CDM's L Todd Wood on War Room - Massive Intimidation Underway Against Whistleblowers In Georgia

July 9, 2021

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CDMedia's L Todd Wood talks with Steve Bannon on War Room Pandemic on GA SoS intimidation campaign against whistleblowers during the November election fraud.

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8 comments on “CDM's L Todd Wood on War Room - Massive Intimidation Underway Against Whistleblowers In Georgia”

  1. They can try to intimidate all the whistleblowers that they want, they still have fake ballots which are detectable in the infra red light, dont lose sight WATCH THE WATER

  2. If you refuse to talk to investigators from the Secretary of State's office they will say that your claims of fraud are unsubstantiated or that you have retracted your claims.

  3. These intimidators need to be identified to the public and Georgians need to be very vocal when these traitors are in public! Yell their crimes at them and let them feel some heat for their commie tactics!!! This communist tactic cannot be allowed or they will, eventually, do whatever they want to you also!!!



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