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    MUST WATCH FOR WHOLE FAMILY - Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav Speech At Nuremberg 75 Anniversary

    August 22, 2022

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    Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate, speaks first at the 75th Anniversary Event of the Nuremberg Code in Nuremberg, Germany, on August 20, 2022.

    It was almost 75 years ago that the city of Nuremberg was the place of a historic declaration. When the judges of the military tribunal against leading medical officers in the Nazi administration passed their verdict, they issued what would become known as the Nuremberg Code.

    On August 20, a compelling line-up of international speakers traveled to Nuremberg to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Nuremberg Code. Now of all times, in its jubilee year, this achievement of mankind is facing the greatest hardship since it was written.

    Speakers include: CHD President Mary Holland, CHD Africa Executive Director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Martin Michealis, Steffi Bresnik, Rolf Kron + more.

    Watch the full event here ➡️:



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    L. Todd Wood should be ashamed of himself for posting this propaganda and false narrative. The holohoax is a hoax. The Nazis never had a program to kill camp inmates. Inmates died because camps were cut off from supplies because allied bombing destroyed rail and highway networks. Gas chambers existed only after the war, were built of wood, were non-functional and were props for the Six Million Myth. Forensic analyses found no evidence of chemicals allegedly used to 'exterminate' inmates. And not all inmates were Jews. The Nuremburg circus was a show trial, based on hearsay, speculation and propaganda. One of the US Supreme Court justices withdrew from participation in Nuremburg in disgust. There was no legitimate admissible direct evidence to support the charges. It was all hearsay, innuendo, conjecture, propaganda The real criminals were never charged. Can you say FDR, Churchill, Stalin, Rothschild, Morgan, Schiff et al.?

    H. Deverall

    @matthew, greetings from Germany. You are dangerously misinformed!!! My grandma lived in a small German Village. She has witnessed that these soulless Nazis took disabled kids away from their parent. She witnessed when they first ordered Germans not to buy from Jews anymore. She witnessed when the Gestapo raided homes. That is jus the tip of the iceberg. My Grandma never recovered from these traumatic experience. She suffered from depression and nervoes disorder until she died with on 67. You Mathew ought to be ashamed of yourself.


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