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    BREAKING: US Government May Be Helping Taliban Develop Capability To Maintain Military Equipment Left Behind

    September 17, 2021
    Taliban Humvee in Kabul, August 2021

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    CDMedia has learned from multiple sources in the region the U.S. Government is possibly working to help the Taliban maintain the $83 billion in weaponry left behind after America's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    The concept seems to be offering maintenance capability as an incentive to push the new Taliban government to modify its behavior when it comes to the treatment of women and the export of terrorism from the region, among other things.

    The U.S. had a robust infrastructure set up in Central Asia and the Middle East to assist the now-defunct Afghan national government's transition to owning its own security as the United States withdrew forces.

    This infrastructure many now be swinging into action to help the Taliban care for and keep operational all the military-grade weaponry left in Kabul and elsewhere.

    After the 2021 US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Buzzard will lead Defense Security Cooperation Management Office Afghanistan in Qatar. He will administer funding and over-the-horizon aircraft maintenance support for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, also supporting the newly-formed US Forces Afghanistan Forward, in charge of American troops in Afghanistan. He assumed command in late July, writes Wikipedia.

    "I am sure some body perhaps even the same team is working on a plan as one of the incentives to offer the interim Government in order to modify its behavior," declared one source in Pakistan.

    CDMedia has received information from vehicle contractors familiar with the region that confirms this is indeed underway.

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    CDM Staff

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    Our government are the bad guys. They are NOT on our side.


    This IS TREASON and all involved need long prison terms or worse. Everyone who is witness to this needs to document everything for future trials!


    Of course, the Biden administration will fall for this. Wotta bunch of dimwits.


    Talk of treason to these people is just that, TALK. I see Treason as being serious and needs addressing in a REAL court of Justice, not a Biden bobble headed yes man system of idiots.

    Stephen Russell

    Why who cares.
    Let the equip ROT


    The General in charge of the withdrawal said the equipment left behind was disabled-yet I see videos of the Taliban parading the said military equipment left behind! Just like they said a drone strike took out an Isis-K suicide bomber on the way to make another attack at the airport-when in reality they killed an innocent family including 5-7 young kids! This regime of miscreants and malcontents are diabolical liars and appeasers of the enemy!


    To do this would be out right treason, A must to stop Joe's team


    Are you guys kidding with this f'ing BULLshit?? Wikipedia????


    The Wikipedia reference is just factual information about the team already set up prior to the fall of the Afghan government, and not the point of the article. But you knew that didn't you.


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