Reparations Now

Reparations Now

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New Yorkers must demand its politicians pass a resolution or present a bill demanding reparations now - from BLM and supportive politicians to New York.

From the beginning of the “Summer of Love” on May 26, 2020, the Right failed to correct the false narrative by the Left and its compliant media. The Left weaponizes language to wage and win culture wars. However, despite implementing sweeping BLM tenets throughout every manner of industry and education, it was without majority consent and done by bureaucracy.

BLM’s “Summer of Love” wasn’t just a summer and was never about love. BLM hate has raged for over two years. Because of journalistic failure and fear of the Right to talk about racism, there been no real account of the damage. Mainstream media suppressed images and information of the widespread terrorism because it was ugly and repellent, specifically to the moms who value safety and the youth that would rather resemble Margot Robbie than an unmade bed.

Despite this, the Right cannot get it right. It refuses to en masse call out BLM and CRT for what it is; blanket racism towards whites and Asians with racist attacks on blacks who reject viewing the world through the lens of race.

BLM and colluding politicians should reimburse the city. Reparations are designed to recover damage, be it physical or emotional. It will unite, start the healing process, and remind New Yorkers and Americans; we’re not putting up with the sham of systemic racism as a means to reinvent via terror.

The Left has nothing attractive on its side. It has manufactured problem after problem, from the economy, to human trafficking, to education, to racism, to dependency, to victimhood and violence. But the Right remains largely a poor communicator.

The Left is so toxic, over 1,000,000 voters have changed their registration to Republican in 43 states, according to voter registration.

Whether it’s climate, elections, BLM, courts of law, or the overturning of Roe v Wade, the Left has one tool; criminality. The Left is the unequivocal party of violence. Right has little clue how to message from a place of strength to a betrayed public begging to be engaged.

BLM has a seat of honor at the Democrat caucus. In New York City alone, 480 stores were destroyed. According to Axios, BLM damage resulted in the highest insurance loss in history, over $2 billion dollars.

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This estimate fails to take into account the damage done to New York City by way of graffiti, exterior and interior damage to residential properties, degraded foot traffic from terrified residents and tourists staying away from fertile BLM hunting grounds, fired employees now on public taxpayer assistance, outmigration from traumatized homeowners and renters, plywood used ad nauseam to board up myriad buildings, private security, and PTSD resulting in shrinks and medication to cope.

BLM, said to be worth $90 million dollars in the aftermath, is not only a terror organization but a racketeering one, helmed by Patrisse Coullors who has amassed a sizable real estate portfolio.

Governor Hochul proposed a “budget” of $220 billion dollars said to “help” New York. Much of it is going to woke programs so will be of little help to New York and residents. What would help New York is repairing all the areas afflicted by BLM that happen to be the tourist destinations from all around the world. Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Soho, and Tribeca were set ablaze, looted with impunity, and vandalized. Walmart, Target, Apple, to name a few closed during prolonged BLM protests, losing vast sums of revenue. Stores, restaurants, communities and people still haven’t recovered. Swathes of vacant storefronts sit, now homeless encampments. There has been residual damage caused by BLM. Because of inflation and DA Bragg’s pro criminal stance cloaked in racism (“social justice” a hallmark of BLM), chances are slim that new commercial spaces will re-open in hostile environments.

On the heels of BLM, schools already broken have zero chance of recovering due to CRT. This is another cost accrued solely on account of BLM that is impossible to calculate. It’s a lost generation. New York City taxpayers spend $28,000 per public school student and our kids are in the bottom half of the country for reading and writing. Job prospects look grim for graduates with a subpar education, limited skills, and fragile mental conditions.

Everyone remains affected by BLM. Asians and whites have been terribly punished by BLM’s ushering in of CRT. Gifted & Talented schools in New York City are “diversifying” and dumbing down. Asians and whites dominate in the required testing to get into these formerly academically rigorous programs. Blacks are also horribly impacted. They’re told they’re victims and dependent on lower standards. Black public school parents are railing against the DOE, watching schools underperform and using blacks as an excuse to provide and produce even less, void of accountability. Public schools have lowered the passing grade from 65% to 50%.

