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    The Story You Won't Hear On Legacy Media - U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Drop To Pre-Pandemic Levels

    July 5, 2020
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    The Story You Won't Hear On Legacy Media - U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Drop To Pre-Pandemic Levels
    Image Gateway Pundit

    Once again, the corrupt media is feeding you a bunch of malarkey when it comes to the rising level of Chinese coronavirus cases in the United States. Yes, cases are rising, especially in states where lockdowns are being removed, and economies are being allowed to begin to heal.

    However, in a sin of omission, the legacy media is not telling you that in spite of this apparent explosion of new case numbers, deaths from the Chinese coronavirus in the United States just hit pre-pandemic levels, at 254 on July 4th, reported The Gateway Pundit.

    There are many reasons for this.

    Probably the most realistic explanation is that Americans have figured out how to manage the virus. The vast majority of these new cases are among people under forty. This is actually a good thing, as these people experience essentially zero risk from the infection, besides a couple weeks of feeling ill. This is how we reach herd immunity, where the grand kids already have the antibodies which makes it impossible to pass on to grandma and grandpa. Of course, this takes vigilance in keeping away from older adults after you have been exposed, which is not always easy to do.

    The second reason is that testing has expanded dramatically, resulting in more positives. The actual number of COVID-19 infections in the U.S. is probably much higher than even these record numbers, which again, is good in the long run.

    Also, our healthcare system has figured out best practices in treating those that do require hospitalization. It also seems like Democrat governors have stopped forcing nursing homes to take infected patients and cause further deaths.

    In any event, we have to get the virus to a point where it is manageable. It seems the Trump administration is well on its way to this goal with a relatively small number of fatalities.



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