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    Fauci Tells InStyle Magazine “I Can’t Be Fired”

    July 16, 2020

    The relationship with Dr. Fauci and the White House has been a roller coaster, to say the least.  Dr. Fauci, who leads the Coronavirus task force, has had a tug of war relationship with President Trump since he assumed the position in March.  While laying out guidelines for Americans to follow in response to the Coronavirus, the tension between him and the Trump administration is unmistakable.  As Trump tries to work to reopen the economy, Dr. Fauci was always there to give numbers and data to contradict him, leading to an unclear message from the White House. 

    And now, Dr. Fauci has become more obvious with his frustration with the administration.   In an interview with InStyle magazine, he said that while he is “walking a tightrope,” he knows he cannot be fired from the role. 

    Last week, President Trump said that Dr. Fauci made “a lot of mistakes,” and Fauci told the magazine that although he considers himself “apolitical,” the “real and perceived built-up conflict” is “very stressful.”

    This interview comes out in the wake of top Trump official Peter Navarro's blistering op-ed in USA Today where he said Fauci has been “wrong about everything.”  But Fauci is confident in his position, stating, “I don’t see my termination within the near future because I judge my career by my energy and my effectiveness. And right now, with all due modesty, I think I’m pretty effective.”

    Why this matters: America has formed into two different camps over the virus.  One of the camps wants to keep everything closed until a vaccine is available and it is up to the government to enforce a lock down.  The other, believes it should be up to Americans, not the government, to decide to wear a mask, social distance, or close down their business.  As economic numbers continue to slump, and millions of Americans are now on unemployment, the two opposing points of view have many uncertain about the future, and when normal life can resume.  Dr. Fauci is clearly very confident in his position, and as President Trump has already shown in the past, PR is everything.  If it is perceived this interview is a direct shot at the president, there may be a knee-jerk reaction in some form against Fauci and the Coronavirus task force. 



    CDM Staff

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    "As Trump tries to work to reopen the economy, Dr. Fauci was always there to give FAKE numbers and CONFLATED data to contradict him, leading to an unclear message from the White House." There...I fixed it for you.


    Anyone can be fired, Fauci.



    Can't be fired? That is tempting fate and I think it went over the line.

    Ana Nimity

    He sounds like a "new ager"; [I feel my energy and effectiveness"; "my aura is saying I am invincible"]. This guy, I think, is part of the Satanic world system, with Bill and Melinda Gates; the Clintons, The Obamas;, who are only to happy to serve their master.


    Classic commiecrat arrogance. I guess when your comrades control 95% of the media and most of the justice department and the abc’s bureaucracies you tend to get confident in your protections. All of this is the fault of the Baby Boomers who allowed this to happen.


    I just looked up fouci’s age. He will be 80 years old in Dec. How’s about a gold watch and a forced retirement, which is long overdue.


    Don't have to fire him. Demote the communist publicity whore to cleaning petri dishes.

    Anne Earley

    Wretched, little, power hungry twirp. Please fire him and open the country. And fire any teacher who refuses to go back to work unless they are over fifty or have a pre existing condition.

    Anne Earley

    Excellent idea!

    Darryl Burt

    Why would he say that he can;t be fired?


    "Energy and effectiveness", as Bill Gates little puppet to destroy the economy. Never had anything to do with covid, just make sure Trump is not elected. Just have to see what Dem governors and mayors have done to their cities and states for proof.

    […] Fauci Tells InStyle Magazine “I Can’t Be Fired” […]


    There is a term all government know full well. A person can be RIF'ed from their position. It is the dreaded Reduction in Force. And Fauci is not immune. How the hell did this guy graduated from Med School, or even make it through an internship.


    Why should he care about getting fired. He's making a fortune off a virus he helped create and I believe patent as well. He's very heavily invested in the vaccine manufacturing as well. Expedite his trip to GITMO, save us a lot of money paying traitors like him.


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