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Dukes Of Hazzard Stars Defend General Lee Car

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The Dukes of Hazzard stars have come to the defense of the show’s General Lee car, and that the politically correct culture has gone too far.   The comedy show was a hit that ran from 1979 to 1984 is considered an American classic.  The plot centered around southern stereotypes and culture as two cousins, Bo and Luke Duke, found themselves in all sorts of trouble. 

As protests have become more intense around the nation, there have been movements to remove statues of prominent historical figures linked to slavery or some sort of suppression.  While statues have been torn down in some states, President Trump took a firm stand against the destruction of statues, and passed an executive order to protect statues in DC.  But criticism has been growing to go beyond statues, and in this case, have been directed at the TV series.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, John Schneider who played Bo Duke, said “I have never had an African American come up to me and have any problem with it whatsoever.  The whole politically correct generation has gotten way out of hand.” Schneider’s co-star, Tom Wopat, echoed this sentiment, stating that while the country has changed a lot in 40 years, the car is “innocent.”

Currently, the show is feature on Amazon Prime’s streaming service, but may be subject to removal as critics say the car is racist. 

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