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    The Prerogative Of The Harlot

    January 21, 2023

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    There’s a side show going on at the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos gathering. From the UK perspective it is all about differing political levels of engagement with the vast boondoggle. Rishi Sunak the Conservative Prime Minister decided not to go. Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, former senior government legal officer and nailed on favourite to win the next General Election, has gone.

    Whereas in the years before the Pandemic, Davos and the World Economic Forum, a little bit like the Bilderberg group, was interesting to only a few of the more excitable types and political anoraks. Nobody in the real world took any notice.

    Yes we all knew about it, yes, the great and the good and the filthy rich would turn up in a ski resort in Switzerland surrounded by legions of heavily armed security staff and talk to themselves about all the sorts of things that interest the rich and powerful.

    Communiques would be issued and late night TV would discuss some of the more outre futurology. Essentially everything must be green, we should all ride bicycles, eat grubs and rub biodegradable liniment on ourselves for want of central heating. Essentially, most people regarded it as politicians, Hollywood stars, and business leaders behaving like Bond villains, and were taken just as seriously. These ideas could never be generally accepted in Democracies.

    Then the pandemic happened, and everything turned on its head. Suddenly we saw the governments of the world taking up Davos' ideas. Through propaganda and the application of fear as a democratic principle, across the liberal democratic world governments rode roughshod across civil liberties, with the compliant media and celebrity outriders.

    Facts were superfluous, people must do as they are told, on pain of cancellation, on pain of unemployment,on pain of becoming unpersons. Differing voices were silenced, massive corporations conspired to ensure no balance and no forum for democratic opposition. Fear,real fear stalked the lands, and people were set against people. Suddenly what happens at Davos isn’t a joke.

    When WEF people start telling us that, “You will own nothing, and be happy”, we start to sit up. When WEF types start talking about having a climate lockdown, to restrict liberties not for our health, but to save the planet, we should do the same. But naturally these restrictions will not apply to them, the global elite, but to us, the masses, the unwashed. Democracy, according to these people, is messy,uncontrollable.It has run its course. It is over.

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    On this stage come the leading British politicians. One a no show the other milking his international equals and betters for all it is worth. For the Prime Minister, his non appearance is the second time he has refused to go to one of these events. The previous one, just weeks after he slid into the top job, was the environmentalist’s Haj, COP27 in Abu Dhabi in November. That time despite trying to reject it, he was forced by a combination of Social Media outrage, political condemnation and international pressure to recant. He went to Dubai with his tail between his legs and as his penance agreed to pay $14.8bn in climate reparations, the punishment apparently for the UK having invented the industrial revolution, and prosperity.

    This time there has not been the keening of the faithful, so he sent some underlings as representatives.

    Sir Keir, the Labour leader instead has jumped in with both feet. And how they love him.For he is one of them. A member of the global technocratic elite. He is utterly committed to any authoritarian international plan that they may foist upon us. These plans are ‘good because they are good’, goes the Davos a priori.

    The assembled European political leaders have let it be known that they want him to be Prime Minister as they rightly believe that he will lead the supplicant and battered United Kingdom on its knees back to Brussels, its experiment with Brexit’s liberty beaten out of it.

    The Labour man has been denouncing the Prime Minister's refusal to attend, saying he was letting the country down. But on being questioned about this Starmer has said the most extraordinary thing.

    He was asked by a journalist, Emily Maitlis, what would he choose, Westminster (and Britain’s democracy) or Davos, and the international New World Order?

    He said, “Davos”.

    “Why?” asked the incredulous journalist.

    “Because Westminster is too constrained, and you know, it’s closed and we are not having meaningful…

    “Once you get out of Westminster whether it’s Davos or anywhere else you actually engage with people that you can see working with in the future. Westminster is just a tribal shouting place”

    What he means by tribal shouting place, is of course the democratic battle of ideas. He wants silence and compliance, with the technocrats of the great reset making our decisions and controlling our lives.

    Just as Britain left the Great Depression in March 1931, the leader of the Conservatives of the time, Stanley Baldwin, described the media nexus as prostitutes, What they are “aiming at is power, and power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages”.

    Today the harlots are the international globalist elite, an elite that the current Labour party, once the champions of the oppressed, now see themselves as an integral part.



    Gawain Towler

    Gawain Towler was recently the Director of Communications of the Brexit Party and has run his own Communications and Strategy company. Before that he worked in the European Institutions in Brussels. He has worked at a high level in politics, policy, charity and commercial sectors. He is regularly published in a variety of national and specialist publications. His work has been recognised by industry bible, PRWeek as one of the UK's top 300 PR professionals in 2016/17 and this year, being placed as one of the top 10 political PR professionals in 2017.
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    Bob Occam

    Brilliant commentary on the „muh country has gotten too small for me, I am a citizen of the world” elites. Furthermore it analyses very concisely the evolution of the WEF - from eccentric soapbox for the rich to something that we saw wielding serious power.


    Interesting, Babylon is said to be a Harlot too.

    Jess Sain

    Harlots have to live, eat, sleep in places. Disruption of our lives should mean the upending of theirs.
    Am I too old? From a bygone era when faced with absolute destruction, you fought back?
    It appears we are leaderless and rudderless. Paging George Washington's spirit, please come to the front desk.


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