• A Wake Up Call For the Republican Party And The Path Forward

    January 13, 2021
    A Wake Up Call For the Republican Party And The Path Forward

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    For the past seven days, we have witnessed progressive leftist politicians denounce and decry President Trump and his supporters as everything from "domestic terrorists" to "insurrectionists;" this is no surprise as for the past four years, the left has been seething with an unhinged and irrational hate of all things and all people tied to Trump.  This parade of leftists would be unbearable enough on its own were they not also accompanied by several Republicans, who have decided to condemn Trump and his supporters, turning on their own so to speak.  Stand out names include Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Mitt Romney, Rep. Liz Cheney, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and the list goes on. 

    In the past 48 hours, I have received about four emails from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) asking me a variety of untimely questions including "Who do I think should run for President in 2024," "Do I think Nancy Pelosi will work with House Republicans on key measures in 2021," "What do I think Republican legislative priorities should be for 2021" and an assortment of other queries, all inane given the current situation at hand.  Too many Republicans are grievously out of touch with the mood of the roughly 74 million voters who cast a ballot for President Trump on November 3rd. The party needs to wake up and they need to wake up now.   

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    Republicans demand one thing from their party at this time, an investigation into what is perceived to be and, based on the extremely compelling and well-sourced data, most likely was a wildly fraudulent election in certain states.  They demand elected Republican leaders stand up for them and for their vote.

    The GOP did a grave disservice to their voters and to their party when they failed to act against and block mail-in-ballots, a new form of voting deemed essential by Democrats due to the China virus.  Yet little meaningful objection was made on the Right and mail-in-ballots went out in record numbers to dead people, to fake addresses, to barren fields, you name it!  Everyone knew mail-in-ballots would be rife with fraud yet why did we, as in the Republican party, not fight to stop this? 

    Fast forward to November 4th, very few Republican senators and congressmen spoke out regarding the mounting questions around the election; as the weeks progressed, not only did we hear very little from vast swaths of the party, many began to voice objections to any sort of investigation whatsoever.  Meanwhile, the electorate justifiably seethed.  Moving towards Christmas, all eyes were on the January 5th run-off election.  Republican leaders flooded to Georgia to campaign for Senators Loeffler and Perdue.  John Fredericks, John Fredericks Radio Show & Former Virginia Chairman of the Trump for President Campaign, moved his headquarters to Georgia to report on the election in early November; he had a very strong ear on the ground to the mood of Republican voters.  Starting in mid-November, both John Fredericks and Steve Bannon warmed Senators Loeffler and Perdue to support an investigation into the allegations of Georgia electoral fraud as voters were demanding it.  Yet, on the back of that, nothing from Senators Loeffler and Perdue till on the very eve of the election, too little too late. Georgia's so-called Republican Governor and Secretary of State did as little as possible to enable President Trump's lawyers to investigate allegations in Georgia. Yet, we are to be surprised that the Republican Senators lost in Georgia on January 5th?  Several GOP members hurled accusations at attorney Lin Wood for suggesting to voters they should not vote for Senators ,who were not defending their November 3rd vote.  While Lin's advice on that matter was misguided, the GOP establishment has only itself to blame for its abject failure.  Can you really expect voters to come out and enthusiastically support a party and candidates that are not supporting them and their concerns over the larger Presidential election?  You cannot. 

    And now, let us move to the present time, on January 6th, 8 senators and 139 house members supported at least one objection during the electoral vote count.  8 senators and 139 house members had the courage and the conviction to stand up and defend the Republic and its citizen's right to a free and fair election.  8 senators and 139 house members did what a majority of Republican voters wanted them to do. The rest of the Republicans either pulled back their objections due to the unfortunate events that unfolded at the Capitol that afternoon or had long decided it was "time to move on." 

    Time to move on, that has been the overwhelming mood of the Republican party. However the electorate is not just going to move on, not just going to forget that many of our votes were effectively cancelled.  Nor are voters going to forget the elected Republicans who effectively sold them out to the progressive left.  This morning, we have House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarty, suggesting a resolution of censure against the President and Rep. Peter Meijer saying he could back impeachment.  It is hard to believe we have a Republican leader suggesting a censure against the President, who has been the strongest advocate of law and order in the past four years, a President who never called for violence on the 6th but called for a walk to the capitol to protest peacefully and patriotically.  Does Rep. McCarthy have any idea how repugnant such an utterance is to a great segment of GOP voters? And then we have Rep. Meijer potentially siding with the progressive left's impeachment call, a continuation of the four year witch hunt.   Rep. Meijer must look at the Republican polling numbers on impeachment if he hopes for any future in DC. 