BLM has been resurrected. The same rent-a-crowd drifting from climate to elections to BLM has found pro-abortion. “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” is the new “we can’t breathe” battlecry. Pro abortionists have learned tricks of the trade from BLM; looting, arson, vandalization and assault.

Lee Zeldin just won the Republican Gubernatorial primary. He campaigned on the explicit promise he’d remove Manhattan DA Bragg. To the informed observer, the entire force of Bragg’s activity is to allow the depredations of BLM which are grounds for seeking reparations.

BLM reparation money will be good for the economy, reduce crime, attract tourists, and create jobs. 40% of New York City restaurant owners are minorities. Presently, one in five black New Yorkers are unemployed or in part time jobs. Demanding reparations from BLM will send a message; New York City doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and looks after law abiding citizens.

Reparations for Slavery? Everyone Has Slaves In Their Lineage

“Trade negotiations in the country of Eastern Slavs,” by Sergey Ivanov, 1909

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Many in the Democratic Party are calling for reparations for slavery. Their arguments are countered by both black and white conservative leaders who contend that reparations are not practical and are, in fact, impossible to adjudicate fairly. My belief is this:

If reparations for slavery are to be fair and just, then all human beings deserve reparations. All humans have ancestors who were victimized and enslaved by someone if we go far enough back in history. All humans also have one or more ancestors who harmed someone else. Thus, the call for reparations must be replaced by the more spiritually advanced and effective practice of extending love and forgiveness to all people. That is the path toward peace.

Let’s review the history of resentment and pain. It’s not as simple as it may seem.

Here’s a challenge: pick up almost any history book that has true scholarly accuracy and start reading. I think it’s quite reasonable to say that history is a book in which virtually every page is drenched with suffering and blood.

History is not a fun read. If one goes back far enough, it’s a pretty safe bet that every person in the world has ancestors who were killed, raped, enslaved, tortured, beheaded, and persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political views, or other factors.

It’s also a safe bet that every person in the world has ancestors who committed the above misdeeds. At least one and probably many.

Blacks were enslaved. Asians were enslaved. Hispanics and Indigenous peoples were enslaved. Whites were enslaved, too, by other whites and by other races as well.

Slavery was the norm for most of human history and is still practiced today by criminal human traffickers and in countries like the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Every race was victimized. Every race included victimizers.

How then should the human race proceed to dissolve the historical pains of racism, slavery, and murder?

We could discuss reparations, but shouldn’t reparations be truthful and accurate? Who is guilty? If a living person today has never harmed a person from another race or religion, are they responsible for the crimes of their ancestors? If so, which ancestors? How far does the investigation go back? Five thousand years? A million years? Is this a global process in which every country has to take stock, or does this only apply to America?

Will a white person in America who immigrated after slavery ended be held responsible for the crime of black American slavery if his or her ancestors had nothing to do with it?

Reparations for American slavery have already been offered on a massive scale by the 320,000 white Union soldiers who died in the Civil War (joined by 40,000 black Union soldiers), a sacrifice that freed the slaves only seventy-seven years after the ratification of the US Constitution. Most of those white soldiers had probably never owned or even seen a slave. Yes, they fought to preserve the Union, but many fought with the conviction that slavery was evil. Were their deaths meaningless, or were they instead the highest reparation that a person could give?

If their deaths did not adequately pay reparations for the sin of slavery, how many deaths will it take? How much money will it take? Are forgiveness and reconciliation even on the tables of social justice warriors who seem to be driven by hate much more than by love?

What about the descendants of those fallen Union soldiers? Are they exempt from additional reparations? If not, why not? The United States as a whole has demonstrated—with the sacrificial blood of hundreds of thousands of white men—that as a country, it has grown and matured and does indeed honor all people as sacred individuals. The sacrifices of the Civil War were finally fulfilled a hundred years later with the arrival of full civil rights, and race relations have continued to dramatically improve since the 1960s.

