• The Rebirth Of A Very Old Evil: Transhumanism (Part One)

    September 25, 2022
    Kaspar Memberger (I) - Noah's Ark Cycle - 3. The Flood

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    It has been written, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  The Truth is old but in the same way the evil we are facing is also very, very old.  Humanity is under attack like never before but I’m not referring to some World War, Holocaust or Pandemic – the very essence of what makes us human is under a very vicious attack, right now.  Many among the elite circles are, with a sort of religious-fanatical zeal, calling for the merging of technologies, biotechnologies, machines and genetic engineering to create a new and enhanced form of human life!  I am not writing to you about the plot of the newest Hollywood Sci-Fi movie but of a very frightening and real science that is being funded right now with US Taxpayer dollars, what is commonly referred to as Transhumanism.

    Let me quote some of the leaders of this movement and what they are saying in their own words about their plans and goals for Transhumanism: Klaus Schwab (Germany/Switzerland) often says, “The difference of this fourth industrial revolution is that it doesn’t change what you are doing but it changes who you are… for example if you take a genetic editing… it is you who is changed.”  Dr. Yuval Noah Harari (Israel) said while at Davos during the World Economic Forum, “We humans should get used to the idea(r) that we are no longer mysterious souls but we are now hackable animals.”  The newly Biden-appointed Director of “New Advanced Research Projects for Health”, Dr. Renee Wegryzn (USA) has been quoted saying, “Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in all of recent human history.”  These three are among a growing belief system that wants to end humanity as we know it and they are brazen and unapologetic about what they are doing!

    Many of these who religiously adhere to the Transhuman doctrine without conscience explained how the Covid vaccinations were/are an important evolutionary step in hacking the human code of life.  The mRNA technology did something that no vaccine or medicine had ever done before in altering a living person’s DNA.  Their argument is valid when they say that “we” are actively altering human life already through the Covid vaccinations.  And they did all of this without the foreknowledge or consent of the people of the nations of the world.

    These conversations and debates about Transhumanism go to some very strange places: spiritually, philosophically and even legally.  For instance: How much can we alter human DNA until that person is no longer even a human?  If we alter DNA and thereby create something not human, will those new human-like beings have the same rights as every other American?  What if “we” make a huge mistake and realize that we are going to destroy humanity after we have altered millions of humans DNA, what would we do with all those people so that we do not completely exterminate human life on earth?  Sounds like Sci-fi but these are the conversations happening around the Transhuman agenda right now in the highest-ranking places of the governments, courts, universities and corporations of the world.

    And truthfully we have no idea just how far they have come.  China, with their CRISPR technology, does not share everything they are doing – especially when it comes to their military and National Defense.  America and the west is no different.  What we have discovered in secret DOD labs as we “hack the human genome” in the name of National Security and Defense truly only a small few know.  But none of this is as new as “they” think it is.  Nothing is new under the sun.  Nothing.  Men did this before, it didn’t go well for us then and it won’t go well for us now.  This is a corruption and an evil that men must not play around with.


    Why did God flood the earth in Noah’s time?  (Bear with me, this is very on topic.)  Does the Bible ever give a reason as to why God flooded the earth?  It absolutely does but it takes understanding to know what the Bible practically hid in plain sight.  One might ask, Why would God hide something from us?  But we hide all kinds of things from our children, we don’t take a three-year old and teach them about nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction or genocide.  The Bible gives a warning for all the future generations of the earth in the story of the flood but only a future generation with the technology and industrial advancements would need to know the depth of the warning.  Hold on to your seats.  I’m about to unlock some of the Bible’s mysteries!

    When speaking of the end of the world, Jesus said, Luke 17:26, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be able also in the [last days]…”  Just what was going on in Noah’s time and why exactly did God flood the earth?  Considering Christ’s prophecy, we might want to understand the flood a little more and urgently.  Rereading the story, God seemed to be so angry and almost heartless as He destroyed practically the whole of His own creation!?  Many of us in Sunday-school saw in pictures all these drowning people and then the Sunday school teacher would tell us, “So you had better be good because God hates sin and wickedness!”  And without knowing any better we grew up with this frightening view of God and how He would smite us if we mess us!!  But there is so much more to the story of Noah.

    The key to understanding the story of Noah is found in Genesis 6, “There were giants on the earth in those days…”  Genesis tells a story about how these “sons of God” came to the daughters of men and took them to be wives – and then had children with them, those children we learn became the giants of old.  It is very hard to view these “sons of God” any other way than that they were the angels who were kicked out of heaven, this concept holds true throughout the whole of scripture.  And Jesus taught, Matthew 22:30, “In the resurrection they neither marry nor are given into marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven.”  What did we just learn?  The angels of God do not marry, they do not have reproductive organs, they are not male/female.  So the question remains, How did the “fallen” angels have children with the daughters of men if they do not have reproductive organs?

    I realize many of you will have many questions about what I am writing.  The whole of scripture supports these things I am writing to you.  If you are scholarly and want to study more in depth you can use this article as a roadmap to get you started.  Here is more to consider, back to Genesis 6:9, “Noah was perfect in his generations”.  Gen. 6:12, “All flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.”  Gen 6:13, “The end of all flesh has come before me…”  Seems abundantly clear that there was something wrong with the flesh on the earth but Noah’s “generations” were “perfect”.  The Scriptures are very clear on this point – ALL FLESH WAS CORRUPT EXCEPT NOAH AND HIS FAMILY.

