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    Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?

    May 28, 2022
    Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?

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    From an outsider looking into the situation surrounding the Texas school shooting, there is much confusion and many curious facts.

    We know the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party are pushing for tyrannical control of humanity. Just this week the WEF was looking to pass 'health amendments' to give the WHO sovereignty over America, enabled by the OBiden regime.

    The only thing standing in the way of this in North America is your personal weapons. The Second Amendment was not just for self-defense, it was designed mainly as a bulwark against a tyrannical government, that our Founders gave us.

    Hence my question about the criminal acts in Uvalde...

    The school shootings largely went away under Trump. Now they are back with a vengeance.

    Why is that?

    Now let's talk about Uvalde itself.

    Gab.com CEO Andrew Torba said this on the incident as the facts trickle out.

    Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?

    It is also reported that Federal Marshalls were the law enforcement personnel that were 'handcuffing and tasing' parents who were desperate to go into the Udalve school to save their children as cops waiting outside for an hour.

    How does this make sense?

    At the very least, the American people deserve an investigation and answers.

    We also learned recently that a 'retired Federal agent' was communicating with, and had 'advance notice' of the Buffalo supermarket shooting.

    Watching the OBiden regime in action in Afghanistan, the southern border, the baby formula debacle, Federal spending, Covid response, vaccine mandates, destroying our economy and energy security, funding the war in Ukraine, etc, etc., it is painfully obvious to anyone with intellectual honesty that OBiden is not working for the American people, but someone else.

    Since we know the Biden crime family was in bed with the communist regime, the natural inclination is to assume OBiden is working for the CCP to bring down our nation.

    Americans being armed stands in the way.

    Think about it.

    Nothing less than your children's possible future under communism is at stake... CDMedia is confronting the corrupt media narrative...we need your help more than ever...DONATE!



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    If this is what they will do to kids, can you imagine what they will do to you if you're stupid enough to turn in your guns?


    Zactly! Giving you an UP vote on your comment, even if the system doesn't provide for that.


    Re: Buffalo and Uvalde: My first thought was two mass shootings right on the heels of the NRA convention. Coincidence? All those people murdered for One World Government control of America because Admiral Yamamoto was right. (Now they are lying about that. I remember it well.) The evil ones will not stop.

    Patt Mann

    Add to that, it was the anniversary of the fentanyl kings overdose death Floyd, who obama wasted no time talking about to grab law abiding citizens guns, and you have to wonder ..


    Not only is the timing of these two shootings suspect; but the FACT that six months ago on 60 Minutes they had DARPA [ dark arm of military experiments & MKULTRA ;also in charge of Operation Warp Speed Vaccines ] ADMIT THAT THEY COULD EASILY PUT VOICES IN YOUR HEAD FROM ANYWHERE! HAVANA SYNDROME ANYONE? Most all mass shootings have been done by kids on heavy duty head meds or adults hearing voices. "Gang Stalking" [electronically] is real and has been going on for decades. Did you know first mass school shootings in USA go back to 1891 but have increased expodentially with introduction of psychiatric meds and electronic weapons? Background checks did nothing to stop this kid; but raising age limit to 21 like cigarettes and booze might have. Also the unbelievable incompetence of the police its shameful and needs punishment.


    If ever there was a need for a Red Flag alert, it should be for Joe biden and his perpetuation of the war in Ukraine

    Irritable bill

    Exactly...why are the media and public world wide so one sided on this war? Before Putin invaded, 14,000 Donbas Russians had been killed by the Ukrainian Nazi Battalion since 2015.
    Putin only seeks to restore peace for the Donbas Russians and has only demanded the terms of the two Minsk agreements signed by the west and completely ignored by Zelenski and his Davos Nazi buddies...who most bizarrely support .... how is he the villain in this?
    If Mexican Nazis had killed 14,000 citizens since 2015...would they be the monsters if they invaded militarily and sort to reinstate the previous signed agreements?
    Cheers mate, for using your brain, most dot as know....hope this made sense didn't have enough time to write it properly.


    Who was the teacher who propped open the school door and why did she do it?

    Dennis Meara



    Don't think it was "manufactured." Just the commie pukes taking advantage of another tragedy to push their agenda to disarm America. Riddle me this, why do they want to take your guns? Are they afraid you'd shoot them for doing to you what they have in mind? Ask the folks in Ukraine or Australia if they wished they haven't given up their guns. Ask the Chinese. Ask the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Oh wait, you can't ask them because they're dead.


    I disagree. The way the media is playing this is all manufactured. The shooting happened. Many innocents were killed. All part of the plan though.


    Agreed this seems coordinated. The continued changing of stories does not help make it less so. Getting rid of guns in America is like reaching for the holy grail to the left. There seems as if there is nothing they would not do to achieve that to include sacrifice the most innocent to achieve that.
    The chief of police as incident commander violating his own training is incredulous at this point and his excuse does not wash nor do you hear any law enforcement officers any where making excuses for him. It was right in no ones book. So this guy needs to be investigated as hostile in my opinion.

    He and his department must be stood down and fully investigated until cleared of wrong doing be it intentional which seems most likely at this point or just gross negligence. Everything should be looked at from the incident to personal lives and political beliefs as well as connections and communications and it can't be the Feds doing this.

