• Democrats: Open The Jails, Close The Gun Stores

    March 24, 2020

    San Francisco: the land of Nancy Pelosi, human feces and now, legalized crime. San Fran’s Public Defender Manohar Raju, in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, is calling on police to stop arrests and even citations for crimes including some serious felonies. The new direct is telling police to leave all crime alone except what is seen as "non-violent”.

    In moments of collective human panic, why not throw in a dash of anarchy. Unsurprisingly, petty thieves are celebrating the news with some coordinated snatch and dash sprees as seen here on Day Two of San Francisco’s lock down:

    The same public defender Raju has also called for a mass release of inmates who “may be vulnerable” to the newest Chinese virus sweeping the globe. Raju is just following the model already put forth by other cities.

    Just one day after Pennsylvania went on a state wide shut down, Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw declared that police will be “delaying” arrests for crimes including drugs, theft and prostitution.

    The next morning, the city used two non-profit bail funds to release 40 individuals. These volunteers met those newly released “outside the jails with transit passes and gift cards.” Advocates are still pushing for more while putting pressure on state leaders to release of all current inmates in Pennsylvania.

    Here I was thinking that jails were sort of the epitome of social distancing, maybe even their entire purpose. Philly is just following another pattern of the coronavirus. In the most crime riddled cities, also those most impacted so far by the coronavirus, inmates are being released every hour.

    On Friday, the City of New York decided that 56 inmates from the notorious Rikers Island could be released due to their vulnerability to the illness, ignoring that U.S. jails and prisons have always had an alarming high mortality rate.

    Still, thousands of inmates are being released in at least 16 other states, with New Jersey leading the penitentiary parade with over 1,000 newly freed detainees.

    And while these very extreme actions may be for the benefit of the police officers and corrections officers and other public servants who consistently put themselves at risk when entering facilities that are often overcrowded and unsanitary, the same governments that are making these community-altering decisions aren’t even allowing these same communities protection. Protection by police or by themselves.

    At the same time that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf was freeing detainees and deprioritizing law and order, he was also shutting down gun manufacturers and retailers. He alone decided whether or not access to self-defense technology could be considered “life-sustaining” or not. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court quickly, and without comment, dismissed a lawsuit filed by one of the state’s gun shops challenging the order to close down during the coronavirus outbreak.

    As of Monday, there is an influx of recently released criminals, public knowledge that committing most crimes won’t lead to arrest and at the same time, gun stores are shuttered. Apart from an invading army, there has never been a more necessary time to exercise the Second Amendment.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided the same fate for New Yorkers; as of Sunday, all gun shops in the state are to temporarily close with no word on when they will be allowed to reopen.

    Citizens must know the importance of a firearm and personal safety right now, too, because prior to the massive closures, gun and ammunition sales were surging. (Read: Buy Ammo, Not Toilet Paper)

    And ironically, a lot of those sales went to first time buyers - including the gun-control crowd.


    They understand their hypocrisy, too, but the revelation of the importance of self-protection is far too important.

    A writer for LA Mag faced all sorts of comical apprehension trying to interview people during a gun run in Los Angeles:

    “You’re not going to describe what I look like, are you?” asked a young screenwriter from Burbank who was wearing a corduroy cap and Warby Parker frames along with his N-95 respirator mask. “I told my wife not to even mention to my friends that I’m doing this.””

    Personally, I’ve had one person, who used to lecture me on how Democrats’ policies on guns were not oppressive to the responsible gun owner only, like, people who want to shoot up schools and stuff, ask me to borrow a firearm after finding out that to legally obtain one in Connecticut would take months.

    For the first time in these young liberals’ lives they’re faced with real uncertainty. Not the sort of uncertainty like whether to major in Gender Studies or African-Feminist Art, but the kind of instability that history is created in. After purging their first misguided impulse to hoard food and toilet paper as if the manufacturers ceased production, they suddenly realized they have no way of protecting their toiletry stash should someone else want it.

    Sorry, PA, NY and you other liberal hellscapes' citizens, but you continued to elect these Democrats that slowly chipped away at your own right to own a firearm and protect that mountain of Charmin. And now, when you still believed “it’s easier to buy a Glock than a laptop” (President Obama), you’re finding that no, it is not easier nor easy at all. But it should be.

    If anything good comes from this global panic it will be that the Americans who have fallen prey to the disinformation around the Second Amendment realize we don’t want to murder people. We want to stop other people from murdering us and taking our toilet paper. Maybe my dream of getting Amazon with 2 Day Prime shipping on all my firearm needs isn’t totally impossible, right?

    Who am I kidding, as soon as Starbucks opens back up, they’ll forget all about this and keep voting Democrat.


    Taylor Day

    Taylor Day lives in New England where she enjoys being an outspoken anti-SJW, firearm enthusiast and writer. Her previous publications include The New York Times, U.S. Catholic and American Thinker with appearances on MSNBC and LocknLoad Radio.
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    Prince of Peeps

    Let's see. Close gun shops and lock people defenseless in their homes, turn criminals out of jail onto the streets and instruct police not to make arrests....What better way to create havoc and chaos, manipulating the masses to cry out to government to save them. They give up their rights for safety. Tada! Communism is born. Do you see the Democrat plan yet? Democrats are Communists in sheep's clothing.

    […] try to go to church on Sunday. But in order to “protect” us politicians are insisting on releasing criminals who are already quarantined and not making new arrests for certain […]

    […] much as try to go to church on Sunday. But in order to “protect” us politicians are insisting on releasing criminals who are already quarantined and not making new arrests for certain […]

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