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    Georgia: The Epicenter Of America’s Corrupted Electronic Elections, And Why GOP Is Terrified To Open Pandora's Box

    June 7, 2021
    Still No Chain Of Custody Documents Provided For 355k Mail-In Ballots In Georgia Put In Drop Boxes

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    Editor's Note

    2002 was first time Georgia used electronic machines.

    1. Chambliss beat Cleland even though late polls showed him up 2-5 points and won by 7.
    2. Sonny won over Barnes when Barnes polls showed him up 9-11 points.
    3. Little known Brian Kemp beat Doug Haines for SoS, an incumbent in seat OWNED by Dems for over 40 years.

    Patch was made last minute….

    This is the original sin and the reason why GOP is terrified to open Pandora's Box.


    (June 2018) In 2002, Georgia became the first state to deploy paperless unauditable touchscreen direct record electronic (“DRE”) voting machines statewide. Although the state is in the process of replacing those machines, officials have selected controversial new touchscreen voting machines — Ballot Marking Devices (“BMDs”) intended for use by all voters — as a primary voting system rather than unhackable hand marked paper ballots. Experts warn that, unlike hand marked paper ballots, the new machines cannot provide the basis for meaningful manual audits.

    Numerous security lapses have also tainted recent elections in the state, providing the impetus for a pending federal lawsuit that seeks to move the state to hand marked paper ballots as a primary voting system, with BMDs deployed only for those voters who are unable to hand mark their ballots and who choose to use them despite the extra security risk.

    The article below discusses the Georgia 6th District special election of 2017, which led to this historic litigation, as well as the corruption that has plagued Georgia’s elections from 2002 through the present...

    To read more visit Jennifer Cohn at Medium.

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    Dana W Kerr

    I, as an American, do not fear the truth. Let the truth lead where it leads. But to SUGGEST, that the GOP is afraid of whatever the truth of the past may bring, is laughable, AND insulting. It is the democraps who hide from the light of truth and have been doing so since the civil war. So, let the truth shine and let's see where the truth leads.. Now, THAT would be refreshing....

    Dave Huff

    Leftists are the bigoted, thuggish, lying, self-aggrandizing racist thieves of our lives, our liberties, our freedoms, our vote and our country.


    You think there aren't corrupt Republicans? Please... the Deep State doesn't have a party affiliation. All RINOS are corrupt and If they weren't they'd be where they belong - in the Dem party, but that wouldn't further the Dem cause on both sides of the aisle, now would it? Consider GOP 'members' Paul Ryan, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell... the list is long. And corruption in Georgia? A saga that spans centuries.

    Travis Russell

    You know how you can tell a politician is lying ?
    His mouth is moving.

    Good old fashioned wisdom.


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