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    Democratic Operatives Invade GA Polling Stations During Elections, Intimidate, Film Voters

    January 5, 2021

    A source within the GA voting operation in Cobb County has provided information that 'authorized bloggers' from the Democratic Party have invaded polling stations and are interfering with voters, invading their privacy, and intimidating voters.

    "Poll watcher from NY already here. Asking questions while we are getting ready for 7am. She was here on Nov; 2 more expected. Probably paid by DNC.

    "She was sent here by an organization called Georgia Democrats Voter Protection Hotline. In Nov, this organization placed personnel within 100 ft of the entrance to our polling station.

    "Poll watchers are wandering around the voting area at each polling center. In November they weren't allowed to do this. It is perceived by voting officials as a problem but it is not being stopped," said the source.

    "Poll watchers have started talking to voters before they vote."

    "Non-credentialed bloggers filming voters. I was told they have "special permission apparently just given by a Cobb County poll manager named Geniene.

    "The man in the black suit in the background appears to be giving a running account of voting to somebody. If I had to guess it would be to Dem hdqtrs," added the source.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Étienne Breaux

    Shut this sham election down NOW!

    Bob Cratchet

    As bad as Illinois is (where I live), no cameras are allowed in any polling space. What the hell is this stuff? Throw them jack asses out.

    W Larry

    You didn't think that this multi-pronged, multi-national election theft effort was just so that these incompetent leftist politicians could have more self esteem and taxpayer money, did you? No, friends, this is far bigger than just America. America under Trump was the roadblock for Satan. It became obvious two years ago that the globalist's financing the left would steal all branches of government. Once they secure the senate using the same theft tactics they did with Trump, they will no doubt then pack the supreme court and add states. It will be one party rule from that moment until the end. That one party will become global and be renamed I am guessing, the name is yet to be revealed. America will be removed from world power like the lion whose eagle's wings were plucked.
    I wonder if the prince of the covenant (Abraham Accords) will be welcomed into the new Harris administration after of course Biden is removed neither in anger or in battle? I also wonder if Satan's marionette Obama will reappear in this new administration somehow, someway.
    Food for thought.....whether in a year or 5 or more, this is where this is all going IMO.
    PS: when the bloodshed starts (whether civil war or the purge), do not take up arms, you will simply condemn yourselves along with them (i.e. you were deceived and brainwashed but never Born Again). Remember Christ's teachings, this is the patience and the faith of the saints. God will recompense for us soon enough.
    Come out from the harlots under the Mother's influence and really prepare yourselves:



    Of course Democrats are doing this. They got away with it during the presidential elections--and it worked...why on Earth wouldn't they do it now?


    So all of you above are okay with this??? I am not this goes hot in a few days if this isn't fixed. No mercy.

    Stephen M Colletta

    There are only too solutions if in fact the root cause of the questionable voting results is sabotage. The system has been tken over by entities masked and hidden with the intent of overthrowing the USA. Every level of Government is guilty either by acts against the people or by ignoring acts against the people. In either case we only have two proactive choices: 1. Compel President Trump to impose full Marshall Law whereby the patriots victimized citizens will know to independently or in groups bear arms of any type of means and begin policing their personal property and patrol for any signs of abuse of common sense law. @. If the President is eliminated or fails to successfully impose Marshall Law the war becomes 100% urban man against man. Under the illegal Biden Government little time will be allowed and swarms of paramilitary Biden sympathizers will begin seizing individuals who have been outspoken against their cause. It will be a kill or be killed environment UNLESS INDIVIDUALS UNITE, and systematically searching and destroying leadership of the opposition. 30 days is the time to eliminate Governors, Lawyers of the State corrupted systems and as lawyers are pressed define the Judges who need elimination. Then the roral Destruction of enemy cities is imperative. The Democrat communist machine needs pawns to do the dirty deeds. These individuals are more populated in the largest cities where communist rule already Exists. New York, San Francisco, Portland Or. , Seattle WA, Los Angeles. Attack the fuel supplies and the internet sources making California where the primary strike must occur. Burn the cities in CA down natural gas, gasoline fuel and portable gas butane/propane devices.

    That is the lay of the new land. If Trump is not victorious Jan 6, he will be forced into a parlay with a Senate to State Legislature investigate and act law, which is a political ploy to burn time and allow Nancy Pelosi to take the Presidency under constitutional procedure. So it boils down to will Trump pull the Marshall Law trigger because he knows his JAN 6 evidence will fall on deaf corrupted ears to such an immense depth and breadth his few trusted leaders will know to implement military control..
    If no win occurs political or Marshall Law, we the people can surrender and exist or we can fight like gifted masters and slowly but surely gain back our Country. It is hard to know the legal patriot enclaves but when in doubt Texas is likely the Red Zone, safe harbor.

    Philly Smith

    Why is it always blacks doing the Democrat's dirty work?

    Frank George McCarthy

    This is Cobb county so one may say that these commissioned 'watchermen' from New York are on the lookout for what certain folks call "voter suppression".
    Cobb is a mostly middle and upper middle class 'white' enclave. One could say that these salaried voter watchers are there to make sure the 'community' tows the party line unimpeded. Cobb citizens are above repraoch so this can be construed as an affront to voter integrity, (this is almost laughable coming from the Democratic cabal).
    He should be shown the door if he has no official business at that polling station and is not involved as a poll watcher. And should not be allowed within 50 meters of the polling place.
    Then again Stacy Abrahms possibly has an agreement of some sort with the election committee.


    If you are from Philly, as in your avatar, then you KNOW why these people were there INSIDE and filming these voters, FOR INTIMIDATION as they do NOT Fear ANY reprisals-Just as the people with the 'billy clubs outside the PHilly voting locale, calling the people going in "Crackers, and other names, as they kept hitting thier free hand with the club to make the people fear them, along with telling them..."WE are in charge now...when they had the Blackish FRAUD running, Obama."

    When the Dems KEEP letting the blacks KNOW, WE keep you on your "Urban Plantations" and WE TELL YOU what you Can and Cannot Do! It's been this way for decades, but ONLY when POTUS Trump won, did HE keep the promises to the blacks that he made when he campaigned, asking: "What do you have to lose?" Nothing, because the 'Fraud Obama, Gave blacks NOTHING, DID NOTHING FOR THEM, except try to get them to riot/loot in Ferguson and other cities as HE "WANTED TO START A RACE WAR, along w/his corrupt A.G. Holder and Obama told them who rioted/burned businesses/looted: "STAY THE COURSE".....AGAIN, used poor blacks as his tools to do "HIS BIDDING"


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