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    Report: Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against American People, And It All Started In Ukraine...This Answers All Those Nagging Questions

    August 2, 2020

    The Information Operation Against The American People

    Report: Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against American People, And It All Started In Ukraine...This Answers All Those Nagging Questions
    Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindman - Dec 19 19

    We've all had lingering questions about what has gone on in America over the last several years.

    Who is behind all this? Who is driving us to civil war? What do these people want? How did the legacy media become co-opted? Why the precipitous slide in U.S. race relations? How did the U.S. government become infected with corruption during Obama's watch?

    Why the big focus on Ukraine of all places?

    Why won't anyone do anything about the destruction of America?

    Frustration also has grown over the obvious illegal censorship by big-tech against the conservative world view as the 2020 presidential election approaches.

    New research has been released which may shed light on the answers to above, although no one wants you to see it.

    Before we get into the meat of the issue, we want to say a few things up front. This research comes from Ukraine. CDMedia has spent the last decade building up a network of contacts in-country, contacts who are tired of their nation being controlled by George Soros and the corrupt American Deep State apparatus. We know who the players are in Kyiv and Donbass.

    CDMedia has been very active in digging out and making public the Biden crime family/DNC/State Department corruption in Kyiv. You can read all our investigative work here.

    But why Ukraine? Ukraine is a famously corrupt country, corruption born of past Soviet rule. It is ironic that former communist-fighters like George Soros want to bring this scourge to the United States. Soros was familiar with Ukraine, from his experience in Eastern Europe. Ukraine was the 21st century wild, wild, West. What went on in Ukraine, stayed in Ukraine. Nothing was off the table.

    So the Deep State/DNC/Soros corrupt U.S. government machine built its base of operations there. In a few words, they developed a center of highly organized crime. We have written about it extensively at CDMedia.

    The journalist who wrote the reports in question obviously has connections with intelligence services, including Russian, American, and probably British.

    George Elliason has been working out of the Donbass region of East Ukraine for seven years. He has written extensively about the war in the east. His writings are colored by the viewpoint of the separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk. That doesn't make it wrong; it makes it different from what you are used to hearing.

    Our Eastern European regional site, Tsarizm.com, is very clear about our mission in the area. We are not pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine. We are pro-truth, and attempt to deliver truth as we see it. We gather information on the region constantly.

    We don't subscribe to the Ukraine Good, Russia Bad narrative, or vice versa. The wars in the region are much too complicated for that. We'll leave judgement of regional government's behavior up to the historians. However, we do care about what is going on in the United States, and much of this information is material.

    We understand all journalism in Ukraine is tempered by special interests. The trick is to glean from reports the golden nuggets of truth, while discarding the propaganda.

    That is what we have attempted to do here. It is easier than you think, especially when you have had the decade of experience we have had.

    You can read Elliason's work as we link later on in the article, and we will summarize his reporting below, as well as add our own analysis and information. However, his work explains a lot, answers to many of those nagging questions, if you will.

    It All Started In Ukraine

    The reader must realize there has been tension between the Ukrainian people and those living in Russia for centuries. Slavic Russian history was born in Kievan Rus, a thousand years ago. When the Mongols invaded from Asia, the princes moved their people north to the Moscow area, a region they considered more defensible.

    During Soviet times, the Holomodor is well documented, when Joseph Stalin (a Georgian Bolshevik) forced a famine on the Ukrainian people which killed an estimate 20 million. Some Ukrainians fought with the Nazi forces against Soviet Russia. In other words...the Russian-Ukrainian relationship is 'complicated'.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, the tension continued, as Russian leaders fought to bring Ukraine, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, (but not a real country as Russian President Vladimir Putin famously told George W. Bush) back under the influence of the Kremlin.

    The former Yanukovych regime in Ukraine was corrupt. President Viktor Yanukovych allegedly stole $40 billion from the Ukrainian people, and moved it offshore. CDMedia has reported on the alleged actions of the U.S. State Department in Kyiv preventing this money to be returned to Ukraine.

    When Yanukovych decided to move towards Russia in 2013, and accept a multi-billion dollar loan package from the Kremlin, the Obama administration acted...the result was the Maidan revolution in which over 100 protesters were murdered by Ukrainian snipers allegedly loyal to Yanukovych. This has never been adjudicated in a court of law and no one has been brought to justice in Ukraine for the incident.

