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    Weird Facts Emerge In Minneapolis And NY As "Dismantle America" Marches On

    July 10, 2020
    Maya Santamaria. Image: YouTube

    Leftist speech is often impassioned, and also deeply telling. Rep. Ilhan Omar speaks of "dismantling" not only the police in America, but the entire country. Her congressional district, District 5, is essentially the greater Minneapolis area, which was of course home to the specter of George Floyd's death. The stories from those close to Floyd keep changing.

    Increasingly, these facts look less like coincidence and more like collusion.

    Several communities within Minneapolis appear to be tied together in a bid to make the city one of several test cases for Marxism in America through the dismantling of any system they deem "oppressive."

    Here's an excellent deep dive into the oddities surrounding the Floyd case. All it does is present facts and leave you, the viewer, to make of them what you will.

    At nearly an hour and a half, it's not a quick take. The first 15 to 20 minutes drag a bit, especially if you're already fluent in the Floyd case, but it picks up considerably once the pieces begin to come together.


    In summary, the video, produced by In Pursuit of Truth, ties together several disparate elements in Minneapolis and Houston (Floyd's former hometown). Some of the players: Maya Santamaria (employer of Floyd and his killer, Derek Chauvin), racially motivated organizations like BLM and La Raza, as well as pro-Muslim entities CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, and asks some uncomfortable questions about each.

    Running on a parallel track is citizen journalist Lauren Brown. In her Twitter thread below, she takes on the inconsistencies surrounding the most central (surviving) figure to the Floyd incident that set off the ugliness we now endure daily: elected officials kneeling to a quasi-terror organization which heckles, threatens, and assaults churchgoers, and paints the streets with BLM slogans in the Capitol and New York City in blatant grabs for political attention.


    If I Can Fake It There, I Can Fake It Anywhere: Evil In The Empire State

    Call them the Butchers of New York.

    The Democratic Governor of New York and the Mayor of NYC, so often at cross purposes, have found an unholy alliance: passively killing their own citizens. This heretofore unimaginable moment--wherein public officials foster and approve conditions by which the electorate are sickened and die--has been constructed carefully, plotted with great thought and detail, under the banner and veil of racial and social justice.

    The numbers are in. Gov. Andrew Cuomo mandated that a total of 6,300 patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 be sent to New York nursing homes. Perhaps the most brazen attempt to turn a viral outbreak into a control lever for American liberty, Cuomo's decision (shared by other Democratic governors) to shunt patients into elderly care facilities created the tsunami of cases responsible for over 40% of COVID deaths nationwide.

    We all knew it was bad. Now we know how many times Cuomo betrayed the trust of those who elected him: over 6,300 times.

    In a shocking indictment of mainstream media, the extent to which Cuomo's misdeeds have gone underreported is revealed in his poll numbers.

    Daily spots on his brother's CNN show, combined with brief, well-organized, daily press conferences in the worst of the outbreak cemented Cuomo's standing with his base, and to a large extent, the left-leaning half of the nation. Despite handling the virus worse than any other governor (recall that many of those COVID patients in nursing homes could have gone to the USS Comfort, which sat almost empty in a NY harbor for weeks) has the best approval numbers.

    That's the power of media.

    Dumb and Much Dumber: De Blasio Says Only BLM Can Gather

    While Cuomo coldly calculates and maintains his poll numbers, Mayor Bill De Blasio flails and squawks and preens. Indeed, Big Bird would be merely ridiculous if not for his criminally poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic in New York City.

    It began with his constant "life as usual" statements to the press, as late as March 14th. In that same timeframe, he kept schools open despite knowledge of several teachers who had tested positive for the virus. He then cut $1 billion from the police budget for the upcoming year after the famed department suffered a rash of suicides and early retirements.

    Now, he is embracing the very group, BLM, whose actions and slogans desecrated and vandalized his city. De Blasio didn't just approve the BLM street painters in front of Trump Tower, he rolled up his sleeves and helped out.

    It gets worse. Late last night, in the wee hours, De Blasio's office released a new edict: large gatherings are prohibited in NYC through September...except for Black Lives Matter.

    That's right, no one can gather to watch pro or college sports. No parades, no fairs. As reported here:

    Speaking out of both sides of his mouth, de Blasio declared that it’s “just not time” for gatherings that “can mean not just thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people,” but protests represent “an area of sensitivity.”

    “We understand at this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes. Today in New York City, recognizing the power and the meaning of the message of Black Lives Matter, which we did in front of Trump Tower today, this is a historic moment of change,” he said. “We have to respect that but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we’re used to, the parades, the fairs, we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now.”

    While BLM protests have been given the green light, traditional events in the city such as the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy, the Dominican Day Parade and the West Indian American Day Carnival in Brooklyn have been shut down.

    Blitzer did not push back at all or question the double standard, instead choosing to ask the mayor about U.S. Open.

    “I love going to the U.S. Open, I love tennis. What’s happening with that?” he asked.

    “Wolf, look, this is one of a number of events where there’s going to be sports activities that we all love but without the audience. People will be able to watch on TV and we’ll keep the tradition going, but the same with the Yankees, the Mets, we’re not going to have crowds in the stands,” he said as he went on to boast about the response to COVID-19 in the city which was, for a time, the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S.

    --BizPac Review

    The "mistakes" made around the coronavirus look increasingly like an orchestrated event. Minnesota and New York need help--and federal investigation.



    Court Anderson

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    Hous bin Farteen

    Personally, I would like to dismantle Omar's head from her shoulders.

    Ruth Dessauer

    .......you are not alone, I would to see her dismantled .................


    Satan roams freely in New York State and New York City.


    We want to execute our enemies. The Democrat Party of Nazis... Eradicate them before they come to do the same to you.

    Ben Colder

    What is wrong with the people of New York they surly aren,t that dumb or are they really communists all of them.They will live to regret what they are letting these two communist bastards get by with.Old sick people now but when they come for them they will be so surprised.

    Thomas Turk

    Greorge Flloyd alleged death. His Lawyer says he died 2 years ago in Memphis.This now deleted from the web.

    Jonathan A Strauss

    Personally I'd do the same to you but your head is buried in your arse.

    […] Weird Facts Emerge In Minneapolis And NY As “Dismantle America” Marches On […]



    Edo Tokyo

    WHAT I don’t understand is why foreigners come here to change America into a Marxist-socialist country. Because it worked so well in their own? She should go back to her home country to create a working model instead of trying to ruin the US. Why does anyone move to a place they obviously hate inhabited by people they don’t respect?


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