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    Impeachment Chess: Blackburn's Sober Strategy, & The Leftist Mafia's Gambit

    January 16, 2020
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    Something important happened yesterday that was lost in the scrum of the faux-somber delivery of impeachment articles. Amidst news of gold pens, Pelosi's pink party dress, and the giddy pageantry not befitting such a somber day, one woman saw through the fog. Her name is Marsha Blackburn, the junior Republican senator from Tennessee.

    Senator Blackburn called on the four Democratic senators seeking to represent their party for the presidential election to recuse themselves. If heeded, their recusal would free up Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bennet, and Amy Klobuchar to continue their campaigns. On its face, it would seem like a good thing for Republicans to sideline opposition candidates with a trial. So why was Blackburn's statement (and subsequent tweets and daytime talk show appearances) the correct move?

    Blackburn frames it as an impartiality issue, and that's logical and correct. Of course senators facing off with the president over the most important job in the land cannot be expected to remain impartial. But the game is deeper than that.

    It appears that Pelosi's two-week delay was due, in part, to a desire to help Joe Biden. Blackburn knows that, and she's calling Pelosi out.

    If Sanders and Warren are off the campaign trail in the crucial stretch leading up to the Iowa primary on February 3, the clear beneficiary is Biden. Senators are required to be present for the trial, which takes place six days a week until concluded. The trial--likely six weeks if witnesses are allowed--would not conclude until the end of February.

    Blackburn recognizes that infighting among Democratic candidates is a good thing. The more Bernie followers feel thwarted by the DNC, the more Warren followers recognize party bias, the better. The more the two former friends chew each other--and Biden--up, the better. She also recognizes that Biden is, on paper, the frontrunner, the one Democrat who attracts the black vote (for reasons beyond CD Media's comprehension, given Biden's explicit and implicit racism).

    Why would Pelosi take sides so blatantly (yet sneakily)? She's not just backing the lead horse by favoring Biden--she's desperately trying to cover her own hindquarters.

    Lefty Mafia

    The Pelosis, Bidens, and Kerrys are the top three crime families in the Democrat Party. Barack Obama is their don, Hillary Clinton is their Godmother.

    If you doubt this assertion, consider that each family and their respective scions are enmeshed in foreign controversies. Paul Pelosi, Jr. and Hunter Biden have used their family names to secure jobs in, and investment from, corrupt entities. Both operated in Ukraine, Pelosi Jr. with Viscoil, Biden with Burisma. Neither are qualified to work for energy companies.

    In the case of China, Hunter secured an unprecedented $1.5 billion investment from the People's Bank of China for his tiny investment firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, where Christopher Heinz, son-in-law of John Kerry, is a partner.

    No surprise that Kerry endorsed Biden last month, and has stumped for him in Iowa. For her part, Pelosi called Biden "the full package" as far back as his 2008 presidential run.

    (For in-depth CD Media reporting on the three families, click here and here, and search their names on our website for a multitude of related articles.)

    It is in Pelosi's personal--not just professional--interest that Trump be impeached and removed from office. However she can muddy the political water from now until the 2020 election effectively heightens the chances that a Democrat will be elected in 2020. If that person is Joe Biden, then the lefty mafia--from Hunter to Hillary--skate free. They alone can save one another, married as they are by their foreign crimes.

    It's a long shot, but that's all Pelosi has. Hence the desperate air of Russian collusion, the juvenile fantasies of the Steele dossier, and the spasmodic machinations of this impeachment.

    As if to underscore the gangster flavor of the proceedings, Pelosi quoted the recent mafia movie release, Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, starring who else but Never-Trumper Robert de Niro. While announcing the impeachment managers on the House floor, Pelosi incorrectly quoted Trump from his July call with Ukrainian President Zelensky to show fidelity to the film quote, fittingly choosing art over reality.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday likened President Trump’s request for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “do us a favor” to coded mob lingo by invoking the new Martin Scorsese flick “The Irishman.”

    “Do me a favor?” said Pelosi (D-Calif.), altering Trump’s quote in closing her speech on the House floor, a short time before she signed two articles of impeachment against the president.

    Then, taking even further liberty with the White House-released transcript of the call between Trump and Zelensky, Pelosi said, “Do you paint houses too? What is this? Do me a favor?”

    In Scorsese’s three-plus-hour epic Al Pacino’s Jimmy Hoffa tells Robert De Niro’s mob killer-for-hire character, Frank Sheeran, “I heard you paint houses,” a coded reference to performing hits.

    In the July 2019 phone call, Trump asked Zelesnky, “But do us a favor” by investigating former US vice president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, over their dealings in the Eastern European nation.

    NY Post

    By some lights, Pelosi is carrying on like a drunken sorority girl, squatting and urinating in the somber bushes of impeachment, desecrating the most serious congressional undertaking. I disagree. To my eyes, Pelosi's loss of decorum--from her infamous "clap-back," to her oft-slurred delivery, to her silly laughter while signing the articles--belies the desperation of a cornered criminal.



    Court Anderson

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    Every DemocRAT Senator that swore today to tell the truth, just lied about telling the truth.


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