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    Rep. Matt Gaetz On Ending America’s Support Of Ukraine’s War Effort, Previews War Power Legislation

    February 3, 2023


    CDM Staff

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    The House maybe, but the Senate seems to LOVE spending money we don't have to fight a war that will not be won.


    Not only that and I really don’t care if it sounds mean to all the leftists out there but the ENTIRE WORLD Has said the Ukrainian Government is the most corrupt in the world! Personally I believe our government has them beat a hundred fold but other than DEMAND Higher power weapons they will sell on the black market and rip off the American people for over a HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS AND DEMAND MORE where not even a third of has gone to helping the people or the war we shouldn’t be involved in anyway! What’s the Ukraine ever done for the American people? Sure they had American bio weapon labs but the American people never knew or would ever want them there. Oh let us thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our Government steal and launder over a trillion of OUR DOLLARS! Then finally thanks for bringing US to the brink of NUCLEAR WAR! Yea, the Ukraine has done so much for the American people.

    Hey Ukraine, after WE HAVE TO HAND OVER TRILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS THATS SUPPOSED TO REBUILD YOUR COUNTRY BUT ENDS UP IN YOUR POCKETS INSTEAD and should we happen to be attacked by CHINA, How much of our money are you going to send us to help us during war??? Now that we’ve handed YOU MOST OF OUR WEAPONS AND SUPPLIES that we will have to spend trillions to replace, how many used and trashed weapons are you going to send us to fight the CCP????

    Screw the Ukraine and investigate where every bullet and every dollar has gone!


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