    Elliason reports on a massive Information Operation (IO) in Ukraine to foment this revolution. In essence, he puts forward the theory that the Maidan removed a corrupt regime in Ukraine loyal to Russia, and replaced it with an even more corrupt regime loyal to the corrupt American Deep State. The Obama administration developed a plethora of relationships with Ukrainian cyber criminals and hackers in order to influence the Ukrainian people and achieve their political objectives in-counry. CDMedia has reported extensively on the corruption of the Obama-backed Ukrainian President Poroshenko regime.

    Snipers shooting at protesters in Kyiv, Ukraine 2014

    "All of this started as an Influence Operation (IO) in Ukraine that resulted in the 2014 coup and subsequent move to hard Ukrainian nationalism. It bled into the United States as the 2016 election season heated up," writes Elliason.

    Russia reacted to these developments rationally if you think about it. Ukraine to Russia is like Texas to the United States. In short, Putin's 'near abroad' is Russia's red line...former Soviet republics if you will. Imagine Russia fomenting a coup in Texas and then taking power with a corrupt regime. In short, Russia acted as any nationstate would in this situation, it aggressively took back territory to protect it's sphere of influence. This happened peacefully in Crimea and not so peacefully in Donbass. We are not giving cover to the Kremlin here or validating its actions, we are only saying they are rational developments when you look at the history of the region. Obama should have expected as much. And maybe he did, maybe that that is why Joe Biden, along with his son Hunter, met with Russian energy executives in April of 2014, only a few weeks after the annexation, to work on energy deals. As CDMedia reported a week ago...maybe Joe and Hunter had something to sell...maybe that something was preventing Ukraine from reacting militarily to Russia's actions. But, that is for another story.

    Russia also passed the infamous 'gay propaganda' law in 2013, which simply outlawed the teaching of the 'gay lifestyle' to children 15 and under. We are not condoning the consequent violence against homosexuals in Russia, but it is worth noting that the law most likely triggered many of the so-called 'gay mafia' now embedded in the U.S. Government, Catholic Church, etc. So, Russia was an easy target.

    Putin had already started moving away from the West, as he didn't like what he saw in the Obama administration and the 'progressive' movement.

    Again, we don't want to get into validating disinformation operations here from either side. We are searching for truth.

    After the Ukraine IO worked so well, Elliason believes, the Obama/Hillary/Soros machine set in action the same type of IO against the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party, all the while working to prevent any real chance of him winning the nomination in 2016. It worked, and guess who they used to take down the original victims of 'cancel culture'? The Ukrainian cyber experts used to foment Maidan of course, who were then used against 'progressive' influencers in the Bernie camp, including journalists, etc.

    It is under this backdrop that Elliason believes the Hillary Clinton campaign, under the leadership of Ukrainian diaspora leader Alexandra Chalupa, asked Ukrainian hackers to find out who was leaking Clinton campaign information to the press. Elliason believes Chalupa asked a notorious hacker group in Kyiv to do the dirty work, which ended up with a copy of Clinton and DNC servers, stored in Kyiv.

    Our Research and Investigations are expensive...Please donate what you can to help put more reporters in the field and support Free Speech!

    You can read his voluminous and extensive sourcing and research here. It is a lot and we are attempting to consolidate the effort.

    CDMedia's own sources reported the existence of this electronic copy recently as our sources confirmed over a year ago.

    Would you have foreign hackers running rampant on your servers based in the United States which fall under the direct legal purview of election law, Constitutional law, and Federal law?

    Of course not. If you were in a gray area where your candidate for US President could be taken to the carpet and impeached for using foreign spy services to build the campaign, the best move would be having questionable work or workers that can be questioned on safe ground to begin with.

    If you were working for another country’s spy services, would you want a direct fingerprint inside the election of a US president? Again the answer is no. The ramifications to your own country could be enormous once a better than the barrel investigative journalist gets a whiff of it.

    If you do your work through a safe server in your own country, you remain anonymous, have a better chance of success, and might get a medal for it, writes Elliason.

    According to the Kiev Post-Ukrainian special services looking into disappearance of servers from presidential office’s situational room because of former Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko gutted the server room claiming the servers belonged to someone else and had to be returned. He paid for this out of his own pocket instead of Ukrainian state funds. This is almost blasphemy for a graft guy like Poroshenko. The former Ukrainian president is adamant that even though they were the most protected servers in Ukraine, no Ukraine state business was conducted on them, reports Elliason.

