Under Armour Dumps NFL Licensing Deals Ahead Of Super Bowl

February 6, 2021
Under Armour Dumps NFL Licensing Deals Ahead Of Super Bowl
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Sportswear giant Under Armour is dumping its licensing contracts with the National Football League, according to Front Office Sports.

The company axed its deal for NFL players to wear its products on the field, making the coming 2021 season the first in years that Under Armour logos will not appear on the field for years, according to a recent issue of the Front Office Sports email newsletter.

Under Amour’s move comes on the heels of the company’s exit from several other high-profile sports leagues, as well...

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4 comments on “Under Armour Dumps NFL Licensing Deals Ahead Of Super Bowl”

  1. Wow!!! I will now buy under armor again!! It's about time these companies quit promoting these over paid cry babies.

  2. Good. Let these ungrateful fools go find real jobs. We dont need football. It was once just a fun sports event, now it's a platform for entitled globalist dim bulbs.

  3. retooling it's reputation, i.e. these bozos are pissing off half the country with their wokeness and won't buy our products anymore.

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