    Focus needs to put on Biden also. His open border policy has obviously had an effect in all these border areas. Uvalde had 48 school lock downs during this academic year alone as law enforcement has had to respond to spill over effects with in the city stemming from drugs and illegals. That amount of activity is indicative of the amount of chaos that exists along the border and these small towns and cities like Uvalde, an hour from the border are overwhelmed because of the border policy.

    The Senate already making moves to act on new legislation need to cool their heels until the facts are established. They are not supposed to be knee jerk. That's the House's job to be knee jerk, not them. The smoke here still has not cleared as to what happened and talking about making changes that effect all Americans needs to cease, especially as there is great probability that what happened in Uvalde may of been the cause of more than just that one kid, just as we are learning with the Buffalo situation.


    Yes, I believe so. When a behhavior of people involved that can stop it is inexplicable then something else is at work here. Methinks some were promised wealth (think payoff) or power.

    Michael Day

    Mr Wood sir here is Proof that our Republic is part of the SOUL-lution
    Written in a Very GOOD BOOK
    My hope is YOU Have used it before like the few Americans since 1776
    Psalm 91
    The Soldier’s Prayer
    Written To ONE PEOPLE
    Written TO YOU My Fellow Americans
    Within Psalm 91
    Is What the Greatest Generation DID
    They Trample The Lion
    Today Mr Wood you have shown to a few GOOD MEN an WOMEN
    Who can SEE an HEAR that THE DRAGON has been PAID an has then BOUGHT with Stolen TAXS
    Mr Wood Sir while there still is Time read this Book from a old rough rider
    Theodore Roosevelts book he wrote in 1913
    FEAR GOD and Take Your Own Part
    He Called it in 1913 what is Todays EVIL
    Many pastors see the obvious that new Babylon is within The democracy of the usa
    BUT TO ONE PEOPLE articulated in our DECLARATION
    A Soul-lution is still possible to at least create a OFFENSE against Absolute Despotism the Cause FOR
    Mr Wood Sir ONE PEOPLE are GODS Wild Cards he will use ONE PEOPLE
    How ,because ONE PEOPLE only FEAR GOD
    PSALM 91 The Soldiers prayer 🙏


    Way to babble incoherently.
    Maybe stop drinking.

    lino u bragagnolo

    to those who think this is crazy, think again!
    the same democrat party allows for and demands abortion in some cases even after birth. do you really think that same heart cares about the lives of children in school??? of course not. both are human beings. nothing less!


    My reply is yes, too many coincidences to be a random act by a lone shooter.

    Fielding Mellish

    Totally manufactured and not real. The grief of the parents seems unreal. No tears.


    2 different crisis actors have the same daughter, apparently, lol.

    Ray R

    Sure wish someone could offer a good explanation of how this kid got $5,000 dollars that fast to buy guns and ammo. RED FLAG ALERT!

    Tracy Jamieson

    Especially when he was teased for being poor.


    "It is also reported that Federal Marshalls were the law enforcement personnel that were ‘handcuffing and tasing’ parents who were desperate to go into the Udalve school to save their children as cops waiting outside for an hour."

    Doesn't stink much worse than that.


    It was an active movie scene. Can't disturb the crisis actors.


    A Daniel Defense AR 15 is one of the most expensiveone can buy. Where did all this money come from? Why did the shoote's mother say he had his reason?


    There are no "school shootings", this is all PROPAGANDA.
    How do I know? STATISTICS.
    Everything is revealed through STATISTICS, people.

    How many people supposedly died in this supposed "school shooting"???
    20? Something like that?
    Here's something to put this into PERSPECTIVE. Perspective REALLY helps.

    251,000 people per year DIE in the united states because of MEDICAL ERROR.
    That means 688 people PER DAY die as a direct result of actions taken by DOCTORS AND NURSES.

    That means 34x as many people were killed by doctors on the SAME DAY as this supposed school shooting.

    No outrage? No call to ban doctors?
    Well then...
    It must all be bs.

    This has been "learning how to think and reason", with letmepicyou.


    This kid was supposedly coming from poverty, but I read a report that said law enforcement found 100,000 rounds the murderer had, he entered the school with 60 magazines and had more ammo cached in various places. Any truth to any of this? The reporting moves quickly from facts to agenda, either pro or anti 2nd ammendment, it's impossible to really find out what happened. 100,000 rounds at 25 cents a round is $25,000, and 223 has been closer 60 cents a round for a while. I have a different definition of poverty. This stinks bad.


    Everything on TV is a lie. Keep repeating it.


    the DEMs have been trying to ban high cap magazines sooooo this shooter had 60 mags, fits THEIR agenda. Was he SENT to that school by the person that opened the door, by the way has anyone checked the cell phone of the door opener to see who was called and have you heard anything about the shooters cell phone. We have been told a lot of bs and changes BUT not anything about the above two items. why is that?. It smells like a 'op'. with 21 innocents as the helpless victums of a satanic group of scumbags. imo

    Olde Reb

    The FBI has a history of recruiting, training, and funding mental cases for violent acts.

    How about requiring all school employees being certified for CCW with posted notice on all schools ??

    Olde Reb

    What drugs was he taking ??


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