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    UPDATE: GAG ORDER! GA Judge Gives Conditional Access To Audit Fulton County Ballots...Wants No 'Disinformation' Released!

    March 15, 2021
    Georgia Election Reform: Changing The Law Is Necessary -- But Not Sufficient

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    This story is developing and we will be adding more information on the hearing as the day progresses...

    UPDATE - Observations from a legal mind - the judge today added terms to increase contention and disputes, to let sides work out details and not agree on little things, so they have to come back in court. Judge wanted a specific judge as 'special master'. Bonnefor, (sp?) who is not available for 45 days, for no reason; he had 6 names from hearing participants. Attorney Ringer (Fulton County) objected to content of election fraud affidavits being disclosed, doesn't want any of story to come out. Judge wanted operation plan, an obvious delay tactic, 7 biz days for each side and is slow walking. He also essentially imposed a gag order- findings will be released in a confidential way, only to parties of lawsuit, mentioned doesn't want any disinformation to be released -- we call that a gag order!

    Another noteworthy exchange between the Judge and (plaintiff attorney) Cheely. The judge asked if Cheely had exhausted other means of discovery and why access to the ballots was needed. Cheely replied it's similar to contract law, you have to have the original document, no copy is allowed, and you can't just rely on testimony about it. In this case the ballots and metadata are the evidence that requires close examination, and that he would present witnesses to testify they saw ballots produced by a copier with no human markings. That's when the judge shifted to requiring written plans explaining every step and identifying every person who would be participating, and having hearings on the plans, thus increasing time required and cost to get a ruling out of him.


    From VoterGA page:

    *** GREAT news…Judge Amero just ordered a "conditional grant" of the motion to unseal the Fulton County ballots.
    The only stipulation is the petitioners have to come up with a written plan (agreed to by the respondants) as to exactly how they will do the scanning, length of time, costs, manner and method, privacy protection issues addressed, names of all individuals involved, etc., etc.
    Petitioners written plan is due to court on March 24.
    Respondants response to plan due to court on April 5.
    Court hearing on plan on April 13.


    A GA judge has given conditional approval for inspection of ballots in Fulton County from the Nov 3rd general election in a hearing this morning, pending the appointment of a 'special master' to oversee the process.

    The hearing was delayed for an hour due to a 'Webex glitch'.

    Another hearing on the matter has been scheduled for April. The approval was given over the objections of attorneys from Fulton County, where massive election fraud was executed in November, much of it caught on video.

    Plaintiffs argued that tens of thousands of the Fulton County ballots counted in November were counterfeit.

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    Oliver Clozoff

    So, what if they find incontrovertible proof of election fraud? Are they going to invalidate the election? Are they going to send the GA state police to evict Biden from the White House? They should have started this back in November.

    Ed Naile

    I smell smoke.


    "Truth can stand on its own, but a lie needs official protection." Narratives are ephemeral, but facts are permanent and eventually get discovered. Meanwhile, we need to have the perseverance of Noah and the patience of Job.


    Democrats don't care what anyone finds. They do what they want, lie under oath, discard truth because they already know some judge somewhere will cover them. See FBI and CIA lie under oath - anything happen? NO one has spent one night in jail or been fined any appreciable amount after 5 years of Democrat lies were proven false. Is our legal system corrupt? Hell yes!!


    At least Maracopi County officials tried to responsibly destroy ballots by shedding them, however they got caught before the paper could be hauled off to a recycler. So fortunately, no recycle laws were broken, and a charge of sedition only counts if your a protester in Washington DC.


    Until public executions of DemoKKKrat scum begin, there is no meaningful justice in this p0s country!

    Mad Celt

    This is Fulton County. They will figure a way to weasel out of any unfavorable ruling.


    Who cares....this will do nothing. It will be called the white supremacists recount. There will never be a honest vote in this country ever again. Get a nutjob judge, sec-of-state and media calling everything racists and you can violate every voting law passed by every legislature. Use to be 50% voter turn out....it will now be close or over 100% forever. Country done...welcome to China.


    We all must realize these scumbags have destroyed or altered the evidence!! When are you going to realize there is no truth, no honor, no morality, no honor, no patriotism in the demonratic party!!

    Joe Fuccup Biden

    It is pointless. Once corrupt ballots are mixed in with legitimate ballots, there is no recourse.


    You are deluding yourself if you think the commies can succeed with the election coup and think there is still, meaningful quantity of evidence FIVE (5) months later.

    rd scott

    Anyone with the intelligence of an ant realizes there were severe irregularities during the last election, including mayors, governors, and unelected officials inventing or changing election laws to suit their needs.

    If you can't take 1 or 2 hours out of FOUR FREAKING YEARS to show up in person to vote, then you should forfeit your right, unless you're really in need of an absentee ballot.


    Worthless Kemp and the traitorous GOPe state legislature were complicit in the fraud by their inaction as laws were illegally changed prior to the election, and then again by refusing to investigate the massively obvious voter fraud after the election.

    Who cares what those cowardly Georgia swine do now.

    Frank McCarthy

    Well finally we have a start. We realize this is a messy thing this democracy business. But when a multitude of very concerned voters apply to the courts for recourse we must be listened to. Why the denial of our rightful venue.
    Do you think we will find a judge or attorney in Fulton County that is not part of the Democrat party apparatus?

    Big Al

    He can gag order all he wants. Once the truth is established it's beyond his control


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