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    Cuomo Describes Approaching War In April

    March 31, 2020
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    "The main battle is on the top of the mountain."

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
    Cuomo Describes Approaching War In April
    New York's Rainbow Warrior
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    Gov. Andrew Cuomo described the coming battle at his Tuesday briefing on New York State's response to the Chinavirus infection. He claimed that "We" were behind (unaware of) the virus, underestimated the opponent and need to plan for battle which will be at an apex in about 2 weeks. Using the NY health care system, and particularly private and public hospitals, as an example he demanded that all "barriers" between related entities be "thrown out the window." He called for the collectivization of all medical resources throughout the state to be organized and directed from the capitol in Albany.

    A sticking point in Cuomo's plan to coordinate transfers between all hospitals is that New York State doesn't own or control private hospitals and health clinics. The bureaucrats at the Department of Health have no jurisdiction over new makeshift Federal Hospitals erected at the Javits Center, Central Park and outer boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens. Nobody in NY government can dictate what happens on the Navy floating hospital ship Comfort which falls under the jurisdiction of the DOD. For a State Governor to assert this authority is an unprecedented and unconstitutional power grab.

    "This virus is the great equalizer," Gov. Cuomo said before telling the press that he found out this morning that his brother Chris has been diagnosed with COVID-19. He continued to describe the intelligence and big hearted nature of his brother who is a Fake News journalist for CNN. The context of these comments was to highlight the importance of individual responsibility and social distancing. His timeframe for the citywide stay at home order stretches well beyond the April 30 recommendation from the White House.

    Cuomo called for unity and sacrifice and claimed that there is no place for political division in the face of the pandemics deadly threat. The Governor's denial of the Red State/Blue State divide disregards the recent reports that 80% of all Chinavirus infections occur in Blue voting districts. Blue state Governors across the country are engaged in a sophisticated propaganda battle with the White House which demands that they subtly assign blame to their political enemy while calling for collective action and blameless self sacrifice from the people.



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