• "Well-meaning" Lying Joe

    February 14, 2024
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    On February 13 the U.S. Senate voted to approve Biden's $95 billion, including $60 billion for Ukraine.  In addition to Democrats, 22 out of 49 Senate Republicans, including their leader, Mitch McConnell, voted for this bill. According to the "well-meaning" Joe and Senate Speaker Chuck Schumer's plan, the war, the killing of Ukrainians, and the destruction of their country must go on, never mind the threat of its escalation and Putin's offer to start negotiations. 

    This reminds the earlier April 29, 1988 bill Biden helped to push as a senator. It happened during the vote on the first round of NATO's "Drang nach Osten" expansion. This vote contradicted the previous Western leader's pledges to Gorbachev not to move NATO "one inch east." Still, only 9 Republicans and 10 Democrats voted against the expansion. One of them, Democratic Senator from NY Daniel Patrick Moynihan, whom his colleagues in Congress, including Joe Biden, praised as an intellectual giant, called it "Back to the hair trigger" and warned that "NATO expansion into the former Soviet space would exacerbate tensions with a weakened but still nuclear-armed Russia and risk a revival of Cold War tensions. Another Nye voter, Republican Senator Robert C. Smith, also argued that it would stoke the fires of anti-Western nationalism and undermine democratic forces in Russia. “The best way to ensure freedom of Eastern Europe is to ensure a Western Russia . . . a democratic Russia . . . anything we do in any way to hinder that is a serious mistake," said Smith.  

    Biden is obviously neither an intellectual nor a giant of any sort, but in the long run, he and his administration can bring America and the world to the edge of the abyss. Unfortunately, so far, the DNC and the Deep State are not ready to change their horses. 

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    According to Mark Toth and Jonathan Sweet "the perfect political storm that has been paralyzing Washington only exacerbated the exponentially growing threat to the nation’s security. Political commentators today and historians in the future can argue who is to blame. From an immediate national security perspective, however, that is irrelevant. The nation is being enveloped by a global war. Now is the time for Democrats and Republicans alike to set aside party, put country first, and work together to immediately fund our national security interests in Ukraine, Israel, the Indo-Pacific, and elsewhere."

    The chances they will do it are low, but the current Senate bill may be killed in the House, whose speaker, Mike Johnson, may not even bring it to the vote. Anticipating this, Biden said in remarks from the White House that "Supporting this bill is standing up to Putin. Opposing it is playing into Putin's hands. McConnell insisted that Johnson must "find a way to allow the House to work its will on the issue of Ukraine aid and the other parts of the bill as well."

    However, Johnson issued a statement even before the Senate vote that faulted the bill for lacking conservative provisions to stem a record flow of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border, suggesting he would not schedule a vote any time soon. "America deserves better than the Senate's status quo," Johnson said in his statement. But even If Johnson does not agree to a vote, Democrats could attempt a rare maneuver known as a "discharge petition," which allows members to force a House vote. That maneuver requires the signatures of a majority of the House's members, and one doesn't need many Republicans to cross the party line since their majority is slim. 

    House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries sent a letter to his caucus promising to "use every available legislative tool" to get the bill passed. That could include a discharge petition, although he already claims that there are already 300 votes - both Democratic and Republican - in the House in favor of the bill that already passed the Senate, 

    A lot will depend on Trump, who has criticized the bill, but at this time, it is not clear if his influence is strong enough to kill it. 

    What is worse, as Republican Senator J.D. Vance told Tucker Carlson, even if Trump wins in November, the Senate bill extends funding for the Ukrainian killing field through Trump’s first term and creates the conditions for his new impeachment should Trump keep his promise to commit peace.

    To finish on a positive note I’d like to mention the serious research by the French Analytical Center Cf2R which presents a more realistic view of the current crisis and the false western assumptions of the Ukrainian war. 

    It confirms many points from Putin's recent interview with Tucker Carlson. One of them is the absurdity of the claims about Russia's intensions to invade the West after its victory in Ukraine.  

    To prove their point they use math and reliable references which don’t lie.

    Here are the basic numbers


    Russia -145 million inhabitants

    European Union - 449 million (3 times Russia)

    Europe with United Kingdom and Norway -521 million (3.5 times Russia)

    UNITED STATES - 333 million (2.2 times Russia)

    NATO - 956 million (6.6 times Russia)

    Defense budget

    Russia - $86.4 billion

    UNITED STATES - $877 billion (10 times Russia)

    France + Germany + United Kingdom - $53.6 + $55.8 + $68.5 = $177.9 billion (2 times Russia)

    NATO - $1,210 billion (14 times Russia)

    Military personnel

    Russia 1,150,000 men

    Ukraine  650,000 men

    Eastern European countries that are members

    of NATO 1,200,000 men

    UNITED STATES 1,390,000 men

    European Union 1,800,000 men

    NATO 3,370,000 men (3 times Russia)


    French report underlines that numbers and facts are stubborn and speak for themselves. And the gap between the reality on the ground and the discourse of Westerners and Ukrainians continues to grow. We are therefore in full political delirium and have the right to wonder if those who govern us – like those who comment on this conflict – are stupid, incompetent, bought or irremediably won over to Washington ideology, because they defend Washington's interests more than those of their own country.

    The questions for Americans are whether Washington defends their interests or of those who belong to the Deep State? Another question is Joe Biden really a well-meaning old man?


    Edward Lozansky

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    Ed Vidal

    Democratic republics have come to suffer a bad case of what economists call the agency problem. When you hire others to do a job for you, they don’t do it as you would have done it.

    Those governing us are all of the above: stupid, incompetent and bought establishmentarians.

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