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    Fulton County Commission Chairman Rob Pitts Says GA SoS Office Enacting A 'Hostile Takeover' For Probing Missing Chain Of Custody Forms For Thousands Of Nov 3 Ballots

    June 16, 2021
    Fulton County Commission Chairman Rob Pitts Says GA SoS Office Enacting A 'Hostile Takeover' For Probing Missing Chain Of Custody Forms For Thousands Of Nov 3 Ballots
    Fulton County, GA Commission Chairman Rob Pitts
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    Fulton County, GA Chairman Rob Pitts responded to corrupt GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's demand for an investigation into missing chain-of-custody information for close to 20,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County for the Nov 3rd election which installed illegitimate Joe Biden in The White House. The margin of victory for Biden in the entire state of Georgia was approximately 12,000 votes. Raffensperger famously refused to investigate this issue until Fulton County was forced to admit the infractions per an Open Records request by The Georgia Star.

    It seems many corrupt officials in Georgia are now worried about the truth finally seeing the light of day.

    Residents of Fulton County received the following in an email from Fulton County officials.


    Fulton Chairman Pitts Responds To Attacks From Raffensperger Following Allegations By Fringe Outlets

    ATLANTA - Today, Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts responded to Secretary of State Raffensperger's newest attacks on Fulton County's elections following allegations from fringe outlets Gateway Pundit and Georgia Star.

    "It appears that Secretary of State Raffensperger is laying the groundwork for a hostile takeover of Fulton County’s Board of Registrations & Elections," said Chairman Pitts. "His comrades in this fight are conspiracy theorists who promote the same Big Lie that he purportedly doesn’t believe. The votes have been counted three times, including a hand recount, and President Biden came out ahead every time. Given the results in 2020, I would suggest he focus more on the next election than relitigating this last one."

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    Stop misinforming people. They never did a full audit before. Counting some votes is not the same as auditing all votes. You are part of the problem.


    We are coming for you, Mr Slickster. Make no mistake.


    Pitts is either lying or he is ignorant of the difference between AUDITING ballots and simply "counting votes." Of course if you count the same fraudulent votes three times you are going to get the same fraudulent results every time. What "votes" were counted? Were they lawful "votes?" More importantly, what votes WEREN'T counted Mr. Pitts, you know like the 19,000 ballots whose chain of custody has mysteriously disappeared under your failed leadership? What are you afraid of? You should be leading the charge for a thorough audit of your election--"the most fair and transparent election ever'--to put the matter to rest once and for all. You are a coward.


    A coward yes, but more than that. Take aim at what you see.

    Jennifer S

    Better cut a deal now !!! Sedition carries a stiff penalty.

    Don Hyde

    Lawyer up!!!!!


    I’m confused, they keep finding tons of discrepancies yet they keep saying the ballots were counted 3 times and the results for 2020 are the same, how can that be?????


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