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Debbie Aldrich Talks With Dr. Bill Regarding Utah’s Prevention Of Chloroquine Treatment

Dr. Bill trained extensively in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Contributor to ‘The Debbie Aldrich show’.

Dr. Bill MD, Majored in Medical Biology graduating Magna Cum Laude at age 19, Graduated from Medical School at 23 from Miami University Medical School, Interned at Mount Siani Medical before beginning his own practice.

Dr. Bill opened his private practice at 26 years of age, hired 4 medical doctors, including himself, for a total of 5 providers, 1 PA, and 12 staff members, growing to one of the largest private Family Practices in Utah.

During his career, he also built 6 medical office building managing them himself while running his very successful practice.

Dr. Bill Retired before his peers having begun his career years earlier. Once retired he continued with his interest in real estate and investments.

Early in Dr. Bill’s retirement, he served his church as a medical physician for five years and his community free of charge. Dr. Bill continues to provide care for his friends, family, and community as a licensed physician while he enjoys his retirement, real estate business, and family.

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