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    FALSE IMPRISONMENT LAWSUIT: Boca Raton HOA Deactivated Key Fobs Of COVID Positive Homeowners

    January 1, 2021
    FALSE IMPRISONMENT LAWSUIT: Boca Raton HOA Deactivated Key Fobs Of COVID Positive Homeowners

    BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — A lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court alleges “false imprisonment” and “invasion of privacy” after the Palmetto Place Condominium Association allegedly deactivated the key fobs of two homeowners who publicly acknowledged they were COVID-19 positive. The condo association — allegedly without authority to do so — used the key fob deactivation as a way to force the husband and wife to stay in their condo for two weeks, then told the couple that the HOA would call the police to “request that you be removed from the building and or arrested” if they attempted to exit the high-end building.

    The HOA is also accused of attempting to enter the couple’s unit to ensure the husband and wife remained inside.

    Steven and Nancy Icowitz are suing Palmetto Place at Mizner Park for false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, negligence, violation of Florida law, and more. You can read the entire lawsuit, below. Units in the building near Mizner Park range from $300,000 to nearly $1,000,000...

    To read more visit Boca News Now.



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    Michael McNei

    Bloody hell I live in a terrace that has no heating in a cold climate and I am happy. I pay very little and come and go as i please and nobody the wiser.
    The only problem I have is my bank the bank of China wanted me to wear a mask which I refused to do and they were OK with it.

    I have an account at Lloyds but the can be shitty

    Whose Law

    We don't need to worry about china and their Communism as we have our own right here.

    Wayne J Mickel

    They did all of that and SARS CoV-2 has never been isolated and the test is wrong and gives false positives so they will have a great case because they cannot even prove there is a virus period every death since this began has been called a COVID death even if it was from old age or a car accident or heart attack and since the test gives false positives and the test itself has gone to trial and found to be a fraud these people have a great lawsuit


    Let me guess. No standing?

    Ed Naile

    HOA rules always supersede constitutions, for some reason.
    Fight nice, people.
    You chose to live among your kind.


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