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    Is Canada About To Reelect A Pedophile? Two Sides Of A Scandal

    October 21, 2019
    Justin Trudeau gets into a fort he made for a young girl (with the help of a rainbow-horned unicorn).
    Screenshot: YouTube

    Justin Trudeau stands again in the unforgiving glare of the spotlight. The more we learn about him, the worse it seems to get. First, his eyebrows fell off. Then it was the multiple instances of blackface. Now, allegations of a dalliance with a student at Vancouver's West Point Grey Academy which may have occurred when the student was below the age of consent.

    The Buffalo Chronicle reported on Saturday that Trudeau, who was a substitute teacher at WP Grey Academy from 1999 to 2002, was caught in a compromising sexual situation with a student by her father. The rumor mill had the girl's age pegged at 17, but her father has come forth to dispute that notion. He claims she was "much, much younger than that."

    Trudeau supporters will doubtlessly claim that the veracity of such an explosive claim so close to an election is suspect, and that's a fair position to take. This article seeks to weigh both sides of the argument and reach a reasonable verdict.

    Side One: Guilty

    First, Trudeau's rumored relationship with a child is far from public knowledge in the U.S., but it has been the subject of much gossip in Canada for many years. The first troubling aspect: the story of why he left WP Grey Academy has changed four times. The victim was allegedly paid $2.25 million in a non-disclosure agreement that her father sent to the Buffalo Chronicle at great financial risk to himself (he claims he was not party to the agreement, and thusly concludes that sharing it is not a violation of the agreement's terms).

    The Buffalo Chronicle claims that it is simply reporting facts, and is not a "fake news" site:

    The Buffalo Chronicle has never — in our entire operating history — been sued for defamation or any other matter.  We have never once received a cease and desist letter from the subjects of any article since we began publishing in 2014.
    We have not received such a cease and desist letter from Mr. Trudeau.

    Consider what has happened to pedophiles in Canada since Trudeau's election. Laws have been relaxed concerning the proximity of sex offenders to children and the elderly. He has also sought to lower the age of consent for anal sex in a move designed to please the LGBTQ community.

    Muddying the waters further, Trudeau's best friend, Christopher Ingvaldson, was jailed last year for possession and distribution of child pornography. Ingvaldson was Trudeau's roommate in college, and worked as a fellow teacher at WP Grey Academy. Lastly, Trudeau's father Pierre, the notorious former Prime Minister, was married to a woman 30 years his junior. They met when when she was 18, and he was nearly 50.

    Side 2: Not So Fast

    We at CD Media often speak of fake news from the left and the lack of critical thinking that tenuously supports the conclusions they sometimes reach concerning conservatives. In that same spirit, let's examine a Trudeau supporter's position.

    It is awfully convenient that this news came to light the weekend before a national election. It's convenient that the alleged non-disclosure agreement cannot be published. The Buffalo Chronicle fails to name the alleged victim's father, and the victim's age at the time of the crime is omitted. Such are the hallmarks of many a fake news story.

    The Agence France-Presse, the same media outlet contracted by Facebook to root out fake news, has posited that the story has no merit, and the head of the WP Grey Academy has clearly stated that the alleged story has no basis in fact.

    And while it is considered wildly biased by many, it is perhaps worth noting that Snopes.com has issued a verdict of "unproven" regarding the allegation of a sex scandal at WP Grey Academy. Snopes also mentions an alternate theory, that Trudeau was having an affair with the mother of the student, not the student herself, and the father is acting out of cuckolded anger.

    Many years after his teaching days, it appears that Trudeau had an extramarital affair, so that would seem to be more in keeping with his modus operandi. From a 2015 interview in Canada's Global News with Trudeau's wife:

    Following the release of his memoir last fall, Trudeau was asked during a CBC interview about extramarital affairs, which he denied.
    “Ha! Really?” [his wife Sophie] Grégoire-Trudeau says.
    “Ask if whatever happened in our lives – I’m not saying it did or didn’t – as if we would answer that.”
    She puts down her fork and looks across the table.
    “I can tell you right away that no marriage is easy,” she says.
    “I’m almost kind of proud of the fact that we’ve had hardship, yes, because we want authenticity. We want truth. We want to grow closer as individuals through our lifetime and we’re both dreamers and we want to be together for as long as we can.
    “I’m happy that we had to go through that.”

    Philanderer, almost certainly. Pedophile? Unproven.

    As for his friend who was convicted on possession of child pornography, who among us knows all of our best friend's secrets? The fact that they taught at the same school where Trudeau was alleged to have had a relationship with a student is merely suggestive of a premeditated plot to team up and commit acts of pedophilia, not outright proof.

    The Verdict

    We know that Trudeau is a serial blackface "performance artist." We know that he was elected on name alone, not the strength of his various and short-lived jobs, many of which were part time. We know that his reckless stance on immigration has pitched much of Canada into despair as they reckon with national identity, sovereignty, and the extrajudicial reality of newly-minted Canadians practicing Sharia law. What we don't know for certain is that Trudeau is a pedophile.

    It is remarkable--breathtaking, really--that the Buffalo Chronicle would pin its reputation on this story if they knew it to be false. They would open themselves up to not only Canadian litigation and loss of sponsors/readership if false, but they might face charges of election meddling, as they are based in the U.S., not Canada.

    If all of the people taking to social media to talk this up would have bothered to merely peruse the website, they would have realized that the Chronicle published this story about Elizabeth Warren paying a 24 year-old male prostitute for sex...so we are forced to conclude that the story is likely fabricated. If so, one imagines that their publisher is soon to face serious consequences.

    What's telling about Trudeau is that it would have surprised almost no one if true.



    Court Anderson

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    First, I agree 100% with all your points, but...
    I'd like to add that just because they didn't send the Chronical a cease and desist letter, doesn't mean they're in the clear. Fact is, NO ONE HAS HEARD OF THEM.
    Since the Trudeau article was publish, they get about 300 visitors per day, and to that page only, linked from other sites like CDM. In contrast, CDM gets about 7000 visitors per day. In web traffic speak, 300 per day is absolutely nothing. Most are likely web-crawling scripts.


    There is no scandal here. I agree with Rupert. The Chronicle's website looks like a desperate ad-grab.
    Make up some salacious story, get it viral, drive people to your site, rake in the ad dollars.
    It's pretty much what Twitter has become.


    Globalist Satanic Homosexual Sodomites , and Pedophiles are The Criminals leading the Destruction of White Christian Civilization , and their main weapons are Baby killing women and Minorities , who have been given every advantage but still can't compete with Superior Whites And East Asians .


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