• Mueller Lite: A Puppet Show

    May 30, 2019
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    The investigation is dead, long live the investigation. Robert Mueller's cowardly exit from the stage, while a far cry from the fire and brimstone leftists once envisioned, did manage to leave the door cracked for further action.

    Mueller's handlers desperately needed that crack, and he delivered it. Then he shuffled off the stage, back to private life, but not before stating, "I do not believe it is appropriate to speak further or comment," which is shorthand for "I was told to leave the door cracked and then shut the hell up until called on by my handlers."

    The leftists who ran this sham from the beginning still have their freedom, their necks, their scalps. Attorney General Barr declassifying the Russia probe documents hasn't happened yet, and as long as the authors of this charade--Obama, Clinton, Comey, Wasserman-Schultz, Brennan, et al.--draw breath, they will scurry and plot. So what was the gambit this time?

    It's a tough needle to thread for the criminal leftist gang. They need the threat of punishing Trump, even as proceeding with the articles of impeachment could be political suicide. So they needed to keep the option open in the face of the growing public perception of Trump's innocence. Make no mistake: Bob Mueller was told to rile up the left's base with calculated phrases. Charging Trump was "not an option"? Heads explode. If his team had "confidence" the president didn't commit a crime, "...we would have said that." Heads re-form so they can explode again.

    The job of a prosecutor is to prosecute, to charge the defendant. It is not, as cooler heads have pointed out, to exonerate. Under no circumstances was Mueller ever going to say, "Trump didn't so anything wrong." His task from the beginning was to take the form of a dark could and rain on Trump's new administration for as long as politically expedient.

    President Trump fired back in a series of tweets and comments to the press (see below), only to have heads explode again over the phrasing of "...because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected," which desperate Dems latched onto, a wild, pathetic fantasy that Trump had just slipped up and implicated himself. The degree of willful self-delusion from the #resist crowd is astonishing.

    Mueller's final, fretful hour on the stage achieved the aims of his handlers. Desperate and beginning to turn on each other in the final hour before justice dawns, they sent their boy on one final errand. The sole talking point they managed to agree on in their panic: make sure "all options are on the table," a phrase Pelosi and Nadler used within hours of each other today. And so the final chapter ends with a dying whimper, "To Be Continued..."

    Now it's Trump's turn.


    Court Anderson

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