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    Texas Gov. Threatens To Declare 'Invasion' As Illegal Immigration Expected To Skyrocket

    May 2, 2022
    Border Patrol Agent Patrols South Texas Border

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    Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is considering invoking war powers to expand the state's authority to manage the southern border by officially declaring an "invasion" - verbiage which would comply with a clause in the US Constitution that says states are prohibited from engaging in war except when "actually invaded."

    "If we do use this strategy, it could expose law enforcement in the state of Texas to being prosecuted," said Abbott during a recent press converence. "Is it something we’re looking into? Yes," he added.

    Abbott has already mobilized thousands of National Guard troops to patrol the border, and ordered safety inspections of incoming trucks from Mexico - a short-lived program after it caused massive gridlock and disrupted international trade. He's also overseen the construction of around 20 miles of new border fencing at key ares. What's more, Abbott repurposed several state prisons to hold migrants charged with trespassing.

    Perhaps most famously, Abbott recently began busing migrants from Texas to Washington DC...

    To read more visit Zero Hedge.

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    Irritable Bill

    They seek a Constitutional crisis...so watch your step....see the CH fiasco...I would just bus them all to Delaware. All of them.


    Globalists to America: Why don't you people JUST DIE ALREADY ?!?!


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