    So what is wrong with our party?   Too many of our elected representatives are craven and self interested putting their political careers before the good of the people and the Republic.  They lack the moral courage and desire to fight and defend their voters and their country. In past years, this game has worked which is exactly why we have stale feckless leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell in office today.  However, times are now different.  In the past weeks, voters have just witnessed what is likely the single largest electoral fraud in US history; they have also witnessed the single largest assault on free speech since the crafting of the First Amendment.  The country has not been this divided since the Civil War.  Today, elected Republicans, who are not standing up and fighting for their electorate, need to realize their political careers are over; they simply will not win re-election.

    If the Republican party is serious about uniting the party, top GOP leadership and the RNC will immediately embark on a new course that includes the following: 
    - Unite, as a party, against the Democrat call for impeachment and false usage of the 25th amendment; 
    - Immediately cease any plans of censure of President Trump;
    - Deliver a sharp message to members like Senator Murkowski, if you are flirting with leaving the GOP, leave, the door is open; 
    - Reach out to the few Democrats gravely unhappy with their own party and its vision and encourage more transitions just as we saw with Rep Vernon Jones; 
    - Support and call for state legislatures in key states that submitted two sets of electors to fully and openly investigate all allegations of fraud; 
    - Support Rep. Devin Nunes call to bring RICO charges against Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Amazon and unleash the DOJ and the FBI upon them; 
    - Demand for the rollback of Section 230 and end the idiotic protection of Big Tech


    Every day, Republican leaders should be writing op-ed pieces in newspapers and speaking on major and local TV/ radio stations addressing all of the points above.  In other words, they should be visibly  fighting, yes fighting, for their electorate and for our Republic.  The vicious and corrupt Democratic party has unleashed a war on the Right, Republican leaders must fight back and they must fight hard.  This is a war for survival. 

    As for us, as for the electorate, we must hold our party accountable.  Any Republican who is caving to the Left and failing to support us now must face the biggest primary challenge of his life when he or she is up for re-election.  For those up for re-election in the upcoming 2022 race, those primaries start now.  We have no time to waste and no patience to spare.  Elected Republicans are either on the side of a free Republic with fair elections and a protected first amendment or they are not; the choice is binary. 


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    It's too late for the Republican Party. It needs to go away, suffering the same fate as the Whigs. It has become a bunch of spineless useless hot air merchants. They can not show unity. The can not agree on
    any single item - except elect republicans. I am tired of the choices - left wing (Democrats) or do nothing (Republicans). Its time for a real conservative third party with the will to act and unity to get things done.

    Alllan Tallant



    "top GOP leadership and the RNC will" have to be gone to save the Republican Party. Party members will have to actively overthrow these to save "the party". If the powers are not actively overthrown they will remain in power with enough money from the NWO and CCP but the party will be a shell. The powers then will reign as the controlled opposition to Democrats.

    stephen paul

    To hell with the Republicans. They have never stood for the people ever. the Republicans are for republicans and winning elections isn't the top priority for them.

    Jury Nullification

    All the Republicans need to do is get more focused on winning the hearts and minds with the ideas reluctant Biden voters, now regretful Biden voters, are ready to hear using the level playing field of media out there. It can all be done by 2022 and before any irreversible damage like amnesty can be implemented to permanently thwart reclaiming a majority in congress and the White House.
    They just need your money and votes to make all that happen. /sarc off

    Ben Colder

    I am completely finished with the republican party or more like it they are finished with me.I have been a life long republican and have held my nose and voted for them anyway never again.I support Donald Trump Still and as much as ever what they are doing to him is just beyond anything I have ever seen.Its one thing for the communist party to hate Trump but when the chickenshit republicans start in on him thats it to hell with them.Of course all of this doesn't matter much the election was rigged stolen or what ever so its likely that this will be the last election we will have or at least there will never be another honest one .Welcome to the communist states of america.Now all we have is Joe and the Hoe and one party rule the communists.


    My family has voted straight Republican ticket in EVERY election for the past 20 years. Never again.
    We cancelled our voter registration. We refuse to be part of their election sham. The GOP is dead to us now.
    There is no fixing it.
    I don't care if they have some token "voting reforms"... or promise any changes in the future. It's all a lie. They colluded with the Democrats to overthrow the president and to commit massive fraud in the election. The Republicans were complicit along with the Democrats.

