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    America Mocks Empty Biden Inauguration...80 Million Votes?

    January 20, 2021

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    Americans on the left and right of the political spectrum are mocking the inauguration of Joe Biden, an illegitimate president, who was installed in the position only through massive election fraud.

    Biden supposedly received 80 million votes in the Nov 3rd election. However, no one actually turned out today to see him installed in the Oval Office.

    The reality Trump beat Biden by millions in the popular vote, and by hundreds of thousands of votes each in the disputed battleground states.

    Biden's dementia is on full display and it will likely not be long until Kamala Harris becomes president of the United States.

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    CDM Staff

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    leah clarke walker

    I decided not to watch it. Sham inaugurations should NEVER be given the air time and I refuse to rent my eyes and ears to companies that will use their money to promote such a sham!

    Jonny UK

    Shocking to see this happen to the USA. I pray you eventually get your republic back.

    Jerry Brandt

    Not going to watch the inauguration of a Thief in Chief. He is NOT my president. He will NEVER be my president. I was against Obama but he WAS my president because he won without wholesale election fraud. Biden stole this election and 80 million Trump supporters know it. Biden stole this election and he is so out of it he is even on video saying he has the most extensive voter fraud organization and the mainstream media did nothing. The Republican Party did nothing to support and fight for their nominee in Trump. Biden not my President. Republican Party NOT my party to ever vote for AGAIN.

    John Doe

    Trump was duly re-elected on November 3rd, per the Constitution. All the media should be focused on the new White House in Mar-a-Lago for the next four years. Washington DC is simply an occupied Communist/Chinese beach-head now.



    Sam S

    Not fu*king likely. We have a wholesale communist party in charge. They have the media, society, and the voting system inline.

    Michael Campion

    Great analogy ... you are correct!


    I accidentally watched a couple minutes (looking for wife's soap opera). Where's all the clapping and cheering coming from??? More fake BS on behalf of #beijingbiden?


    Everything Biden does does, after 12:00 on the 20th, is unconstitutional. Where's Hunter? Is he in rehab?

    We haven't seen spawn like this W. was in the White House.

    Brett Short

    Obama was an illegitimate "president" due to massive election FRAUD, as well. What is the matter with these psychos and criminals in government that they have to continuously defraud the American people? Both sides of the aisle. American is swirling around the toilet bowl and waiting for Biden and the Tramp VP to flush. Biden's "inauguration speech"... SO UNINSPIRING!


    This guy is a joke. I am LMAO. Just read some douche at another site talk about how we can really come together and express our differences, etc. BS - the war is just starting - I am certain the NSA, FBI, DOJ and CIA Since I used the word "war" here.

    Jason Henry

    Put up my Republic of Texas flag today at noon.
    Texit, and any states that want to join us, should be in play asap. Before it's too late for any of us.

    Dusty Dog

    I will never acknowledge biden as my president nor harris as vice president. In a minor protest, I will always use small letters when referring to biden/harris and not use the words president or vice president when referring to either of them. In other words, biden and harris won by election fraud.


    I just refer to him as Pedifile EnChief Chomo Joe Biden. And Knocking Knees Kamala Harris


    Hung the American flag on my house upside down.

    Dan hesko

    More in Flordia to greet President Trump today than in DC for the show there.

    phil panici

    they will , in short order, start screwing up HARD
    these are failed lifers with little or no talent
    not to worry
    just pray he lives 2 years and we will be okay

    Eric Schrader

    Watching reruns of Blue Bloods. The way the NYPD should be


    SIGH 😞


    NOT going to be doing any 'sky screaming' like the weak suck Libtards were doing after President Trump was elected.


    I didn't watch. This is a regime and it was installed via a coup d'é·tat. President Trump had more people in Florida welcoming him home than creep joe did with his fake 80 million voters.

    We all need a place to get real news http://patriotlibertynews.com/


    What I love about History and Legacies is that the lies always eventually come out. Can you imagine the how humiliating this will be for Biden and Harris future generations when it all is known how they defrauded the American people to gain control of the Presidency.


    I'm sure the liberal, leftist, anti-American, fascist democRAT-Communists hope ole Gaffe-a-Day biteme ALWAYS has a teleprompter to read while on camera. I know these America haters are cringing at the thought of Gaffe-a-Day trying to construct his own sentence.


    I want one answer. Just one. Why did the machines ALL shut down at the same time ????? We know why. But the "elites" ever answered that one. I will never recognize them as pres and vp. Never.