What about African blacks who have African ancestors who sold their neighbors into slavery? Are they guilty of supporting slavery even though they didn’t do it themselves?

Vice President Kamala Harris, a black Democrat, is a textbook example of why reparations for slavery cannot be accurate, fair, or sustainable. She’s a strong proponent of reparations, but according to her father, Donald J. Harris, her Irish ancestor was a slave owner named Hamilton Brown.1 Henry Whiteley, a visitor to Brown’s plantation in Jamaica, described the brutality of Harris’ ancestor in a pamphlet he wrote. He described the whipping of a slave owned by Brown thus:

The sufferer, writhing like a wounded worm, every time the lash cut across his body, cried out, ‘Lord! Lord! Lord!’2

What shall Vice President Harris do? Her proposals of reparations for slavery would place her in the position of both giving and receiving reparations. She might say: “I had nothing to do with Hamilton Brown’s ownership of slaves!” She is correct, of course. It might also be true that her genealogical relationship with Brown came about because Brown had an unwelcome relationship with a slave—further evidence that Kamala Harris is not responsible for the sins or crimes of her ancestors. This is an example of why a policy of reparations for actions committed by one’s ancestors is an unworkable concept.

Looking toward Africa, we can ask about a young Hutu man whose family left Rwanda before the Hutus started slaughtering Tutsis. Is he responsible for the crimes of other Hutus?

If ancestral and collective guilt is a valid reality, then it must be defined as a global reality. If any person is responsible for the crimes of their ancestors and their groups, then everyone is guilty because no one can state that their ancestors never did anything that was harmful to others. This applies across all groups, including the two major groups of humans: men and women. Not every man was an evil patriarch, and not every woman was innocent. At the level of the individual, harm and pain exist on both sides. This is not a popular view, and some women will be outraged that I might suggest this—as a man. But bear with me . . .

Revenge for ancestral and group crimes is a lose-lose transaction. An eye for an eye really does make the whole world blind. What then can we do about the reality of the suffering in human history that has been inflicted upon the innocent by aggressors?

Unless we all want to end up blind and dead, the best way to proceed is to support the healing and harmony of the entire human race. How can that healing take place?

It is clear that we are not our ancestors. We have our own thoughts and beliefs. We’re responsible for our own actions. We cannot control or be responsible for the actions of others. However, if we admire the virtues of love and kindness, we should all be able to say that historical crimes against others should never have happened. Thus, we can feel compassion for the historical pain felt by everyone.

We can and should learn from history—from the mistakes of our ancestors as well as their good, loving, and creative actions. It is entirely appropriate to feel sadness that our bad ancestors harmed others. It is perfectly fine to express sympathy and apology to the descendants of the victims harmed by our ancestors or by our groups. It is also vital to remember that many of our ancestors were admirable and virtuous people. The goodness that we see in the world today has developed based on the efforts of our ancestors. Let me repeat that:

The goodness that we see in the world today has developed based on the efforts of our ancestors.

Many people concerned with racial justice forget that large numbers of human beings of every race advanced civilization and brought goodness to the world throughout history. It is destructive to peace and the health of civilization to brand the good people of history as evil simply because of the color of their skin. We also cannot afford to throw historical people away because they didn’t live up to twenty-first-century standards.

Would we have done things differently? It is easy to say yes, from our perspective today, but it is unrealistic to think so.

It is hugely important for everyone to accept the truth that all of us have complex and very problematic ancestral histories. Essentially, we all have to apologize to each other for the long and bloody history of the human race. With the global acknowledgment that we all have faulty histories, humility can begin to flower, and with humility, forgiveness and love can grow.

The only way to untangle the pain of history is for all of us to acknowledge that all of us have historical pain, and all of us need to forgive and love everyone.

It is also profoundly obvious that all humans, of every race and both genders, need to mature in their capacity to love others, to understand and feel sensitive to others, and to respect the sacred, individual rights of others.