    We're done. No more voting again. Due to the level of national cheating and corruption, there will never be a fair election anyway, so they can just print up fake ballots and whoever cheats the most wins from now on.

    Joseph Sheppard

    Goodbye Republican party. Hello American Liberty party.


    The best President in my lifetime has been President Trump! He probably received at least 80 million votes and won in a landslide. The Democratic party is now the socialist party with no apologies. I will never vote again even though the Democrats will destroy this country. Why bother? The Republicans except for a handful are pathetic and do not deserve our support.
    The lesser of two evils is still evil.


    Everything you say is true. The Republican party has left us, and we need to find a new home. We have been betrayed. If we allow the Republican traitors to continue to misrepresent us, and if we give them the chance they will, this country is doomed to the party of total dishonesty ruling over us like feudal lords. We will be plebs. We need a truly conservative party of honest men. Men like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and a few others.

    Jack A

    The GOP has become the Wig party which was forgotten in US history. They have failed to save our country and gladly handed it over to the globalist, socialist, marxist and the communist's for 30 pieces of Yen. RIP America . Time to succeed from these tyrants.


    screw the GOP/GOPe. I will never vote for them again nor give them one more penny. What happened since the election was nothing short of a sh/t show on their part. Until the elections are repaired by verifying the machines and stopping the mail-in fraud, etc., I will not waste my time voting. The commies won.


    The New United States shall be formed. Advocate succession. I will no longer support the Republican Party. Write your legislature and inform them of your thoughts.


    Too late. Thanks to all the RINOs the GOP is finished. It will fade away due to irrelevance like the 1859s Whigs.

    Kay Campbell Morris

    My entire family has been Republican for many years. It has now ended with me and my husband. We are in the process of ending our Republican memberships and will become Independents. Nearly all of our Republican friends are doing the same thing. The Republicans in charge don't have a clue..... The Republican party will never win another Presidential election. It's done........

    None Ya Biz

    Why wait for an election? Start and heavily push a recall for all GOP axe wipes that caved to the marxist. & RINOs. Unfortunately Loffler will be kicked out of the senate this January. Everyone should have known she was a rotten apple when that moron of a governor appointed her to fill an incomplete term.

    Get out and get 100% more signatures of legally registered voters than what is required. Then when the abomination is recalled. Find someone with integrity to replace the p00p head with.

    Thom Paine

    The GOP is DEAD. Their stench, however, will linger for a thousand years. IT''S TIME FOR WAR. WE NEED CIVIL WAR AND WE NEED IT NOW!

    Charles Byrd

    I salute the sentiments here

    But folks

    It’s secession

    Not succession

    I am a seventh generation Mississippian

    So there is that

    We definitely need a loose partnership rather than the federal leviathan

    Larry Miller

    The climate is ripe for a new 3rd party in the U.S. Look how quickly the BREXIT party rose to prominence in the UK. A party plank centered around personal freedom, traditional values, small government, and fiscal and social conservatism would resonate. True patriots would flock to such a party.. Where do I sign up?


    Libertarian party?

    Tony Monaco

    I, too agree with the comments above and have voted Republican since Barry Goldwater. Never again.
    We need to put the traitors in prison (not jail) or eliminate them - both parties and independents.
    Then we need to clean out the so called public servants and “teachers” who have destroyed our government and schools.
    Send the to the camps for re-education!
    We need to send the illegals back home and stop all the BS spending on foreigners here and abroad.
    Hollywood needs to be re-educated as well
    The so called mainstream media needs to be demonopolized and big tech needs to be regulated.
    Let’s get armed and get the job done!!!

    Neil Horowitz

    Since this election was so fraudulent, once Biden/Harris are sworn in, NO Republicans should agree to participate in Congress until the real winner of the presidential election is reinstalled! HAVE A DAMN BACKBONE!


    I never thought I would despise the Republican Party as much as I despise the Democrat Party. Time for another party and a good time. They should have 7 senators and 138 members of the house. A START! Also should have 70+ million voters.
    Make it $500 to join and my wife and I will join! Call the anchor members! Well worth a thousand dollars!

    A. Diantonio

    "As for us, as for the electorate, we must hold our party accountable." And that shall be done 10 fold!!


    Please we need a 3rd party, the MAGA party.


    I'm not content with taking out just a few, I want the whole PARTY gone.

