• BREAKING: Hunger Games Biden Blackmails America To Keep Ukraine Grift Going - Give Us Money Or We Will Send Your Children To The Meat Grinder

    December 6, 2023

    What a scumbag!

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    Congress is currently debating further funding (theft) of the Ukraine war. Even the Ukrainians themselves have declared there is massive corruption and billions being skimmed from the 'aid'.

    Ukraine has lost the war, and further funding is good money after very bad.

    But it gets better...

    Today President* Biden threatened the America people and Congress -- give us money for our money laundering grift in Ukraine, or we will send your kids to the meat grinder!

    President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned that American troops could have to fight Russian troops if Congress prevents further and military aid being sent to Ukraine, writes Disclose.TV.

    What a scumbag criminal!

    IMPEACH JOE BIDEN and his band of organized criminals!

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Someone please tell this man that Ukaine is NOT a member of NATO


    This fraud and traitor should burn in hell. Ukraine isn't even a NATO member - that's what Russia was fighting against in the FIRST PLACE. They don't want an enemy NATO country -which is what Biden is clearly saying NATO is to Russia right here - ON THEIR BORDER. He and Hillary and all the Neocon-MIC war-mongerers and profiteers can't get us into WW3 fast enough.


    He will burn in Hell. Soon I hope.

    John C

    Not soon enough.


    Only a remnant will ever see our Heavenly Father.


    Send the 10 million illegals to fight

    Dave Huff

    10? Try 30.....

    You gonna eat that?

    It's probably closer to 60million illegal invaders since the last amnesty. They all need to go back where they came from. No DACA no amnesty no military service no asylum no work visa no cheaters needed they need to go!


    Well, the black vote keep demokrauts in power coupled with election fraud of which the blacks are involved in. See Fulton country fraud videos. I agree. Anyone who is here illegaly should be deported without discussion.


    Yep - price of admission

    John C

    No, they came here illegally, there isn't a high enough price for their admission.


    Thats right! Let the purple haired SJW who support Antifa and BLM along with free college and a UBI get drafted and sent to the front lines.


    No .


    On condition they provide their own arms.

    Titus Casanova

    That is a BRILLIANT idea! Send them to fight and earn their citizenship! Except that it would NOT be a just cause. We are totally in the wrong for promoting this war. Zelensky and Putin were about to strike a deal before SOB (Same Ol Biden) sabotaged that effort in favor of keeping the billion dollar grift going. SOB should be tried for crimes against humanity for his part in causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of lives. The MF should burn in hell.


    Try 50M and counting. They have been saying 10M illegals since 1980.

    Dave Huff

    Fuck Joe Biden!


    And fuck anyone who voted for him


    Specifically Ken 4 comments above.

    Last edited 7 months ago by Ozzie

    Election was fraud. That has been proven beyond all doubt. FJB is a criminal and is involved in treason, and high crimes. The evidence is strong enough for an impeachment and trial. However, that will never happen as the demokrauts stole the senate in 2022 by stealing both seats up for election in Ga. But Alas, it takes 67 votes from the Senate to impeach FJB. That will never happen.


    Diaper can go ph huck himself with a pinky finger

    TRiUMPhant One

    Came on here to say F.J.B. because that's how to save us all. According to the internet.


    There is no "Saving us all". Everyone will be on their own when the dollar collapses. All social services will stop. Grocery stores will be looted. 50M will starve in the first two months, another 25M will die fighting over resources. It will take years to achieve any civility. Everyone should be prepping big time. I have a little but no where near what I need. Of course, I live no where near a blue city.


    I live an hour outside a blue city. When SHTF happens, I'll bide my time, evaluate the situation and when the time is right I'm going Democrat hunting.


    Beijing Biden is a fvckin idiot


    Trailer trash pervert trying to keep his money laundering criminal operation in Ukraine going for as long as he can. I hope putin levels kiev and that diminutive latex wearing cokehead with it.

    Last edited 7 months ago by Samanna

    Biden will get his way, he always does.
    He has too much dirt on congress, that's why nobody in this admin will ever be impeached.
    Heck, the republicans are running cover for them. They want to dems to have control of the house again, a bunch of gop reps are quitting. I bet the dems will retake the house before the next general election. The gop are handing it over.

    Last edited 7 months ago by truepatriot

    If true, I think America's being punished by Jesus Christ Almighty because we've forgotten God--how? By having legalized murder and we tolerate perversion. Perpetrators of both should wind up as was legislated in Lev. 20:13.

    Daveed Michaels

    This world has been hell since it's creation! Everything has to kill to survive!

    The Prisoner

    Johnson has effectively blocked aid to Ukraine, exactly what Biden did not want.


    When are you people going to realize that FJB is a blithering idiot who is not making any command descisions. The cabal of world elite in charge of the NWO are telling the USSA what to do.

    Night and fog

    May Brandon suffer an end as Herod did

    John C

    And if they ALL refuse to go? He'll only have his reduced "New" Army.


