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    Lies: RBG Hospitalized For Recurrence Of Liver Cancer, Not To Clean Out A Stent

    July 17, 2020
    Image: YouTube

    Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has issued a statement regarding her health (see below). In it, she explains her recent medical history, beginning with a recurrence of liver cancer in May. Ginsburg was discharged from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Wednesday the 15th.

    Image via Twitter

    This news is unexpected, given that various sources claimed she was receiving treatment for a bacterial infection, and doctors had to clean out a stent. In fact, she has been receiving chemotherapy for two months. As reported by the Daily News on Wednesday:

    Initially, the Supreme Court said the 87-year-old justice expected to stay at the hospital “for a few days to receive antibiotic treatment” after doctors had to clean out a bile duct stent that she had placed last year during treatment for a cancerous tumor in her pancreas.

    But a Supreme Court spokeswoman said Bader Ginsburg healed up quickly and was “at home and doing well” after being discharged Wednesday afternoon.

    --NY Daily News

    Ginsburg's subterfuge will only fuel the already plentiful rumors about her health and her ability to serve the court faithfully. She's 87. She has been treated for cancer four times. She has had cancer in her colon, liver and pancreas. She has a stent in her heart (2009) and her pancreas (2019). She fell and cracked several ribs in 2012 and again in 2018.

    CDMedia wishes Ginsburg a full and speedy recovery, but must also opine that her resignation is long past due. This "outlast Trump" charade has gone on long enough, and now dishonesty has crept in to further cloud the picture.

    At 87, she is simply too old. Ginsburg has cited the late Justice John Paul Stevens as her model regarding age--he served until he was 90. But Stevens was healthy. Ginsburg is not. Further, aging and cognitive decline are irrevocably linked. The Supreme Court decides the most important cases in the nation, its justices should be mentally sharp and fully aware of the culture they inhabit.

    It's hard to maintain that someone born in 1933, someone who falls asleep during speeches, and now, someone who has deceived the nation about her health, is fit to serve on the highest court.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Well, well, it appears that President Trump may get a chance to appoint another SC Judge. I'm not wishing ill on RBG but won't miss her on the court. This is one more reason President Trump has to win in November. Vote like the history and future of the USA depends on it.

    A A Ron

    She is probably already dead and the left are hiding it in the hopes of a stolen election in 2020 so trump does NOT get to put another one in.


    She's nothing more than a Democrat rubber stamp. To hell with her.


    I do believe our President will get the chance to replace her and another perhaps. I strongly disagree with her failure to uphold our Constitution BUT I am pulling for her recovery. I can't kick someone who is down unlike BLM rioters. However we all know that when cancer returns it returns with a vengeance, November is a long ways away.

    darla martin

    wow she must have a horrible diet to allow her system to be so cancer-prone. you are what you eat. but she is one tough old bird. although I do not like her politics I wish no harm to the lady.


    Ruth Buzzi replaced the dead Ginsburg a long time ago. Now Buzzi is dying. Either that, or Ginsburg is the the world record holder for both getting cancers and for being cured of them.


    Exactly SteChatte - when was the last time this fossil was actually seen alive in public?

    CC Coleman

    The Angel of Death, "Soon I will be calling you home. The thermostat will be always set at 3000 degrees."

    Robert Weston

    Are those black splotches on her right hand where they stick the needles in, and are they black because they are necrotic? Or does she have tattoos?

    C L Shaw

    Being a cancer survivor myself I can relate to Justice Ginsberg's situation and wish her well, but would advise her to step down from the Supreme Court to fight this disease and focus more of that battle.

    jack johnson

    I believe the reason RBG is disclosing this now is things are probably going to go downhill fast for her. She has been hiding this issue for awhile ....why come clean now?

    Eric S.

    RBG has been dead for 5 years now. They put her in formaldehyd and wheel her out for occasional photo ops. This is a "Weekend at Bernies" live puppet show.