    Elliason reports the FBI found these real hackers when they investigated the DNC server hack, that was tied to Russian security services in the public arena. However, the real hackers were in Ukraine. They were caught using the same Fancy Bear/Cozy Bear tools that hacked the DNC. Elliason reports the FBI/CIA covered up this fact, and spun disinformation in the media that Russia was behind the lead to Wikileaks.

    In other words, a foreign government conspired to interfere with a U.S. presidential election, but the main culprit wasn't Russia, it was Ukraine, writes Elliason.

    CDMedia has written extensively about the Ukrainian government working to defeat Donald Trump and aid the Clinton Campaign in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Heck, even Joe Biden was caught on tape colluding with then-president Poroshenko against Donald Trump's election.

    "Imagine the horror of progressive Democrats will feel knowing former US President Barrack Obama hired a complete Information Operation (IO) team to destroy their base. The IO team, initially comprised of over 40,000 foreign operators was hired through the State Department and let loose on dissenting Democratic Party members long before they set their sights on Donald Trump.

    "Throughout the entire hack and election influence saga US Intel officials acted like spokesmodels for Ukrainian –American Diaspora leader Alexandra Chalupa. They constantly acted for the benefit of private citizen groups and companies who wanted to change US foreign policy and the fabric of society in the USA," reports Elliason.

    Enter Donald Trump Stage Right and Russia! Russia! Russia!

    In 2015 a real estate mogul in New York City named Donald J. Trump rode down the escalator in Trump Tower and declared his candidacy for President of the United States.

    The DNC/Deep State/Clinton Campaign's world changed overnight. As Trump became a more and more viable candidate, the IO was directed towards his campaign, believe Elliason.

    The animus that had been directed by the Ukrainian hackers for years towards Russia, was now focused on Trump and his alleged ties to Moscow.

    "Their work helped Crowdstrike shape the Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear narrative," writes Elliason.

    This is where Propornot comes into play, which was used to target those who did not fall into line, reports Elliason.

    "US Intel-for-hire superstars used the Fancy Bear groups in conjunction with the Propornot project illegally to identify and take down news and commentary platforms in the US and EU that published stories against the narratives, they were developing and promoting.

    "They illegally targeted people expressing social and political opinions. All of this was with the blessing of period ODNI and FBI leadership.

    "American officials, sworn to defend the USA used their power to fabricate a political narrative they called Intelligence to create their own foreign policy (Russia/Ukraine) and domestic policy (including media, political norms and policy) for the United States.

    "...[This] is why media came under so much scrutiny and groups like Propornot were formed to destroy media that didn’t agree to the McCarthy-like narrative, alternative media sources that spoke against the Clinton campaign and post-2014 Ukraine. Watch as it starts again as the 2020 election cycle heats up," writes Elliason.

    Get Rid Of The Orange Man At All Costs

    "As late as 2018, James Comey was clear when he dismissed a House intelligence committee report that found no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign as a “political document”. When the ODNI report was written, he knew there was no evidence of Donald Trump-Russia collusion. They all knew," writes Elliason.

    "ODNI Clapper, FBI Comey, John Brennan and Special Counsel Mueller knew in 2017 that the US Intel community conceded there was no coordinated effort by Russia to influence the 2016 election months before.

    "They successfully divided the United States socially and politically in ways Orwell would be proud of.

    "The FBI wanted the election interference story to resonate publicly but under oath, there was never any evidence."

    Now back to the hackers...

    "The FBI knew Shaltay Boltay as part of Ukrainian CyberHunta worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign as opposition researchers through the DNC.

    "Alexandra Chalupa used private/public Ukrainian Cyber Intel groups Ukraine Cyber Alliance and CyberHunta(part of the Ukrainian Ministry of Information) to do opposition research. Roman Burko and Christina Dobrovolska (US State Department contractor, liaison to the US-Ukrainian Diaspora) led the groups under the Information Ministry.

    "The FBI knew the main workgroup also worked in conjunction with Crowdstrike, the Atlantic Council, and members of the US Intel community. The groups were used to fabricate anti-Russian narratives for NATO and statements delivered to US Congressional committees voting on support for Ukraine.

    "Alexandra Chalupa told Politico part of her Oppo-research team was Ukrainian “private Intel.” She hired Ukraine’s Cyber Alliance, RUH8, and Cyberhunta (which included Shaltay Boltay at the time). These groups work for the Ukrainian Information Ministry, SBU (Ukraine’s version of the CIA), the US State Department under Obama, and are Ukraine’s front line Cyber hacking, spy, and Information Operations unit against Russia, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump.

