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    The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is Not In Hoping For Better Government And Politicians

    March 14, 2023

    “There is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s We the People.”

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    I have an admission to make. I hate political parties and serve as the County Chairman for the Republican Central Committee where I live. I also tend to avoid politicians and lobbyists, and now work at the Montana State Capitol on a frequent basis – as a lobbyist surrounded by politicians. No doubt you are asking why I would get involved in things I detested during my professional military career, which I often still think are distasteful. The answer is simple, I cannot complain about something and not give it my best shot to fix it. 

    So I wander the halls of the Montana State Capitol building knowing that I am a terrible lobbyist, and probably an even worse politician. I even ran for the Montana State Legislature once and though I barely lost, it was the best loss ever. The result of that loss a few years ago led to many positive results. 

    • Starting a nationwide non-profit organization called Restore Liberty.
    • Starting the Global Veterans Coalition.
    • Connecting to wonderful patriots in multiple states.
    • Gaining a voice in numerous small media outlets around the country to advocate for liberty.
    • Travelling the country and speaking to events and at churches. 

    I could go on, but it would fill a book to describe the wonderful and humbling things that happened because of losing one race for the state legislature. 

    There is an even more important lesson resulting from my work at the county to global level. Government is still not the answer, We the People are. By working in the capitol building, I have solidified my opinion that too many politicians check their morals and ethics upon entry. There might even be a machine at the door to screen out their ability to use rational thought. Either way, as Americans we all need to engage in civics, educate people on the Constitution, and advocate for good policy. It is our country after all. 

    What we should not do is expect a clear victory in government or for politicians to suddenly work for the people. There are many people elected who do serve the people, and they are called representatives. Those we call politicians are the ones who peddle influence and favors and do not serve the people. They are for sale to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, the politicians outnumber the servants, and when you add in the deep state, lobbyists, complicit political parties, big tech, mainstream media, and corporations, you have the perfect set of ingredients to bake the communist cake. 

    The communist cake is the inevitable result of mixing all the political ingredients. The binding agents are control, blackmail, greed, ignorance, and narcissism. Money is the icing. The icing comes in flower shapes as well as hammers and sickles. The establishment is entrenched; they will not give up power and do not consequently care how many people suffer so long as they can continue to build the fortifications around their oligarchy. Disassembling the establishment is now as difficult as separating the cake into its distinct ingredients or purging a body of cancer. It is time to bake a new cake using our existing Declaration of Independence and Constitution as the menu once again. 

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    To travel the path to victory let us do five things:

    1. Stay engaged in the political process and manage your expectations of success. By doing this we must acknowledge that we are wallowing in the cake batter trying to distinguish the egg from the sugar. But we also cannot leave the establishment unchecked, unobserved, and free from hearing the truth.

    2.  Get back to a local community focus. In Restore Liberty we preach that local action leads to national reform, and we practice what we preach. Grow your own food, find your own water sources, and seek natural alternatives to Big Pharma. The World War II era “Victory Garden” is a great idea, and so is a neighborhood watch. 

    3. Never cease hoping but make prudent worst-case scenario plans. 

    4. Never give up. What may look like a loss now may be a victory in the long-term. 

    5. Go to a Godly church.

    We must stay in the political fight while also recognizing that the game is rigged, and victories will be scarce. It is time for Americans of every stripe to “unplug” from those organizations and people that seek to control them. The control they seek is by threatening all things that support, preserve, magnify, or sustain life. Food, water, shelter, medical, energy sources, and currency are under attack. But this is America, and the individual is the superior entity. You have the right to find the solutions you want to pursue, free of government interference. This is what liberty looks like. 



    Darin Gaub

    Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist, foreign policy analyst, executive leadership coach, ordained Bible minister, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer national and state level organizations. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or its components. He can be contacted at [email protected]
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    Amy Williams

    Great article- Thank you!


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