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    Report: DOJ To Launch Anti-Trust Case Against Google In Weeks

    September 4, 2020
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    Report: DOJ To Launch Anti-Trust Case Against Google In Weeks

    The U.S. Department of Justice could possibly finally bring anti-trust charges against Google in the coming weeks according to reports.

    The massive Silicon Valley tech giant originally had as its mantra 'Don't Be Evil', but the phrase was removed several years ago.

    Conservatives have long complained of Google political censorship online and the Trump administration is concerned about the issue prior to the November election. Many believe it is too little too late to make a difference. Only if Trump is re-elected will this case have any longevity.

    Google also dominates most search traffic and is the largest advertising network serving ads online.

    Justice Department officials told lawyers involved in the antitrust inquiry into Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, to wrap up their work by the end of September, according to three of the people, reported the New York Times.

    Mr. Barr felt that the department had moved too slowly and that the deadline was not unreasonable, according to a senior Justice Department official.

    A former telecom industry executive who argued an antitrust matter before the Supreme Court, Mr. Barr has shown a deep interest in the Google investigation. He has requested regular briefings on the department’s case, taking thick binders of information about it on trips and vacations and returning with ideas and notes.



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