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    BREAKING ELECTION INTEGRITY WIN: Texas AG Paxton Demands Counties Provide Machine Audit Logs

    January 14, 2024

    Complying with open records requests nationwide will likely prove massive election fraud

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    At CDM we have been cataloguing a rogues gallery of suspected election fraudsters, along with corroborating evidence across several states for months. The issue has centered mainly on the 'blank ballot' issue found throughout the nation in states which are allowing the alleged fraud by allowing machines to designate large percentages of ballots cast 'blank' and then adjudicating them by software. In short, a sophisticated way of 'changing votes'. In Broward County, FL in 2020, upwards of 20% of ballots cast in some precincts were designated 'blank'.

    When presented with this information in massive nationwide 'open records' requests to obtain the 'audit logs' of election machines, many jurisdictions refused to provide the data, possibly knowing the fraud would be revealed.

    The issue was so feared by the suspected election fraud cartel in Florida, the legislature actually passed a law to prevent access to these reports, cynically called an 'election integrity bill'.

    You can read some of our documentation below of this phenomenon:

    In the last several months, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was made aware of the issue and has recently issued a letter requiring the logs to be released in Texas.

    Paxton has also been made aware of the nationwide 'Act Blue' money laundering smurf operation where mainly elderly citizens have had their identities stolen and thousands of campaign contributions made in their name.

    This story is developing...

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    CDM Staff

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    CA resident

    This is great news! I hope this is release of information is expedited!


    There are several reasons that ballots can be declared "blank", and, after the fact, fraudulent intent cannot be sorted out from things like missing or damaged pages. Sadly, this approach has frustrated legitimate election officials due to this. Not the key to the steal that it is advertised to be. Wish is were...


    That's an absolutely ridiculous, nefarious comment. You're telling me that 20% of voters in key precincts cast a 'blank ballot'? Then why won't they release the information? Why did the Florida legislature pass a law preventing access to the info? Go back to the election fraud companies, they need you.

    Kris Steinour

    We all know there was election fraud. Why are we 3+ years still having to prove it.?.

    Jim Wildrick Jr

    This confirms what we expected all along.Biden stole the White House and we were denied our rightful President.

    Gary Judy

    Excellent article. Thank you!


    We all know commieKKKrats are election thieves. Sadly FL Republicans like all RINOs are the dirty cops who allowing election heist to continue. DeSantis could have clean up elections fraud by getting rid of Dominion and go to paper ballot. Sadly he's dirty as the rest of RINOs nationwide.


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