    I'm advocating every conservative hold their noses and vote democrat in the mid terms. The repubs will have a heart attack when they see the left's vote tally go off the charts and theirs go down the toilet.
    Then we can build up a Populist Party out of the ashes. New and strict rules for running. If you kiss up to the deep state, you get booted right then and there and replaced with an alternate.
    By 2024 the whole country will want a whole bunch of America First reps in Washington and ready to kick the totalitarian leftists out.

    This is the last resort to taking our country back.

    FWIW, I have voted republican my whole life starting with Nixon and there was conservative president, Supreme Court Chief Justice, senator and a judge in my family.

    Before you jump to conclusions and scream at me, think over what I said, a lot of people have and agree it's the only way to rid ourselves of the corrupt criminals.


    I'm not voting anymore. There is no point. Elections are stolen. Government does nothing about it. And especially most of all - the Republican Party didn't do _ _ _ t about it.

    So, until there's a new party, one which is protected somehow from CIA, foreign agents, and other infiltrators from getting into it and/or getting control of it, FU, Republican Party.

    You did nothing, when a most excellent President and control of the House (2016) and Senate (2020) WERE STOLEN.

    Lester L Phillips

    They would have to EXPEL RINOs like McNuthin' Murkowski, collins, and the host of others before I will ever support them financially, or with votes. I will support INDIVIDUAL campaigns, but NO PACs, NO RNC. NEVER AGAIN.


    The Democrats have killed Democracy by making our ballots worthless and the Republican Party is too gutless to fight back because it, like the Democrat Party, is made up of Communist Globalists*. The Democrat Party is raping Freedom. If our country is to be saved it will be done by bullet, not ballot. Next up on the communist Democrat Agenda ,,,,, take the people's guns.
    I can honestly say, this is one time, the only time, in my 77 years that I would not fight against a foreign invader ......... not as long as the real invaders live right here in my own country, today's Globalist that have taken over our government..
    * Mitch McConnell, a prime example!

    Arthur Laramee

    My wife and I resigned from the The Republican Party today. We will join and support a new political party that the 75 million Trump voters want to form. Some say this has been tried before and failed. Partly true but the failed attempt did not have 75 million pissed off Republicans and a hot divided country they way it is today. A new third party would not split an already split Republican Party. A new party would not have the baggage that trying to take over the Republican Party has with more than half of them not worth retaining. SO..
    The MAGA Party
    The American National Party
    Whatever name, lets get it on!
    Will some IT savvy person set up a web site for people to meet and debate starting a new party for 75 million pissed Trump supporters?


    May as well be watching reruns of the Challenger space shuttle launch.
    We've passed the age of intellect and are well into the age of decadence, rapidly on the decline of our nations bell curve. Defensiveness, pessimism, materialism, frivolity, welfare state, shun religion, too long a period of wealth and power, selfishness, no sense of duty to country, love of money. It's all finally taken it's toll. The average lifespan from that fist burst of energy, to greatness, and back to rubble of a once great nation is about 10 human generations. There are roughly 3000 years of recorded history to show it.
    If there is one thing man has learned from history, it's man does not learn from history.


    Stopped at "why didn't the Republicans stop mail in ballots...." Why? Why? If the answer isn't obvious by now I'll give you the answer: BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN ON IT! It really is that simple. Trump turned off he spigot from China and the world and BOTH sides of elected officials didn't like that. The USA is done as a country. A word of advice from a Eastern European who lived in communism/socialism: Get out of bed, put your head down, keep your mouth shut, go to work, try to save some money, go home, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.


    There is nothing the GOP can do at this, or any other time. They're finished and I'll never give them another cent and will not support any of them, no matter who they are.

    Amuzed Traveler

    Voices and Votes Will. Not. Fix. This.


    As so many here have said. Grand Old Party has committed suicide. A new Patriot Party is the way forward. Total House cleaning needed. Term limits. Salary caps. And so much more.


    I agree with almost every comment here except...Don’t refuse to vote! That is precisely what the Great Reset pedophiles want. Vote independent. Independents should run in the Republican part primaries and point out all of the Goon Puppet flaws of the Republican Deep State candidate. Then, win or lose, declare their separation from the corrupt GOP and run in the General election. This may be even better than an organized “third party”, although Trump and other conservatives forming MAGA around this concept and backing right minded Independents would certainly. But we Constititional Republicans need to be prepared to cede the 2022 midterms to the DemoKKKrats in order to not be fooled into voting against the Bogeyman DemoKKKrat and for the Republicant sell out.


