• 'Do Or Dye? Pelosi Blames Salon Owners, Biden Gives Mostly Competent Remarks

    September 2, 2020
    Nancy Pelosi. Image via Twitter.

    Nancy Pelosi's roots are showing. The 80 year-old Speaker of the House showed her true colors when she was busted getting her hair done in a San Francisco salon--sans mask--while her constituents are forced to make do with do-it-yourself home dye kits.

    For footage of the spa visit, please click here.

    The hot trending topic on social media yesterday carried over into today, forcing a response from Pelosi. Unsurprisingly, she threw small business owners under the bus, it's a habit for the San Francisco legislator. Pelosi claimed that the salon leaked video of her to the press, and their actions amounted to a "setup," and the salon owners "owe me an apology".

    Disingenuous as ever, Pelosi claimed that California spa workers had "inundated" her with thanks for shedding light on the topic of spa closures, as they wish to return to work. Like other California hairdressers, the spa, eSalon, has been closed by a statewide mandate since March.

    In the grand scheme of Pelosi sins, including son Paul Pelosi, Jr.'s Ukraine fraud, this doesn't move the needle in anything but the scale of hypocrisy visited on the American people by Democrats during this pandemic of panic.

    Biden Survives A Speech

    "Joe Hiden," as President Trump recently branded the Democratic presidential candidate, was back in the public eye in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware today. As always, his critics were on the lookout for the flubs and missteps to which the world has become accustomed.

    But today, they were fewer and further between. Biden, at least for the first half of his speech, looked prepared, and present. This is the candidate Dems had hoped for. Some of his shots at Trump were unfair, but his combination punch of 1. This happened on his watch... 2. We need healing, not divisiveness is not a poor one.

    Yes, it misses the point that COVID is not Trump's fault, and that Biden didn't take the virus seriously until March, and Obama/Biden flubbed H1N1 entirely, and a litany of other complaints large and small. But, politically speaking, it's not a bad posture. He's the incompetent bully, I'm the seasoned pol who can unite us.

    It was enough to lend credence to Trump's claim that Joe is taking a mental acuity enhancer like Adderall. Let's remember that Trump loves to make seemingly outrageous claims, only to proven correct time and time again. Further, Biden has not accepted the challenge of a drug test. It's unlike him: he usually can't resist a contest.

    Back to the speech. It devolved as it went on, but Biden did take questions, something he has rarely agreed to do for months. Of course, Biden only takes approved questions from pre-selected reporters at these Delaware events--that's one reason he stays close to home. And worse, he did mischaracterize the death of a Trump supporter in Portland, seeming to blame it on...Trump supporters.

    It's this style of mealy-mouthed fake condolences that exposes Biden for the career politician that he is. It takes decades of experience to pull off that sort of statement that recognizes the horrific murder of an innocent man, yet seems to blame his opponent for it. In short, don't underestimate Biden. He's got one foot in the grave, but the other one is still kicking.

    For a deep dive on the hit on Aaron "Jay" Danielson, please see this thread:


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    Marilyn Crawford

    Neither Biden or Pelosi are any longer capable of competent remarks, they are both demented and both should not be anywhere near our congress/senate decision making. Democrats seem to think Americans are fools.

    Sir Cumference

    I hope the piece of slime Nasty Pelosi gets covid because she did not wear a mask and social distance while she exercised her "I am better and more important than you" white privilege while she forbids us "deplorables" from doing the same.

    […] ‘Do Or Dye? Pelosi Blames Salon Owners, Biden Gives Mostly Competent Remarks […]

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