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    Now You Know Why Obama Was Buying So Much Ammunition For The Post Office And Other Federal Agencies

    January 9, 2021
    Image by Donkey Hotey

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    We stared in wonder at the numbers revealed during the Obama administration, as to the massive amount of ammunition being bought by seemingly innocuous Federal agencies, such as the U.S. Postal Service.

    Now we know why.

    Yes, this was all started under Barack Hussein Obama, or at least put on steroids.

    Darren Beattie of Revolver.news gave an enlightening quote on War Room Pandemic this morning, to paraphrase -- "The American security apparatus, such as DOJ, FBI, CIA, no longer exists to protect Americans, but to protect the oligarch class, and their ill-gotten power and financial gains. This massive capability is being turned on 75 million Trump supporters."

    Screenshot IBD

    Everything we have been taught to believe, fought for, trusted in, and cherished, has been destroyed by a group of criminals thirsty for money and power over others. Our elites are enabled, and even controlled, by the Chinese Communist Party.

    It's time we realize this horrible fact. Only by seeing the enemy with clear eyes can we prepare for the future that is coming, sooner than you think.

    The republic is over in 12 days.


    The new 'domestic terrorist' bill will be pushed through by the Biden controllers as soon as possible. We will be tracked and hunted down.

    Trump will not save us. He is a great man and a great president but his era is over.

    The era of reclaiming our freedom has just begun.

    First we should kneel and pray.

    My fellow Americans...the Republic is at risk CDMedia will do that heavy lifting as we have been...but we need ur help, whatever you can do...small is wonderful...help us fight the corrupt media...DONATE!



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    I am looking to the States to pull back,and not to follow Federal Law,but only enforce Constitutional law. Some States have already made these moves back during the Obama years. I don't know how long their memories are,politicians seem to be scared shitless.


    In Screwtate Ltrs the little demon said, "wait til tomorrow" when asked how to win the human population. The Devil was filled with joy. We Americans are waiting til ... and have lost the initiative. If there is no overthrow of pending socialism it will mean that Americans want to be enslaved by the 'Oligies'.

    Gendered name *Godfather*

    Gendered name *Godfather,*

    Gendered name *Godfather*

    Nick name in Vietnam, Kill for Peace.

    74 years old health has disappeared, But I encourage you young people to go have some fun with the Democrats.

    Billy R Whitfield

    Stay Armed, Patriots, and NEVER give up your weapons to the Biden Administration! They are controlled by the Chinese CCP and the entire Administration need to be marched to a cliff and pushed over! The Biden Administration will be our greatest Domestic Enemy, besides Congress! We need to drop a MOAB on DC and move the Capital to Texas! But only drop the MOAB when Congress is in full session and Biden and Cum-alla are close by also, so that they can all be eradicated in one sweep! DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS & TRAITORS!

    jack johnson

    People need to wake up to the fact America is gone....you are no longer a free people (see Covid restrictions) ....you no longer have a democratic republic (see stolen election).....if you are not free to speak your mind (see tech censorship) you no longer have a country.

    The question is do you fight or lay down like a conquered people?


    Times always get the toughest just before a big win. I like CD media but seems to me staff is not digging (investigation) deep enough. What laws took effect on Jan. 1 ? Why would there be an inaugration ? PLEASE STOP calling America a democracy. We are a REPUBLIC. Article 4 section 4 is something all at CD media staff need to read and understand and not the way public education has taught people. Mr. Trump will remain president !!!!

    John Larsen

    President Trump did not have a DOJ in the 4 years he has been in office. Not one high profile criminal in Washington was ever identified let alone charged and heaven forbid arrested. It is a sad day when the good citizens in our country no longer have Federal law enforcement that do the job of protecting them from the corrupt criminals who walk the street and laugh in our face. With Sleepy in office (for how long ?) the American people will be told in to shut up sit down or get locked up. Plan to defend yourself, your family, your property. Plan on no one in Washington to help or protect you. Do not give up fight the Washington criminals how best you can and above all remember forever more who were those who have turned against President Trump and you in your hour of need to save America.

    Lupus maximus

    USA is corporation, get it? It only takes care of private interests that owns it.Only way to freedom is By becoming soveren citizen.To become soveren you must become economicaly indipendent. The enemy bank mafia knows that and thats why they are trying hard to destroy small indipendant busineses via covid plan-demic.

    Kill Antifa

    For America to ever take it's Country back from The Communist Globalists and their Brain Dead Followers, Blood must spill. The Blood of those responsible.

    aces of 8 opfor rules

    learn tactics if you were not in military service it might save your life


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