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    June 26, 2022
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    Hunter Biden with weapon and doing drugs

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    The president who has five firearms, and Hunter, his son, continue to violate, local, state, and Federal firearm laws. The DOJ must act under the proposed RED FLAG laws!

    Laws to prevent injury inflicted on others and oneself are meant to protect Americans and the welfare of society. The newly-instituted RED FLAG LAWS will do just that. Exactly as intended. 

    However, there are a few problems with them that violate five constitutional protections. 

    1. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment insures Due Process
    2. The Second Amendment provides the right of self defense - the very first human right - and the right to carry firearms, to citizens 
    3. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from Unreasonable Search & Seizure
    4. The First Amendment protects property rights, the very reason for which the American Founding was established 

    To QUOTE: “The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has long been regarded by practically every hue of the political spectrum as the most sacred and revered of all political rights and guarantees provided the American people; as indeed the cornerstone upon which all other rights are based...”

    5. The US Supreme Court ruled just last year that RED FLAG laws are unconstitutional.

    While we are regularly lectured about “gun violence” (the autonomous behavior of inanimate objects that consciously butcher human beings), and the need to have “an intelligent conversation about guns” (which can be found at that last blue hyperlink), we also know that selective enforcement of the law and preferential treatment are the actual cause for the ongoing violence - and even white crime - across the nation committed by miscreants such as:

    All the cited above are legally prohibited from possessing firearms under Federal, state and/or local law. 

    For example:

    Meanwhile, [email protected], a reader at BREITBART, suggested a thought exercise with respect to the proposed RED FLAG laws that will have deprived Americans of five constitutional protections. 

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    “I wonder if red-flag laws would snare a decrepit old man with 5 guns at home? Just saying.”

    These constitutional protections, no longer available for the vast majority however, will be extended to people whose lives really matter. Not yours. Lives that are valuable. 

    Michael Bloomberg’s, Whoopie Goldberg’s, Bette Midler’s, Barbara Streisand’s, Alec Baldwin’s, Sean Penn’s, and of course Adam Schiff’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Joe and Hunter Biden’s, the Clintons, and their armed bodyguards.

    We have identified at least two people here for whom RED FLAG laws clearly apply. 

    Accordingly, a responsible government and Department of Justice would immediately enforce Federal Law, as it is obligated to act, laws which one of the two people cited herein had advocated for decades and passed into law.

    This notice puts the DOJ, FBI, and local law enforcement on NOTICE.

    Taxpayers are paying your salaries. Do your duty!




    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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