    Oh, I get it, it's to clean the CANCER out of a stent...


    She needs to step aside NOW. She is a disgrace to the court by hanging on, sick, tired, incompetent. Go, Ruthie! Just GO.
    Trump needs to appoint someone who will actually WORK at the SC.

    Buy the hype if you want to .. but Spiritual Discernment indicates Adrenochrome for KURU .. as her stretch of health problems would require ...

    Time to go Ruthie .. the brimstone awaits ...

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

    Ben Richards

    Average life span after Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis is 5 years. Yet somehow Ruth "RaceBaiter" Ginsburg near 100 years old, with MANY other health issues lasts over 10 years! The human race wants to know how?


    Lets hope the corpse that is the notorious RBG passes soon like tomorrow. There is a seat in Hades prepared for her.

    A Day

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but, leave already.

    The Einous

    How can you tell if a liberal has suffered cognitive decline?
    No, really.


    If she passes before the election, the democrats will keep her on life support, if Trump wins,she will be on life support for 4 years.


    It is more than time, to lose the Supreme Court Judge designation..."for life". Age 75 should be the end of a Supreme Court Justice tenure. If you are healthy, great...enjoy your retirement...if not so healthy, enjoy your family and the time you have to spend with them. This has gotten ridiculous. RBG is "holding on" with the expectation that Trump will be defeated in November. On November 5th she will most likely do a face plant at her desk, if Biden wins. She can't keep this up much longer.


    She’s quite the stubborn Marxist, isn’t she.


    I wish Ginsberg the best in regards to her health and have said a prayer for her and all others that suffer with prolonged illness. I disagree with her politics and unconstitutional service as an sc justice but wish her no ill will.
    What does a democRat do. Treat Ginsberg as a pawn, wish vile destruction of every conservative justice, and fight like cornered rats to smear, bismerch, lie and cheat against any true conservative that is nominated to the sc.

    Bakka Janai

    RBG is beyond the point of recovery. She should be on a morphine drip. Time for Justice Roberts to act upon her inability to carry out the duties of her office in real time. The faculties and plumbing are rotted out.

    Gypo O'Leary

    Ginsburg is just a front for a cabal of young jewish progressive clerking for her, pushing the leftist party line anyway. Notice the media never questions or asks for any explanation or legal reasoning coming from the left side of the bench. So her health doesn't matter, her opinions are lock-step fodder dictated by moder illiberal liberalism.

    The problem is that Roberts is of the rails, openly placating the establishment with leftist rulings in a pretense that he is balancing things somehow. We know what her rulings will be as a reflexive espousing of liberal thought. He is truly making bizarre indefensible decisions that appear devoid of logic and reason

    rickey ricardo

    How easy they lie about anything, everything. Trump should appoint hard core ideologues no more conservatives. I don't even care, if they are not judges. I don't care, if they are not even lawyers. I prefer they weren't actually.


    she will be worm dirt soon enough........


    I'm 79. I buy and sell apartment buildings in three states. I deal with agents, lawyers, property managers, contractors, city agencies, tenants, lenders, and everyone else looking for a buck every day. Today is Saturday and I'll work until 7:00, then we'll go out and try to see the comet. When I get home, I'll work another hour or two. Probably same tomorrow. I'm healthy. Overweight, but healthy. Still have sex every now and then. I WOULD NEVER be able to work as a Supreme Court Justice at my age unless I could count on the younger people carrying me. Ginsburg is coasting. I am operating at probably 50% of my mental abilities when I was 50. Memory? Thank God for a large hard disk. Decisions? I make them daily, but a lot is beginning to be guesswork. Lucky for me my son is working with me and catches the stupidity. Ginsburg is holding a place hoping Trump get defeated, but how does that help the rest of us. She should be kicked off for her own good and ours. She is a useless, parasite taking our money and giving . . . what? When it's my time to go, I'll thankfully hang up this damn computer and enjoy the flowers.


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