    I have torn up my voter registration card and will never vote again,
    WHAT's THE POINT !!!!

    I have been disenfranchised and the RINO's could not give a DAM !
    Good luck you republican globalists ever getting elected to anything again. The corrupt voting machine will
    extinguish all of you politically ---- good

    Voxi Pop


    Confident Message Puts UK Elite On Notice
    Trump Indicts Fauci
    No Rallies 16th-20th

    Voxi Pop

    I can't confirm the above now - it was a rumor? not sure. I thought it was a hot tip. Sorry!

    Jerry Brandt

    I will never vote Republican again. This election was about whether or not the Republicans would fight for what is right. In the past the Republican Party just caved and not fight for conservative principles. The future of the party was at stake with all of the evidence of a stolen election. The Republicans showed us once and for all that they stand for nothing. They will NEVER fight. They did not fight for their OWN candidate Donald Trump. I will either write in a candidate, third party candidate, trump if he runs again, vote for his son, or hopefully a Trump party candidate. The Republican Party just committed suicide. I cannot tell you how much I can't stand the Republican Party. I dislike them more than the Democrat Party and I am very conservative. At least the Democrat Party is willing to fight for what they believe in even thought they are wrong. I am waiting for mid terms and when Republicans say: Oh please vote for me so that we can win back the house and senate. Please give! Get lost. I will write in a candidate. But the Democrat might win? So what their going to cheat and win anyway. I'm just not going to give you any money or my vote. It is going to write in or third party candidates for the next 30+ years.

    Voxi Pop


    LARPers Boogaloos Leftists Show At State Capitols/
    US Capitol Lockdown Alert & Small Fire/
    New NSA Attorney/
    Harris Resigns/
    Sitch Update/
    Marines Just Raided CIA HQ?/
    Migrant Storm/
    Fed Prisons Lockdown/
    100 Pardons Ahead/
    No Tea For Jill Biden

    Keith Smith

    While I will NEVER vote for a democrat, I'm no longer voting republican either. I'm tired of the uniparty. NO MORE!

    Ron Scott

    I say form a new party now! We'll all pitch in millions for the New Grand Old Republicans! Whose with me, God damnit! I've got a few grand that'll warm the nest.

    Ron Scott

    I agree with Kieth. Let's kick the socks of the GOP and move forward..

    Ron Scott

    I agree with Kieth.

    Ron Scott

    It's easy, I've already checking it. So who's with me?

    Ron Scott

    Sorry, I typed too quickly.


    The Republican leadership including McConnell and 45 Senators who refused to stand up for the 75 million American voters. They turned their backs and refused to even review the evidence, and you write an article trying to make peace with the treacherous Republican leaders who would not stand for their constituents. NO!

    Abe S.

    The repugnican party can go straight to hell, immediately - no more votes and no more money for those hyper-corrupt country-destroying pieces of garbage, ever. They have completely exposed who they are. The demoncrap party is overwhelmingly filled with Satan's minions, and there's no point in voting for these other hyper-corrupt country-destroying pieces of garbage. Repugnican party = demoncrap party = Satan's version of professional wrestling, nothing but bought-off, controlled, false opposition groups who are happy to tell lie after lie after lie, making million$ for themselves while screwing over ordinary citizens. The repugnican party and demoncrap party are filled with deceivers who deserve nothing but permanent contempt, and who never, ever deserve another vote from any citizen who has 1/2 a brain.

    Joe Archer

    I will never vote for another republican. what's the point? it's all a charade. Sooner we admit the better. I encourage all to advocate and work toward Application voting. Fingerprint and retina verification and triple redundant counting and code verification is the only way there will ever be another fair election.


    Some septic tanks are not worth saving. So full of cracks and leaks, best to just cut off the inflows and outflows and permanently bury it. WE cannot reform this government, we must leave it and start fresh. We should start by re-thinking the entire election process. We should abandon the idea of 'electing' our leaders since there is no way to avoid the money/corruption/incompetence triangle. WE should instead consider drafting our leaders from a pool of qualified citizens, paying their expenses for two years of government service, and then allowing them to return home. As for government employees, no one should be allowed on the payroll for longer than 6 years. Their accumulated retirement account will follow them to their next job, but NO lifetime sinecures. HUGE savings for government and prevents the sinister accumulation of power and voting blocs that are now our Federal Civil Service. And no Communists allowed - especially in our school system. This would be a major start - from a clean sheet of paper.

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