Dekalb County, GA Refuses To Provide Information On Open Records Request Regarding Receipt For 25M Voter Registration Applications Ordered For County Of 800k

June 15, 2021

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On the 24th of March of this year, CDMedia filed an open records request with Dekalb County, GA for information regarding a receipt found in the dumpster outside Dekalb election headquarters which showed a purchase of 25 million GA voter registration applications, for a county with a population of less than 1 million.

Dekalb responded a week later they needed 30 days to work on the request due to 'Covid' workload (3 days is mandated by law).

On April 30th, the county sent email communication stating they 'had information' but needed 30 more days to deliver said information.

Dekalb County is now ignoring our multiple requests for information on the receipt issue.

The only conclusion is Dekalb County is corrupt and has been caught committing criminal activity, possibly registering illegal aliens to vote who are crossing the southern border in massive numbers.

CDMedia is discussing with legal counsel the next steps in this process.

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    18 comments on “Dekalb County, GA Refuses To Provide Information On Open Records Request Regarding Receipt For 25M Voter Registration Applications Ordered For County Of 800k”

    1. I tend to agree with Manuel. Find it rather hard to believe that 1 pack would be 250,000 forms. Also being billed 10 million dollars for 25 million forms seems to be too good of a price when it comes to the government.

    2. Probably why they are refusing to honor the Open Records Request. (wink, wink) 'We have all the chain of custody documents...whoops'. 'The most free and fair election in history....whoops'. Batch numbers in fulton County off by 20%...whoops. In any event, we will get to the bottom of it. We don't trust them.

    3. The numbers are confusing, but after looking at it a couple times I do think it's 25 million individual forms. If it was 250,000 forms for $10 million than each form would cost $40. It makes more sense that 100 forms costs $40. But who knows? We live with a government that claims to purchase $40,000 toilet seats.

    4. Reading the comments, it's clear there are skeptics which isn't uncommon. All other details aside, what could the motivation for refusing to provide the information that was legally requested and legally required to be provided and why are so many ok with it when it's technically their property. Nothing hidden from us. WE PAY FOR NEARLY ALL OF IT!

    5. Wow... a $10 million dollar charge with a $10 million dollar discount. It cost the taxpayer nothing. And the date on the invoice is 8 days after the election. Hardly a sign of cheating.

    6. The price is irrelevant to the suggestion that more information is warranted. And we already know that counting was being done after the close of polls on election day.

      You should always question the premise, but think through what is being said and what is already known. Ask questions before you start pulling the blinds down and giving everyone else shade.

    7. Someone made this up. It says 250,000 applications AT $40 a piece? Not believable - and I'm totally maga.

    8. The invoice is $10 million, with a discount of $10 million? This looks like something somebody just made up.


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