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    IO Episode 59 - Interview With AZ GOP Senator Sonny Borrelli - What The Hell Is Going On With Election Audit?

    September 15, 2021

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    Host L Todd Wood talks with GOP AZ Senator Sonny Borrelli on 'what the Hell is going on with the Maricopa County audit? Will the canvass happen? What about the routers?

    This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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    Pizz Toff

    Some excuse for a Marine! Confiscate the servers and incarcerate all with passwords.


    It will come out right after the Durham report. We promise!


    The Left have won. The Marxist revolution already happened while Conservatives were infighting and Democrats were destroying the proof of the election theft. Now they don't even comply with subpoenas! And they get away with that too. Milley gets a pass on his Treason. The Biden Syndicate get a pass just like the Clinton Cartel. The list goes on. When will the GOP actually do something? When will Americans? What happened to tarring and feathering? What heppened to the guillotine!? When did Americans surrender to the Marxist nightmare?


    BS! The canvass was done by a private citizen and the results released. What a liar. Good riddance to you.

    QA Engineer

    To D3F1ANT. Get off your rump. YOU make the move. Quit expecting others to do your bidding. Otherwise, you - and others like you, are just carnival barker cowards. You sit in the cheap seats whining, but haven't the stones to actually get into the arena.

    BC: He didn't say anything derogatory about Liz Harris and her canvass. What's your beef? Liz was not doing any of her canvass under the official authority of the legislature. He mentioned he will look at her effort. What more do you want? This entire audit effort HAS to be kept clean by being official, legal and ethical. Official, legal and ethical ARE the apex of this effort. So relax. Liz's efforts are not lost on him.

    Pizz Toff. Your statement proves you are a moron. Put a sock in it, you spew nonsense out of that soup cooler. Following the law is exactly the point of all this (preserving a Constitutional Republic), not your idiotic demand for Borelli & crew to act like a tyrants.

    All of you are acting like spoiled kids throwing a tantrum. Borelli said '...you want fast or do you want accurate?". Exactly. There is absolutely NO point in all this unless it is accurate. In this age of instant gratification, there are way too many like you that demand speed but rarely do you realize speed means lessor quality. This whole thing is uber important, a keystone to the national claim of election fraud. Hemming in your opponent's fraud in Arizona requires NO escape routes. That takes diligence, time and focus. Until then, you whiny types throw your tantrums somewhere else. Borelli doesn't give a rats ass about your sniveling, nor anyone else that is serious about this effort.

    Given a choice of listening the your ilk or Borelli, I'll pick him all day long. You? You get flushed down the shitter where you belong. ALL OF YOU.


    QA Engineer - I think people are tired of hearing any day now. They are tired of hearing gop's say they will issue subpoenas and when ignored by the left they state they'll issue more subpoenas. They are tired of the uniparty gops stalling, slow walking and standing around feckless never holding anyone to account.

    I think, imo, you are off the mark claiming people are demanding instant gratification. I get that there needs to be the utmost concern to detail because the communist dems will denounce and brush off the reports for a single out of place comma. They are going to do that regardless. But I also think that there needs to be some demonstration of progress as well. People know all to well that without any follow thru on subpoenas or legal referrals it is likely kabuki theatre.

    I personally think if follow thru on subpoenas were to happen, instead of merely repeating threats to further subpoena , Then this would go a long way to reassure the citizenry that there is a measure of accountability and faith that the process will work. People would be far more comfortable and patient. imho...


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