    Send all the tranny's and other crotch worshipping degenerates--twill be a good way to get rid of 'em once and for all.

    The Prisoner

    There would be widespread abandonment of the military like never before, young soldiers would walk away, justifiably.

    Joe LovesXI

    God save us from this walking corpse

    Luz Maria Rodriguez

    King grifter and low life.
    Best to not threaten American citizens.
    Jail awaits.

    The Prisoner

    I recall he tried to threaten us for not getting jabbed, saying he had enough of this. The courts stopped him. He has also threatened America First a few times.


    FJB threatened to send in F15s to bomb American Citizens. Back in my day, only 60% were code 1 aircraft. The rest were broke. Since all the experience left the military, I bet only around 40% are code 1. 1/3 of those are alert AC. They cannot use them to attack Americans. Besides, FJB gave Ukraine all our smart weapons. Military is in shambles.


    Who knows? Maybe 200 million guns will wake up and get some balls. Eventually this madness has to end.

    Last edited 7 months ago by Daniel
    Milly Vanilly

    POTUS Biden..... Pedophile Of The United States.


    Send all tranny's first to fight.

    Pasta Fazooli

    Somebody please take this garbage out!? Congress is all in on the pilferage of our tax dollars and that is why they are not doing a thing about their #1 ATM, Goe Bribem.
    Congress could have had him in prison long ago but all of DC is determined to make us all peasants to them. The only fix is the one the Founding Fathers Blessed us with but we won't do it, we'll happily hand over our guns when they say "JUMP!". We're such weaklings, just don't make us have to get out of our comfort zones.


    Excuse me. The Federal government was CREATED by the States. Fed was given limited power via the Constitution. If anyone should be attacking the Feds, it should be the govenors of all the States and State Guard. Of course, the Feds could not have taken the power away from the states if it not for the creation of the 17th Admendment pushed through by Woodrow Wilson (D) 1913 - 1921

    Harold Crapper

    Me, my family, and friends already have a hiding place for all of our kids, we will support them, you won't find them even by accident.


    They will make you take the purple haired SJW place then.


    Could someone tell Biden (and his handlers) that if they do this, the brakes come off. They will be tracked down. They will be educated as to how and why America is not going to allow their criminal activites to continue. And if it takes a while to get the point across? Some people will call that a worthwhile endeavor.

    Last edited 7 months ago by George
    Rabbi Farthnokker

    US Dictator Slow Hymen sounds like a Waco conspiracy terrorist.

    President Four Year Old

    See Genocide Briben hung live on Pay per View tv at the end of the Nuremberg II Trials, come July.


    along with old Horseshit Breath Netahyahoo

    Dave Coleman

    What does he mean "other parts of NATO"? Ukraine is not part of NATO. We are not obligated by treaty to defend them. If American troops are called to confront Russia's, it will be biden's fault, full stop.

    Enword G Robbingsome

    Oh, please FJB,. please, just try it. Just try re-instating the draft.
    Please. Start sending US women to the front lines to protect your money-launderer.. Personally, I think Russia should be our ALLY again. Russai will clear the Muslims OUT of Europe.


    The GOP has sold us out. All they are doing is stringing us out to pacify us. Keeping us natives quiet. I bet you noting happens before the end of this year. And, possibly ever. We let them steal it.

    The Prisoner

    Johnson has blocked aid to Ukraine very effectively.


    Why? there is no threat to our nation because of the silly Russia/Eukraine war

    Matt D

    What a brain dead douche; Ukraine is not part of Nato and we the people would rather see Ukraine eliminated altogether than give a dime to them or any of the lying corrupt politicians in line for the grift.

    Titus Casanova

    Same Ol Biden (SOB) sabotaged peace talks and settlement before hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars went down the toilet. SOB should be tried for crimes against humanity and stealing hard earned taxpayer dollars.


    draft dogger ....

    Hop skip

    lets go Brandon and all his henchmen

    Pelosi's Hammer

    So, repeal the NDAA, Patriot acts 1&2 and any other act that allows this SOB to conduct "police actions" and tell this SOB he can't send anyone to war without express congressional approval - which means congress will be required to declare war. Congress needs to reclaim all it's powers.


    Since a GOP congress controls the purse strings, Congress only needs to withhold military funding. That is legal.


    he doesn't have the authority n during an election cyle won't happen


    My kids are engineers, if they are drafted, they won't be getting shot at. The idiots that voted for these tyrants and perpetuated the election theft will be on the front lines. All the purple haired, confused whiners, who now want college paid for and a UBI, and live in mom's basement. LOL

    Jack Fanning

    You try to shanghai my kids into fighting the commies in Ukraine for the corrupt nazis and I will take them to Canada where my generation went to escape the unjust war in Vietnam.


    My message to our young people. DO. NOT. COMPLY.


    Well, extortion is his modus operandi.

    Jack Fanning

    Hey, Joe. Give us our money back or we will send you and your crackhead son to jail.

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