    But What About The DNC Leaks To Wikileaks?

    You can read Elliason' research on the DNC hack here.

    But what about that DNC leak, you ask? Elliason believes the only answer is an inside job...meaning most likely Wikileaks received the information from a DNC staffer.

    "The Ukrainian Fancy Bear-Cozy Bear team that Crowdstrike, Mueller, the FBI, Comey, Clinton, Clapper, Kerry, Brennan, Chalupa, Obama and others worked with and hid: never delivered anything to Assange," Elliason writes.

    "The DNC LEAK is the only other explanation that has been offered and all the valid evidence supports as the vehicle between the DNC and WikiLeaks."


    Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against The American People

    What you have been reading is analysis of the most corrupt American administration in history -- that of Barack Hussein Obama, and his minions, including the Clintons.

    Obama weaponized the U.S. Federal Government against the American people. It is still going on today as we speak.

    The techniques used were developed by the U.S. military and security agencies for use against foreign adversaries. Those techniques are now being used against America itself.

    You can read Elliason's thoughts on this development here...

    "Information Operations has nothing to do with the information itself. IO is about controlling how you feel about information and creating emotions so deep-seated, you’ll break off all long term relationships with friends, family, work, and social relationships and never look back," writes Elliason.

    "Terrorism is not an accusation to make lightly. Both US and international standards define the threshold clearly. Large security corporations and government officials sworn in to protect people from this collaborated with the terrorists instead," writes Elliason.

    "The Antifa organization is on board as the boots on the ground shock troops to overthrow nascent presidency."

    "Real property was damaged. People have died. Reputations ruined. The US government was defrauded. The faith of a nation overturned.

    Here is one example Elliason cites...

    FitzGibbon Media was a high-powered left-of-center PR firm working for major liberal clients like MoveOn.org and Planned Parenthood founded by Trevor FitzGibbon. Trevor FitzGibbon was a former state-level communications director for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    What happened to Trevor FitzGibbon and hundreds like him answers that question in a chilling fashion. FitzGibbon owned the PR company that supported Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden.

    Having built a reputation as one of the top PR companies in the nation, he unknowingly crossed swords with the Information Operation because one of his clients was Julian Assange who he was effectively defending.

    The first rule of Information Operations is to stop information-fratricide from happening. This is when two influential sources on “your side” which is the DNC are saying opposite information regarding a person or event the IO needs to control. The IO needed to control the information in the media about Julian Assange. Fitzgibbon’s PR company could make that impossible.

    The solution is as you’ll see shortly for planners in their own words to destroy the credibility and reputation spouting conflicting information.

    Fitzgibbon was accused of sexually assaulting a female employee during the #metoo timeframe. He wasn’t just exonerated; his accuser admitted the story was fabricated. The police apologized for the damage they did to him.

    Trevor Fitzgibbon’s company, livelihood, friendships, business, contacts, reputation, and the ability to function in society was stripped from him in a trial by Tweets.

    His accuser has since been forced to issue an apology to him and his family by the courts. 

    “Ever since that Friday in December of 2015, when I was informed that 6 phone calls had come in in a 48 hr period of individuals making allegations against me, it has felt as though the earth has been moving beneath my feet. Back then none of the accusers would allow for a third party investigation and my firm was shut down in 9 days without any due process. Fast forward to today and I continue to have nefarious actors threaten and defame me from as far away as Norway. None of it has made any sense until now. Why, five years later, would people continue to be paid to destroy me? Think of how much money has been spent! For some reason these people do not want me doing the work I did- which was the PR for ASSANGE and other truth-tellers . Even if partially accurate, the past five years are starting to make sense based on discovery and the incredible research put into this article," Fitzgibbon told CDMedia regarding Elliason's work.

    Image by Andrew Ratto

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Based on the reaction of the corrupt media to this information getting out, we think the theory is worth investigating. Hopefully Prosecutor John Durham is reading this.

    After digesting this information, you can understand why 'the resistance' is so resistant...because they will all go to jail for life for their crimes if Donald Trump is re-elected in three months.

    As Americans suffer the plandemic of the Chinese coronavirus, censorship, deplatforming, the associated vicious lockdowns which are destroying businesses, jobs and lives, and the follow-on race riots, all meant to destroy the country and our way of life, one has to wonder when America will start to fight back.

    We also wonder what the Deep State will throw at the American people next. Perhaps if they can't win, they will try to simply burn it all down.

