mention George Soros views himself a god?

    Please speculate for a brief moment, what you would be doing today IF you were George Soros, IF you’d lived into your nineties, IF you’d strategically invested tens of billions of dollars into politicians and organizations, accumulated enormous relationship equity around the world, and IF the ultimate legacy you were seeking was the destruction of the United States of America, in pursuit of a one world government?  Furthermore, IF the #1 and #2 leaders of the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab & Yuval Noah Harari) happened to be your political and ideological soulmates, the two men who cast vision and establish priorities for the “Davos Elite“, men and women who own and control virtually all levers of political, financial, religious and cultural power on earth, what strings would you pull to achieve your ultimate goal?

    Here’s what I’d do. Implement every obvious action to immediately weaken the US economy, stop all domestic energy production, flood our nation with millions of low-skilled job seekers who suppress wages by competing for jobs with our most economically vulnerable citizens, cancel all economic trade deals in our interest via Executive Order, print more money in one year than any other President to further weaken the value of every U.S. dollar in the world, raise income taxes, incite race, class and gender wars in every walk of life, attack parents seeking educational transparency, censor every voice that opposes any of my actions, invalidate all medical choice freedoms, subsidize every green new deal initiative ever imagined, raise interest rates, restrict global supply chains, encourage a new war with Russia, defund the police, demoralize our U.S. military with experimentalvaccine mandates, embarrassing, deadly withdrawal strategies and unfathomable breaches of trust. 

    But I’m no George Soros. I’m just an American trying to reasonably connect the dots. 

    When one of the most powerful, nefarious men on earth aligns his annihilation of America ambitions with the actions of the most powerful, privately-owned central bankers and corporate titans on earth, along with an illegitimately installed, indisputably corrupt, crime family boss who “leads” a shadow government unelected by its citizens, how should God-loving, freedom-minded, Constitution respecting citizens, respond?

    Once we accept our current conditions are intentional and not coincidental, we can begin to correct them. Until such time, we have a sycophant corporate media complex that owns and operates 90% of global communications through six corporations, each amplifying the Soros/Biden agenda to some degree. . If you have a better working theory to explain the utter chaos unfolding before our eyes, please share your comments, below. Your opinion, research and discernment is greatly valued. 

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    Rob Cunningham

    Rob‘s experience includes a degree in management informations systems, service as a USAF instructor pilot and commercial airline pilot, ten years in investment and mortgage banking and the co-founder of a national business development company. He’s involved in private equity investing, serves in advisory roles for private equity and non-profit organizations, and has an insatiable curiosity to research law, history, politics, the emerging world of cryptocurrency, digital assets and society after the demise of the Federal Reserve.
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    Great article. Ball sack eyes Soros needs to lose his dual citizenship immediately. Very hard to obtain and keep but somehow
    this demon is allowed to keep his citizenship in two countries. Ask yourself why. This article answers it!


    Many years ago, I lived near Williamsburg, Virginia. Every time I went into town there was one architectural feature of Williamsburg, that always struck me as being not only beautiful, but also potentially very utilitarian. I, of course, knew that the historical part of the town had been rebuilt, recreated, a living museum so to speak, but it was historically very accurate. But I could not help but wonder if this one original feature had been used in the same way that I was imagining that it could be, should the refreshening of the Tree of Liberty require the nourishing blood of tyrants. I speak of the many and varied brick walls that flourish in Williamsburg and have universally been utilized to rid an otherwise peace-loving, Godly nation of the likes of a, well, you fill in the blank. Afterall, there are many qualified vipers to pick from, but are there enough patriots?


    You should look into the ERIC system he controls for the supposed purging of dead people from the voting lists in many states.


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