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    BINNEY: Snowden and Julian Assange Have Done Nothing Wrong And Therefore Shouldn't Need To Be Pardoned

    September 14, 2020
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    BINNEY:  Snowden And Assange Should Not Be Pardoned As They've Done Nothing Wrong
    Former NSA Technology Director Bill Binney

    In an interview with CDMedia today, former NSA Technology Director Bill Binney, who was charged by the FBI but later had charges dropped due to fabricated evidence, stated that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden should not be pardoned by President Trump as they have done nothing wrong.

    When asked about Julian Assange and his extradition hearing currently going on in the U.K., Binney declared, "I still don't know what the charge is. What are they charging him with?

    "I don't see why he should pardon Assange. What did Assange do? He didn't do anything. He's not a U.S. citizen. He was given data by others, and he published it. What does the New York Times do? They do the same damn thing.

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    "I told Secretary Pompeo to his face when the President asked me to meet with him. These guys are lying to you. They are not telling you the truth," Binney roared.

    "Most of the stuff that's been published of the Snowden material, shows evidence of a crime. That must be declassified."



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    This man should be on every news channel 10 x a day


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