    One final note...none of the CDMedia staff members involved in this project are considering committing suicide.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Right on brothers! I too fear for "What's next?" if Trump wins another term. The left is playing for all the marbles. They are trying to overthrow Constitutional government in the home of the free world. If we fall, I fear for the consequences for the world. The best hope we have is a huge swell of the no longer silent majority to flood the polls with Republican votes. Perhaps a sea of red votes will overwhelm and prevent an ocean of red blood.


    SPOT ON!


    The article paints a very chilling picture of how entrenched the Deep State really is. I have been around for a long time and I don't know if any of this crap can be fixed with the re-election of Trump. (Lord willing he will be re-elected) People have to start to go to jail. Big people like Hillary, Comey, Clapper and half the FBI and DOJ. We must charge people with lying to congress and put them in prison also. How can you lie under oath and walk scott free? We have seen it time and time again from the players. Everyone knows that they lied but yet no one does anything about it. If we can't enforce the rule of law, then we don't deserve to have a country anymore. If Antifa and BLM are the media's children, its past time to start going after the leaders. Yet I fear nothing is going to happen. The Deep State is everywhere and has tentacles into everything. I see a war coming, don't know when, but the flyover states and voters are rightfully pissed.


    The scarier question is, What happens if we don't win??

    M. Crawford

    Obama hanging by the neck until dead is one of the few legal avenues that should be considered by US courts.


    Obama is “their” god. It’ll never happen.


    Thank you for doing this brave work CD media. Ellison deserves the presidential medal of freedom for his work. Keep up the good work and maybe, just maybe we will get our United States of America back from the death grip of the democRats come November


    Its just not the dumbcrats, its the never Trumpers, judges, DA's, police chiefs and the bureaucrats running federal agencies like Fauci et. al. They all need to go and we need to start over. Don't know if we can brother, they are buried very deep and the media is in their pocket and the sheep will believe anything they hear from the talking heads.


    The Seth Rich murder remains unsolved. There is no media interest. His family have gone silent.

    David O'Dowd

    My only (and greatest) fear is that with the entirety of the Global Elite wanting POTUS 'out of the way', one would be naive at best, and a fool at worst, to ever believe that with that kind of power behind them, that they don't have the power and the money to accomplish that most nefarious task! Pray for our POTUS America!


    My one fear is that those Deep Stater's who are left (most of them have yet to be incarcerated!) have now joined with the 'Global Elite', those who really run the show, and will turn to their only hope for victory of this plan to those who undoubtedly possess the power and the monetary means of 'making this happen'! If I am correct, then there is only One Person that can crush this most heinous of crimes (and since in large part much of this country has joined in by turning their back on Him) I personally believe that He, observing all of the decadence that has grown expeditiously over the past few decades, has turned His back on America! The good news (Gospel) is that His promised return is now near! (see Revelation 19.15-16.)
    D.O'D. B.A. Th.M.

    Trevor Fitzgi

    Thank you for having the guts to write this. it has been a harrowing 5 yrs, but I am fighting back.
    Trevor FitzGibbon


    What's next?
    It would not surprise me to see BObama or MO put up as VP for Biden, and, Biden wins ...but is clintonized...

    rickey ricardo

    If Trump loses were done. If he wins, Barr must be prepared to act, comprehensively, purposefully and effectively. If Barr fails to do so Trump has to be prepared to replace him immediately act as his own AG. These trials must begin. Arrests must be made. A state of emergency declared. There can be no compromised half measures, no placating the media. Above all, there can be no illusions of democratic republic, or normalization of process until all this is publicly exposed and addressed. Sedition may be a crime under certain conditions. Corruption and treason are always crimes.


    Real Americans will have a struggle whether President Trump wins or not!! If he loses we will know the election was fraudulent - we can't let it slide like we did in the 2018 midterms!! We have to fight!! If Trump wins, we must have the guts to eradicate the anarchists - including the criminal demonrats!! We may need to reopen the Unamerican Activities Committee!!! No matter what your opinion of Joseph McCarthy is or was - he was absolutely right on target in identifying the institutions that would try to destroy this great country!! By doing this we can expose professors, judges, lawmakers etc and purge them as the communists they are!!


    Obama started long before the Ukraine. He purged the military and Intell Community of all Conservatives. I know because I was one of them. Used the DOJ and FBI on a lot of us like they did with Flynn.

    Warren Lockaby

    We must try harder to understand just who/what our enemies are. They are very well financed and organized, and their supreme leader has been at this for thousands of years. We can exceed their power only if we turn to our more powerful Leader. Please read Ephesians 6: 10-18, and please pray for our Nation. Thank you.