    Dave Coleman

    President Trump's inaugural speech told the story of why he had to be ousted, even by his so-called fellow party members. He said that the Washington elites get richer and more powerful while the average American workers and their families get poorer and more marginalized. He got in because there was far more support for him than anybody suspected. So they had to slow him down, block him, and get him out. Hence even supposed allies like Sessions (always a mole from day one), McConnell, and Ryan worked to undermine him. In the end there were too few people in the establishment to support him. It's amazing all he managed to accomplish in spite of it all. His eyes have been opened, and so have ours. 90% of Republican politicians are swamp creatures, too. Unless he chooses a happy retirement, President Trump needs to create a totally new party to displace the Republican Party and finish his program to return power back to the people and put America first.

    Hugo Furst

    China, Russia, North Korea and the Ayatollahs are licking their chops as they watch the USA suddenly become weaker than ever.


    Only slow-joe would give an inauguration speech calling everyone that didn't vote for him extremists, white supremacists and domestic terrorists and in the next sentence calling for 'unity'.


    Trump served the people as President for free. Never took a dime in salary. Biden is the Commander in Cheat, and all he'll do is give out fake jobs for tons of money. Such a contrast.

    Not Chicken Little

    The crooks of the Deep State and the illegal coup plotters won. We are counseled to accept the fraudulent elections and give in to those who lied, cheated and stole, to accept it and unite with them, to just put it behind us and go on.

    To do that is to give tacit approval to the fraud. I will not do that. Joe Biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT, now or ever. I pray for my country, that those who control him do not succeed in their evil schemes. And I will not assist in the destruction of my country by going along with the traitors.


    Chairman UNELECT Biden...FRAUD

    Linda Kurtz

    Biden and company need to realize that 75 plus million Trump voters who abhor their radical leftist agenda will NOT be easy to ignore!


    lol....more pest exterminators show up to rid the rats of DC that biden could muster up with the largest vote in history.....where did all this e existed voters go slo.....wilie brown didnt even show for his blo......


    Biden will never be my president, and I will never address him as such. The election was stolen, pure and simple, and everyone in government politics was in on it, Rats and GOP alike. This once great nation, I feel, is now beyond hope of ever salvaging. I pray I'm taken out of this mess soon.


    It's so sad to think that biden became president while he was bunkered in the basement for most of
    the campaign. Why was this successful? Think of the $$$ support from the likes of Soros, lobbyists, hollywood luminaries, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc. I personally, like others, will never
    recognize him as my president. The MAN now resides in Florida enjoying the fruits of his labor.


    Its always darkest just before dawn.....We can ressit for two years, fund any candidate worth their salt, (or supported by Trump), take back the house, and IMPEACH the SOB's . Use their tactics on them.


    Do hair plugs cause dementia?


    Question what are we going to do about it.


    Biden cheated, lied, plagiarized, raped, conned, stole money, and cheated in am election to become America's 36th president. This is an American tragedy and every country is laughing at American Politics. We have lost our way by putting Biden into the White House. This will go down in history as the American Joke of 2021. At this moment, I am ashamed to call myself and American. We have communist, Criminals, and corrupt people running our country. WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE. HOLD ON < BECAUSE THE FUTURE IS GOING TO BE TERRIBLE.

    No One

    Refused to watch the sham of fraud go into the White House, the 1st 100 days will be hell as Biden/Harris will seek out and undo every good deed and treaty that President Trump did. Shame on them, 80 million plus will remind them for 4 years they will never be the nations President and VP. Shame on them.

    The Paris treaty is just the beginning.


    The best way I can think of to cripple the biden/harris "installation" is to keep pounding away at the fact that this election was manipulated and stolen, and never let up, just like the obama birth certificate issue was kept in the forefront(and still is). By constantly harping on these facts, eventually more and more people will begin to see the truth, and likewise reject this clown circus. The Democrazies know they have created a lie, and the only way to survive is to keep lying, something that cannot be done forever. The only way to survive a lie is to tell a bigger lie, until it becomes impossible to maintain. That is the future of the Democrazies in tis country, and we have what we need, the evidence, to make this happen.


    The Communists have arrived and are no longer at the gate. They have infiltrated all our institutions and hold all the levers of power. Hopeless? No, not on our lives.

    Our Help is in the Name of the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth (Psalm 123:8)

    God Himself told us these evil men and their ideology was coming to the world via a Catholic French nun, Sr Mary of St Peter in France in the 1840s.

    The answer He provided to defeat this anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-family ideology in our time, is the devotion to The Holy Face.

    Learn more here: https://holyfacedevotion.org/2020/09/02/the-holy-face-face-off-with-communism/

    God will defeat these blasphemous ideology and those who follow it.

    Never fear anything but him who has the power to cast us into hell.

    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God (Hebrews 10:13)

    Stay prayerful patriots! Work to overcome this evil but the victory belongs to God!


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