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    BREAKING: Private Investigative Team Working Off Theory GA GOP Installed Machines To Stay In Power, Dems Worked With Communist China To Overcome In 2020 Via Massive Fraud

    March 10, 2021

    Hence GA GOP Refusal To Return To Paper Ballots

    This Is Why CDMedia Is Creatively Destructing The Corporate Media...They Are All Taking Money From China
    Image by Thepeoplesartist

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    CDMedia has discussed with a private investigative team working in Georgia on their theory of why and how the election fraud was prosecuted in the Peach State in 2020 and beyond.

    This team believes the GA GOP installed machine voting over the last few years in order to take advantage of vulnerabilities and to maintain power in the face of a concerted voter fraud effort from the Democrat Party.

    There was also allegedly a lot of money to be made in the process for those involved.

    Because of this alleged history, the reasons for the GA GOP's refusal to remove the machines in favor of verifiable, auditable, transparent voting becomes obvious. This is possibly why removing the machines is not in any of the omnibus bills currently before the GA legislature, according to the theory.

    The team also believes the Democrat Party in GA worked with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) to overcome any GOP advantage through massive election fraud, which consisted of a barrage of illegal tactics, including machine access via the internet, to defeat the Republican hold on power.

    Evidence Of Chinese Involvement In November Fulton County, GA Election Surfaces

    One thing is for sure. The voting process in GA is completely corrupt, seemingly on both sides. As the GA legislature votes on pending bills, GA citizens need to apply pressure to ensure a just outcome.

    A Federal grand jury investigation is needed to decide if these claims are not just a theory.

    What ever happened to just good old paper ballots?

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    So does that mean the GOP was double-crossed?
    Kemp met with the CCP at a governors' conference they hosted. Pompeo spoke about his rejecting his invite.
    Kemp then met with the CCP in their Houston Consulate (AKA spy center) then two weeks later ordered dominion machines.

    So maybe the CCP said, get these machine (BECAUSE ONCE YOU HOOK THEM UJP TO YOUR SECURITY NETWORK, WE CAN GET IN THERE AND HACK YOU SECURITY AND THEM WE CAN MOVE ON TO HACKING THE FEDERAL RESERVE) and we will make sure the dems don't do any funny business.
    Then in a big double cross they made sure Biden won.
    So if Kemp doesn't have an ulcer by the end of this year it would be shocking.

    He not only compromised his country by dealing with the communists, he got duped BIG TIME.
    None of this is good not one single bit. Of course this could be a disinformation campaign regarding the GOP being the bad guys AGAIN. So in Orwellian form the Dems cheat and it's the GOP's fault, cause they cheated.


    Marlene, the article and your comment to make sense, it would mean Kemp met twice with CCP representatives for the purpose of cheating in elections to help Republicans win -- then the CCP and Dems "double crossed" him.

    That sounds highly unlikely and is inconsistent with Georgia's resistance to auditing after the election.

    Much simpler to assume Kemp got what he wanted out of his meetings with the CCP.

    Patriot Pat

    BOTH parties are corrupt, cheat and in bed with each other. If you believe otherwise you are a fool. It doesn't matter which one is in power at the moment, BOTH sides are making their billions off it. The only to fix problems like this is by force at this point, however American's have been limped for the past generation or two in the Marxist indoc centers called public education, so that's likely to not happen either.

    You old people just need to hurry up and die, because the America you loved is gone, it belongs to the kids ow, and they have spoken... wait, no they haven't, they are too busy updating their fakebook status' to be bothered with silly little things like freedom.


    When is biden and the rest of them going to get arrested from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧


    I thought Kemp bought the machines $109 million in 2018. Isn't that when he was running for Gov against criminal Stacey Abrams? There has to be a kickback from Dominion/China to the family (so as not to be traced), or so we heard last year.


    Kemp should be shot for Treason!! And any one else that has done this. !!!!!!!

    Steven Mack

    Yes yes yes. Preach Patriot Pat, 69u are spot on. I'm unfortunately too old to turn to the new, and too young to just ride it out. Someone shoot me...


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