    This article is intended to be a part one with more to follow but even with this short introduction  I hope your eyes are opening to seeing the truth of this story, perhaps like never before.  God wasn’t angry and about to destroy everything merely because the people had become bad and violent, God was actually broken-hearted by what had become of His creation.  Genesis 6:6 “It repented the Lord that He had made man on the heart and it grieved him at His heart.”  Why?  Because they ruined His creation!  Allow me a little room here to paraphrase the story for you (And I believe this to be pretty close to what has been hidden within the Bible for years):

    Sometime after Adam and Eve, the angels that God kicked out of heaven decided to create for themselves families and offspring but they couldn’t reproduce.  They must have invented a form of genetic engineering to “mingle their seed with the seed of men” (I put that in quotes because that is almost a direct quote from the book of Enoch).  But their “seed”, what we call DNA, was never intended to be mingled with the seed of men so their offspring grew with deformities, the Bible records them as giants!  Those giants filled the earth and those fallen angels continued to reproduce and mess with God’s creation, the very building blocks of life, the DNA, until all of the flesh of His creation was defiled and corrupt, all except Noah and his sons.  I believe the dinasaurs and many of the other violent things of creation could be more like deformities created by the men and fallen angels toying with the very building blocks of life before the flood. “The whole earth was filled with violence”, how violent were those meat-eating, vicious dinosaurs!?  How would have God’s creation survived in such a hostile environment? 

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    God knew that Noah and his family were the last of the true creation of man, of what He had created and so, with a very broken-heart, God destroyed all that men, together with the fallen angels had created but saved the righteous man, with his righteous DNA and his righteous and pure family.

    Jesus said that in the end times it will be like it was in the days of Noah.  For whatever the reason, when they clone something, it always grows much bigger than the original.  We were never supposed to mess around with God’s creation and try to change it and destroy it.  We were given the creation to be stewards over it and to care for God’s earth.  But here we are about 5,000 years later stumbling into the exact same sin as in Noah’s time, in these last days, just as Jesus our Messiah told us we would do.  The Bible is unbelievably accurate.  We might need to reconsider a few things as a culture and take another look at God’s written Word.  Maybe we don’t know it as well as we think we do (I jest)…

    Ecclesiasties 1:9, “The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that thing which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”  Men provoked God, practically forcing His hand to destroy everything to save His children, Noah and his family, once before.  Are men about to provoke God again? And practically force the hand of God to destruction, to save His children?  What a crazy and exciting and awe-inspiring and sad and hopeful and heat-breaking time it is to be living in… 

    I hope to write Part Two next week.

    Blessings to the saints who love God and keep His Word hidden in their hearts 

    and spoken from their lips,

    In Christ,

    Robert Anthony


    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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    Perhaps I misunderstood the article. Allowing one's seed or one's children's seed to be mixed with that of fallen angels would be a grave sin.
    No doubt damaged creation had something to do with it. But the notion that we can please God through our superior DNA or purity of genetics sounds like eugenics. Nothing in the Bible says that our genes are what sanctify us, but the blood of Christ Jesus.
    Otherwise, those with problems like Down Syndrome or Dwarfism would be irredeemable. Jesus loved the weak and showed compassion on the disabled. And Isaiah said people of any race could please God if they strove to obey Him and showed faith.


    Your wrong. People with "problems" are STILL HUMAN. Those who were mingled with fallen angels were no longer human.


    correct. this is why God had some populations totally slaughtered. man, woman, child, animals. because they had the corrupt dna even after the flood. either some nephilim survived or fallen angels did it again.

    Jack Killough

    What an incredible, thought provoking article! I look forward to part 2. I will be doing some serious exegesis over the next few days. You raise some serious questions that require serious study.


    I am amazed how much "misleading" can be in one article... Have you ever read the Bible ? Just once... From page 1 to the end?



    Chaplain Bob Walker

    It is very hard to view these “sons of God” any other way than that they were the angels who were kicked out of heaven, this concept holds true throughout the whole of scripture. And Jesus taught, Matthew 22:30, “In the resurrection they neither marry nor are given into marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven.” What did we just learn? false conclusion since Jesus said "but are as the angels of God in heaven.”
    not all the angels are in heaven since they were kicked out - yes fallen angels did impregnate women and have giants for children see job 38 who the sons of God are.

    I understand there is an opinion out there that suddenly the angels grew genitals and other reproductive organs once they were cast from heaven? I understand that people have persisted in coming up with various theories including that the fallen angels would possess another man in order to impregnate a woman - but the key to the story is that there were deformities from their offspring, Giants came from these unholy unions. A study of genetic engineering and cloning reveals that when we mess with the genes for some reason the offspring end up 100-200% larger than their parents - and that is using human DNA.

    I will be writing a part two soon enough. I will continue with the story the way it fits together in my opinion.

    Chaplain - I am open to having my opinion changed but the trouble is there is so much evidence for what I am presenting. I will present more Part Two and Three I'm preparing to write.

    Thank you for providing some scripture to reiterate that these "sons of God" were most certainly fallen-angels... I have enjoyed two military contracts working with the youth mostly. It was a great joy my time with the military in civilian service to our troops!!! God Bless Sir.

    Robert Anthony


    and yes angels have genitals. but they dont procreate because they are immortal so no need to replace.


    id like to share this on my sons skype, but the picture is inappropriate. gateway pundit has this same bad habit... of showing naked bodies or sexual positions in biden stories or yes, even artwork. teenagers should read this story, but its still ... NAKED WOMEN AND MEN. thanks

    Robert Anthony

    Sir - I would encourage you to copy and paste the article into Word. I did not chose the picture but it does "paint" a pretty accurate display of the wickedness before the flood. I will mention it to the designers and see what they have to say. For now, highlight the text, right click and select "copy" and then open and new Word doc, right click and paste into Word. Send the Word Document to your son or whoever you like. hope that helps. God Bless.

    Robert Anthony

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