I believe that the defining questions of the twenty-first century will include these:

What is a person? Who are we? Are we bound to historical and group identities, or are we unique in the universe, birthed as sacred and irreplaceable masterpieces? Have we randomly evolved, or have we been created by a divine and loving intelligent source?

If we are defined only by the sins of our historical and group identities, the game is over, and our century will inevitably be soaked in blood, much like the twentieth century and all the centuries that went before.

I choose to believe instead that every individual was birthed by God as a sacred masterpiece who has a choice now to turn away from hatred, strife, and violence and support the healing of the human race.

If we remember that every person was once a newborn infant who grasped his or her mother’s bosom with an innate desire for comfort, love, security, and peace, we may be able to look at each person with the long-range view and the higher view of the Divine.

In Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s book Strength to Love, he wrote:

Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.3

The healing of the human race requires an adjustment in the values of humanity. When love becomes the most valuable thing of all, then we do indeed have hope to abandon the revenge-driven tragedy of identity politics. We should not forget these timeless words by Dr. King:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.4

We owe it to each other, and we owe it to ourselves to fulfill that very real and very practical dream.

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Painting: “Trade negotiations in the country of Eastern Slavs,” by Sergey Ivanov (1864–1910). 1909, Oil on cardboard, Height: 59.3 cm (23.3 ″); Width: 82 cm (32.2 ″). Public Domain

Photo of Martin Luther King Jr., August 28, 1963, addressing crowd from Lincoln Memorial, Site of “I Have A Dream” speech, Public Domain,


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Quote excerpted from Henry Whiteley’s pamphlet, “Three months in Jamaica in 1832, Comprising a Residence on a Sugar Plantation.”

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4. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered August 28, 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

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Chicago BLM Organizer On Looting: “That Is Reparations”

Following Monday’s widespread looting of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, which resulted in $60 million in property damages, Black Lives Matter organized a rally outside of the South Loop police station to show support for those who were caught and were being held in custody for their criminal acts.  More than 100 individuals were arrested, thirteen police officers injured, and Mayor Lightfoot has said she is using all surveillance possible to bring those who escaped arrest but were involved in the looting to justice. 

BLM organizer Ariel Atkins defended the looting, and told NBC, “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats. That makes sure that person has clothes.”

Atkins continued about the damage done and the merchandise taken, saying, “That is reparations. Anything they wanted to take they can take it because these businesses have insurance.”

The police were called over a Latrell Adams, who was reportedly carrying a gun in Englewood.  According to the police, they pursued Allen who shot at them, which caused them to shoot back, and led to his hospitalization.  BLM Chicago are protesting reports that Chicago police were not wearing body cameras when pursuing Allen, who has been charged with attempted murder for shooting at the officers.  Later, around 6:30pm, a Facebook post falsely stated that police had been involved in a shooting of a 15-year-old-boy. Atkins said, “Even though the Department of Justice said with the consent decree they are no longer allowed to chase people, they decided they were going to chase, and they shot this young man multiple times."

Following these police shootings, one true and one false, a social media post called on protestors to gather in Chicago’s downtown district after the police shooting of Latrell Allen, who was charged with attempted murder for firing at police officers.  Rioting and looting then began, leading to the destruction of numerous businesses in this popular Chicago destination.

In a statement acquired by the Chicago Sun-Times, BLM Chicago stated, “The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the [Chicago Police Department] is abolished and our Black communities are fully invested in.”

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown condemned the violence and looting.  As he spoke to reporters, he said, ““This was not an organized protest. Rather, this was an incident of pure criminality. This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.”

Armed Black Militias Pull Over White Families At Stone Mountain, GA And Demand 'Reparations'

Armed Black Militias Pull Over White Families At Stone Mountain, GA And Demand 'Reparations'

The emergence of black militias at Stone Mountain has been widely reported today; however, what has not been widely reported is the group pulling over cars of white families and demanding reparations while brandishing long gun semi-automatic weapons. Listen to one exchange below.

The group also baited white militias for armed conflict.

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