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    Rave Reviews From My Pillow Customers After CDMedia Brings On Lindell As Advertiser

    January 3, 2022
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    After bringing on My Pillow as an advertiser on CDMedia last month, we were astonished at the positive feedback received on the products themselves. We watched our chat rooms and social media and the responsive was overwhelmingly positive.

    You can use PROMO CODE: CDM at MyPillow.com and get massive discounts on everything from towels, Giza sheets, pillows, bathrobes, sleepweare, slippers, mattress toppers; the list goes on and on with new products being added every day it seems!


    Below are some of the comments we received. Not one negative!

    I bought one just because and didn’t believe it was anything special. BUT I love my pillow, it’s helps my neck, I love that I can wash it AND YES it WORKS! It’s the best pillow I’ve ever used.

    Best pillow ever!

    We recently went on vacation to the beach. I was never one to bring pillows on a trip, but I brought our My Pillows and sheets with us. We now laugh looking back. Sleeping was one of the highlights of the trip! 😄

    I got 2 pillows and sheets, my expectations were low I don't why perhaps the infomercial type sales pitch, but I was amazed best sleep I've ever had for months now 10 out 10 would recommend.

    The mycomforter is amazing, too

    Neck pain is gone, I sleep well all night 💤💤

    I have 2 and just ordered 2 more. I also ordered 2 towel sets. I love supporting Mike and getting the shit i need at same time lol.

    I bought my mom a my pillow topper because she liked the pillows so much she still hasnt had help to put it on i live in another state. It came with 2 free pillows.  I used one last night . Im a fan. Hate foam or cotton pillows all shaped the same . This is great shape it how you want.

    Love My Pillow!!

    Love this pillow. I have 4 pillows on my bed, and I am always just looking for the “my pillow”. It is the only pillow that really works. I lay my head on it, and off to sleep I go. I will buy only this pillow going forward.

    Wouldn't EVER sleep on another pillow.....Fantastic....changed my life!

    The Best pillow Eva !! And towels !!

    All politics aside. Those are great pillows.

    I had a DREAM about Mike Lindell. Mike and I were both on the street sleeping. Mike and I were fighting over who gets to sleep on the “my pillow”.  I told him, “no wonder you are homeless, you won’t share the pillow with me”. I’m glad it was a dream. I just love the pillow, every night I have to sleep on it. It is by far the best pillow I have, and I own $100 down pillows. “My pillow”, is in a league of its own.

    My dog loves her MyPillow!

    If you think "My Pillow" is great... get the mattress topper!!! You will love it too!!! Best sleep I have had in years...

    No more neck pain!!

    I am almost finished with Mike Lindell's book. It's amazing to see how God prepared him back then, even in spite of himself, to be doing what he's doing, right now, for our country. Also, we have his pillows, mattress toppers, sheets, towels, and blankets! We love them!

    I have one and bought 4 others for family. I personally doubted it would work out for me. I have neck issues and sleep on an almost completely flat feather pillow usually. I tried it, doubting I’d be able to get comfortable, BUT, I’ve been using it for about a month and a half now and sleeping comfortably every night since. It really is a great Pillow well worth the price. Especially for someone with my same “neck” issues. ❤️❤️❤️ It!

    Loving my pillow and sheets ! Great products

    My husband also had a snoring problem and yes it did help a whole lot




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