    It did not start with the Ukraine. 1984 happened long before 1984.

    […] Report: Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against American People, And It All Started In Ukrai… […]


    Excellent article! I truly hope there is a REAL investigation going on behind the scene and that some people are being "flipped" and are working with the good guys!


    The first step in reclaiming our Republic, is a Red Tsunami at the polls on 3 November...If a Republican Congress, both Houses, and President Trump's lease on the White House, is renewed, we have a chance...Slim, but a chance...But...All our people must use the same rulebook, and must have the same goal, the removal of the Deep State, the indictment, and conviction, and incarceration, of all the opposition players, who so desperately need it...That, and only that will save this country...


    The testimony of William Binney, blocked by the Judge in the Roger Stone case is vital...
    LaRouchePac has been doing a series of interviews with Binney, former NSA senior tech expert who says that no way
    the DNC was hacked by Russia.

    If the staff writers want to be objective, as they state in the article, then they need to come to the realization, first expressed in Webster Tarpley's pre-nomination book Obama:The Postmodern Coup, that an Obama presidency would aim to destroy Russia as that is the proper understanding of the fact that Obama was raised as a project of the geopolitical stables of Zbigniew Brzezinski and an institutionalized hatred of Russia in service of the Great Game.

    Russia and America are both targets by essentially the British Empire.

    Eileen Kuch

    Mobius, you have a real valid point here. Yes, Russia and the US are both targets by essentially the British Empire.
    If the staff writers really want to be objective - as they state in this article - they need to come to the realization - first expressed in Webster Tarpley's pre-nomination book, Obama. The Postmodern Coup, that an Obama presidency would actually aim to destroy Russia as that's the proper understanding of the fact that Obama was raised as a project of the geopolitical stables of Zbignew Brzezomski and an institutionalized hatred of Russia in service of the Great Game.
    The Trump Campaign ought to read a pamphlet written centuries before by the Chinese Warrior Philosopher - Sun Tzu - cover to cover (If they haven't already) and study it carefully.

    […] (5) Report: Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against American People, And It All Started In U… […]

    Derotha Ann Reynolds

    It seems that everyone has read LaRouche. It would be refreshing if more people would just admit it. It was the bravery of Bill Bonney and the VIPS that cracked tjis, with the help of the Schiller Institute.

    […] We posted other research from Elliason a couple weeks ago here. […]

    […] Chalupa’s Animal Farm| Why Blacks need to toss the skinny white Antifa terroristsCD Media Staff: Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against American People, And It All Started In Ukraine…Thi…CD Media Staff: Obama/Brennan Imported Overseas Terrorists Into US To Form ANTIFAGeorge Eliason: […]

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    It's not called the "New World Order" for nothing!

    Grammar Police

    Great article!

    At the very end of the article it says in "there" months instead of "three". I thought you might want to know so it could be fixed. Thanks!

    "because they will all go to jail for life for their crimes if Donald Trump is re-elected in there months."

    […] is a CIA import: here, and here, and here, and […]


    The Lie-beral Demonocrat modus operandi:
    Desolate (Detroit is typical),
    Desecrate (Bible burning),
    Depopulate (the Clot Shot and abortions),
    Subjugate and
    D O M I N A T E (using Dominion voting machines).
    The mentally, morally, and spiritually deficient Lie-beral Demonocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology, masked under the cloak of self righteousness. They (and the complicit RINOs) have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome and are FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH ! It's all about money and the power that goes with it.


    Well it turns out the election was one big sting operation...Oh the humanity..I feel sorry for those who lied cheated and stole the election...NOT! Well played Mr. President...I'm talking about the real President...President Trump,,,

    Mark Warren

    Not only Obama.... A medium town's population worth of con and graft artists need to be rounded up, tried in groups, and publicly "dispatched to their fates" in a rapid, orderly fashion... As John Wayne said in one of his movies: A fair, speedy trial, followed by a first class hangin..." And celebrations to follow.


    Fast forward to 2022. An incompetent pedofile in office, and a pedo lover judge on the Supreme Court…. America needs to fall on her knees and beg for Gods help. I don’t underhead stand how that will happen though, when we removed God, the Bible, and prayer from our schools. They’ve been replaced by pornography, drag queens, and mutilation of children's minds teaching gender transitioning starting with 5 year olds. My God! What have we allowed this nation to become??


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