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    Reparations Now

    July 4, 2022
    Reparations Now

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    New Yorkers must demand its politicians pass a resolution or present a bill demanding reparations now - from BLM and supportive politicians to New York.

    From the beginning of the “Summer of Love” on May 26, 2020, the Right failed to correct the false narrative by the Left and its compliant media. The Left weaponizes language to wage and win culture wars. However, despite implementing sweeping BLM tenets throughout every manner of industry and education, it was without majority consent and done by bureaucracy.

    BLM’s “Summer of Love” wasn’t just a summer and was never about love. BLM hate has raged for over two years. Because of journalistic failure and fear of the Right to talk about racism, there been no real account of the damage. Mainstream media suppressed images and information of the widespread terrorism because it was ugly and repellent, specifically to the moms who value safety and the youth that would rather resemble Margot Robbie than an unmade bed.

    Despite this, the Right cannot get it right. It refuses to en masse call out BLM and CRT for what it is; blanket racism towards whites and Asians with racist attacks on blacks who reject viewing the world through the lens of race.

    BLM and colluding politicians should reimburse the city. Reparations are designed to recover damage, be it physical or emotional. It will unite, start the healing process, and remind New Yorkers and Americans; we’re not putting up with the sham of systemic racism as a means to reinvent via terror.

    The Left has nothing attractive on its side. It has manufactured problem after problem, from the economy, to human trafficking, to education, to racism, to dependency, to victimhood and violence. But the Right remains largely a poor communicator.

    The Left is so toxic, over 1,000,000 voters have changed their registration to Republican in 43 states, according to voter registration.

    Whether it’s climate, elections, BLM, courts of law, or the overturning of Roe v Wade, the Left has one tool; criminality. The Left is the unequivocal party of violence. Right has little clue how to message from a place of strength to a betrayed public begging to be engaged.

    BLM has a seat of honor at the Democrat caucus. In New York City alone, 480 stores were destroyed. According to Axios, BLM damage resulted in the highest insurance loss in history, over $2 billion dollars.

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    This estimate fails to take into account the damage done to New York City by way of graffiti, exterior and interior damage to residential properties, degraded foot traffic from terrified residents and tourists staying away from fertile BLM hunting grounds, fired employees now on public taxpayer assistance, outmigration from traumatized homeowners and renters, plywood used ad nauseam to board up myriad buildings, private security, and PTSD resulting in shrinks and medication to cope.

    BLM, said to be worth $90 million dollars in the aftermath, is not only a terror organization but a racketeering one, helmed by Patrisse Coullors who has amassed a sizable real estate portfolio.

    Governor Hochul proposed a “budget” of $220 billion dollars said to “help” New York. Much of it is going to woke programs so will be of little help to New York and residents. What would help New York is repairing all the areas afflicted by BLM that happen to be the tourist destinations from all around the world. Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Soho, and Tribeca were set ablaze, looted with impunity, and vandalized. Walmart, Target, Apple, to name a few closed during prolonged BLM protests, losing vast sums of revenue. Stores, restaurants, communities and people still haven’t recovered. Swathes of vacant storefronts sit, now homeless encampments. There has been residual damage caused by BLM. Because of inflation and DA Bragg’s pro criminal stance cloaked in racism (“social justice” a hallmark of BLM), chances are slim that new commercial spaces will re-open in hostile environments.

    On the heels of BLM, schools already broken have zero chance of recovering due to CRT. This is another cost accrued solely on account of BLM that is impossible to calculate. It’s a lost generation. New York City taxpayers spend $28,000 per public school student and our kids are in the bottom half of the country for reading and writing. Job prospects look grim for graduates with a subpar education, limited skills, and fragile mental conditions.

    Everyone remains affected by BLM. Asians and whites have been terribly punished by BLM’s ushering in of CRT. Gifted & Talented schools in New York City are “diversifying” and dumbing down. Asians and whites dominate in the required testing to get into these formerly academically rigorous programs. Blacks are also horribly impacted. They’re told they’re victims and dependent on lower standards. Black public school parents are railing against the DOE, watching schools underperform and using blacks as an excuse to provide and produce even less, void of accountability. Public schools have lowered the passing grade from 65% to 50%.

    BLM has been resurrected. The same rent-a-crowd drifting from climate to elections to BLM has found pro-abortion. “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” is the new “we can’t breathe” battlecry. Pro abortionists have learned tricks of the trade from BLM; looting, arson, vandalization and assault.

    Lee Zeldin just won the Republican Gubernatorial primary. He campaigned on the explicit promise he’d remove Manhattan DA Bragg. To the informed observer, the entire force of Bragg’s activity is to allow the depredations of BLM which are grounds for seeking reparations.

    BLM reparation money will be good for the economy, reduce crime, attract tourists, and create jobs. 40% of New York City restaurant owners are minorities. Presently, one in five black New Yorkers are unemployed or in part time jobs. Demanding reparations from BLM will send a message; New York City doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and looks after law abiding citizens.



    Jacqueline Toboroff

    Jackie is the editor-in-chief of TheManhattan.press, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com
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    This article is fantasy, or is a better word fantastical?
    The article is useful for dreamers but given the political reality of Democratic power in New York its thesis is totally out of reach.


    >>the Right cannot get it right. It refuses to en masse call out BLM and CRT for what it is; blanket racism towards whites and Asians

    I got no problem calling them out on their racism. They get ZERO reparations from us, the average White American. If they want reparations for their ancestors being brought over as slaves from Africa, they can demand them from the British Monarchy, who were the root cause behind it. Just like they displaced and stole the land holdings of so many of our own people from Ireland, Scotland and Wales and then shipped them over to America to work as slaves or virtual slaves (indentured servants). See: https://imgur.com/a/EERe7PF


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