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    AZ's Rep Mark Finchem Says GA Delegation Coming To Maricopa, Other AZ Counties Need To Be Audited After 'Absolutely 9-0'

    June 6, 2021
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    Major Black Leaders Come Out In Support Of Voter ID, Slam 'Totally Oblivious' White Liberals
    Americus, GA, March 8, 2007 — FEMA Public Information Officer (PIO) Rita Egan (left) speaks with Vernon Jones Dekalb County, Ga. CEO

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    UPDATE 6/6 1400 EST: There seems to be disagreement about who actually filed for a full audit in Nevada. We have received emails that the NV GOP had nothing to do with it.


    AZ State Rep Mark Finchem, who is running for Secretary of State to replace corrupt Democrat Katie Hobbs, says GA politician Vernon Jones is leading a delegation to Maricopa County next week to also review audit procedures in action, in hopes of replicating in the Peach State. A delegation from Pennsylvania visited the audit floor last week.

    Next week GA Gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones and a contingent of Legislators from that state are scheduled to make a similar visit to America's Audit. And, the Nevada GOP has now called for a forensic audit there as well, declared Finchem in his weekly newsletter.

    Finchem also stated entrepreneur Mike Lindell's new film, 'Absolutely 9-0' has provided evidence that calls for other major counties in Arizona to be audited as well.

    For some time Mike Lindell has spoken of "white hat hackers" doing work to examine the cyber warfare influence on elections allover America. While the Senate has focused on Maricopa County, select members of the House have quietly been asking questions about other significant counties such as Yuma, Pima and Pinal. In the now widely released "Absolutely 9-0" one of the white hats explains PCAP and how the information was decrypted to show that votes were indeed moved from candidate Trump to candidate Biden, when it happened and who did it.

    Democrat Sen. Harris (now VP, n CSPAN-3), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Kill Chain), Sen. Ron Wyden (CSPAN-3), and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CSPAN), all Democrats, were right, our systems could be hacked and the evidence is now stacking up that they were. In the screen capture above not that Pima County was intruded twice, with a total vote count movement of 47, 372 taken "down" from Trump. This gives enough probable cause to begin an inquiry into the ballot images for every county that is listed on the intrusion list. "Rep. Biasiucci and I have requested the ballot printing order records from Pima, Pinal, Yuma and Apache counties, and with the 'Absolutely 9-0' revelation, we are requesting ballot images from Pima County," said Representative Finchem

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