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WHO Monitoring Bubonic Plague Outbreak In China

WHO Monitoring Bubonic Plague Outbreak In China
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As the world gets used to a new normal as a result of the Coronavirus, the WHO is monitoring a new outbreak in Northern China: the bubonic plague.  The plague, which killed hundreds of millions of the world’s population in the 14th century, was known as the “Black Death.”

The World Health Organization said they are “carefully monitoring,” the outbreak, after a herdsman in Inner Mongolia was confirmed to have it.  Bayan Nur’s Party Secretary, Chang Zhigang, has put into place all prevention measures to try and stop the spread as soon as possible.  This includes mandatory quarantine, as well as checkpoints outside residential compounds.

In response to what has been a shocking resurgence of the Medieval Disease, WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris told reporters, “Bubonic plague has been with us and is always with us, for centuries.  We are looking at the case numbers in China.  It’s being well managed.”

While WHO has praised China’s response to the Coronavirus, some leaders have looked at the effects and express a different opinion.  President Trump cut funding to the WHO, and has used harsh words against China’s lack of transparency and willingness to share truthful information.  While the bubonic plague most likely will not be a global pandemic, the threat is enough to catch the attention of the WHO, and is not good PR for China.

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